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HOT Cares Steps in to Help Boksburg Truck Explosion Victims

Sadly, tragedy is all around us, and heart-breaking stories reach us all the time here at Hot Cares. Such as the one sent to us by Diane Botha. She reminded us of the horrific truck explosion in Boksburg on Christmas Eve last year. Nearly 50 people were killed and countless…
5 Mar 5 min

HOT Cares Gets Behind SADAG Teen Suicide Prevention Campaign

This week is Teen Suicide Prevention Week and for seven days the focus is on adolescent and youth physical and mental health challenges. According to The South African Depression & Anxiety Group, teen suicide is becoming more common every year in SA and that’s why SADAG is creating awareness around…
13 Feb 5 min

HOT Cares Helps Women & Men Against Child Abuse with Vital Inverter

Relationships are a key part of the work that Hot Cares does and all the relationships that we have been able to build over the years have played a huge role in Hot Cares making a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us. That’s why when a partner…
30 Jan 3 min

HOT Cares Provides the Platform for another amazing anonymous donation

We just love to spread the Hot Cares net wide and that’s exactly the opportunity that presented itself when this particular story came across our desk. St.Theresa's Children's Home is based in Durban and does incredible work for children in need, but they’ve been struggling for funding. So, Hot Cares…
10 Oct 2022 5 min


Our annual Teddython fundraiser is just weeks away and this is why it’s such an important day for Hot Cares, as we look to make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around us. Ophthalmic surgeon Dr Rodney Blumenfeld donated a double cataract surgery last year and this allowed…
3 Oct 2022 2 min

HOT Cares Plays Part in Getting Owl Rescue Centre Back on its Feet

Owl Rescue Centre takes in more than a thousand owls every year through their rescue efforts, but unfortunately, a devastating fire ripped through the centre recently, causing damage to the 12 owl enclosures, to the tune of at least R300 000. Fortunately, some very generous HOT 102.7FM listeners have already…
26 Sep 2022 4 min

HOT Cares Helps Get Mobile Community Veterinary Clinic Up and Running

Dr Bronwyn Thomen and her husband Kent Jennings run a mobile veterinary clinic and have been treating 140 to 180 animals every month, but they are in the process of relocating from Gauteng to Emgwenya in Mpumalanga and need help setting up a mobile veterinary clinic to service the Emakhazeni…
19 Sep 2022 4 min

HOT Cares Lends a Helping Hand to Down-On-Luck Owner of Blind Love Africa

People who care for animals usually have the biggest hearts and that certainly seems the case with Philippa du Toit, who runs a charity organization called Blind Love Africa, but has fallen on hard times recently. Find out here how Hot Cares is making a meaningful difference to her life.
5 Sep 2022 4 min

HOT Cares Helps Emily Ndlovu Rebuild her Life After Devastating Fire

Emily Ndlovu’s house burnt down, leaving her with absolutely nothing, and Hot Cares was contacted by her manager at work, Blydie Willemse, resulting in a plan of action that will at least see Emily start to rebuild her life with some key items. Find exactly what and how, right here.
29 Aug 2022 4 min

HOT Cares Makes Life a Little More Comfortable for Orphaned Teens

Children should never outlive their parents – particularly kids not even out of their teens – but life isn’t that simple, and Hot Cares sees stories all the time of families hugely impacted by tragedy, just like the story of Ashley and Nikita, who have lost both their parents in…
22 Aug 2022 4 min

HOT Cares and Dis-Chem Foundation Help Elethu Daveyton Cheshire Home

We all need a roof over our heads, but that need is even more critical for those with little or no ability to care for themselves. That’s certainly the case with the residents of Elethu Daveyton Cheshire Home, which is an organisation that provides 24/7 residential care for persons with…
15 Aug 2022 5 min

HOT Cares Helps Blind Runner with Running Kit and Transport Ahead of Comrades

Running is hard enough! Just ask HOT 102.7FM’s Dylan Rogers who is constantly telling us how much work goes into training for the Comrades Marathon. So, the concept of running blind, never mind running a marathon or half-marathon blind, just blew us away, and that’s what happened when we were…
25 Jul 2022 4 min
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