Not Yet Uhuru SA Not Yet Uhuru Season One with UJ FM

Not Yet Uhuru Season One with UJ FM

Not Yet Uhuru (NYU) is South Africa’s first ever feminist radio station, produced by the Soul City Institute for Social Justice (SCI). Currently awaiting FM licensing for national broadcast, it is freely available in podcast form on Soundcloud. NYU speaks the language of the street and is brave, provocative, audacious and sexy (on its own terms). It is a mix of talk radio and music - accessed as much for enjoyment and leisure as for its liberating feminist content. It is a platform for engagement with and between womxn to challenge patriarchy and contribute to building a feminist consciousness amongst the South African public
English Read by Lebo Ramafoko, Naledi Chirwa, Malebo Sephodi, Phumzile NkutaSouth Africa News · Arts Narrated by Lebo Ramafoko, Naledi Chirwa, Malebo Sephodi, Phumzile Nkuta
23 Episodes
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The Soul of the Nation Address

Activism is fulfilling work but it can also be draining on the bodies that are currently in environments of great injustice, poverty and discrimination. In this podcast, Mmatshilo Motsei reminds us the quest for liberation is intertwined with the need for healing. " No one person can liberate you. No…
Season 0 / Episode 30 min

Campaigning in the Digital Age

The emergence of social and digital media has changed the way in which political communications take place and in recent times we have seen how young black women have occupied this space to push their feminist agenda. Some scholars have suggested that social media is a space for more equal…
Season 0 / Episode 18 min

#CSW62 Youth Dialogue

We need a structure where we have consultations on issues of land, there has to be a formal representation and voice of young women who must be able to make their own contributions in their own voices, says UN Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at the #CSW62 Youth Dialogue.
Season 0 / Episode 33 min

How the TotalShutDown's 24 demand contribute to a feminist government

The advent of democracy in 1994 came with significant appointment of women in government. This was a result of powerful advocacy of women who were mobilised under the banner of the National Women’s Coalition during the transition period. 25 years later the governing party is the only party that has…
Season 0 / Episode 31 min

Intergenerational dialogue on Feminism

The Rozaria Memorial Trust hosted an intergenerational dialogue, where young women engaged with the older generation. The core discussion of this dialogue was around the kind of support the old generation of women can give to young women and this led to the discussion around the concept of creating safe…
Season 0 / Episode 15 min

The Politics of Health with a focus of sexual and reproductive health

With South Africa being rubbed as the world rape capital and has the some of the highest rates of sexual and gender-based violence in the world, it is imperative to question political parties on their unclear stance on supporting and advocating for the decimalization of sex work. Health is definitely…
Season 0 / Episode 41 min

Leave no one behind

“The government should be giving people water, electricity, education, houses. This business of government getting into people’s bedrooms and telling them how to have sex is a waste of my time” says Dr. Jessie Kabwila, Chairperson of Regional Women’s Parliamentary Caucus of the SADC during the “Leave no one behind”…
Season 0 / Episode 15 min

The effects of corruption of young womxn and girls

In this episode, we speak to Sabeehah Motala, from Corruption Watch who gives us a run through of what corruption is, the particular sectors it is most prevalent and how it specifically affects the lives of young womxn.
Season 0 / Episode 31 min

Making the rural economy work for women and girls

Making the rural economy work for women and girls was an interactive dialogue where panellists shared examples of initiatives that drive the rural economy for women and girls. We speak to Minister of Women in the Presidency, Bathabile Dlamini about how women living in rural areas can be part of…
Season 0 / Episode 16 min

Where is the activism at the CSW62?

Where is the activism at the CSW62? Naledi Chirwa and Lebo Ramafoko reflect on the happenings of Day 2 at the Commission on the Status of Women. Are we obsessed with being progressive in terms of gender based violence in South Africa that we’re not even being honest when we…
Season 0 / Episode 15 min

What do men stand to gain from Gender Equality?

"Today, it is widely recognized that improving women’s status and advancing their rights yields benefits for whole societies, not just women and girls. Ensuring access to sexual and reproductive health services and protection from gender-based violence, among other important measures, improves the health of families and the economic well-being of…
Season 0 / Episode 32 min

The position of political parties on LBGTQI+ rights.

The EFF seems to have the strongest position on LGBTQI+ rights. Also explicit about its stance, COPE promises to support their constitutional rights. The ANC says it championed the cause and rights of those who identify as LGBQTI+ by championing the sexual orientation equality clause in the Constitution. To help…
Season 0 / Episode 30 min

What is Feminism?

It's important to iron the differences and to understand that we all have a different understanding of what feminism is
Season 1 / Episode 1 27 min

Mental Health

Mental Health refers to a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being. We care so much about the interests and well being of others that we sometimes compromise on our own mental health.
Season 1 / Episode 2 29 min

Gender and Fallism

#DearUniversity is our vasity current affairs show We explore life in these institutions, particularly as a feminist. This show really wants to bring out some of the issues that have been raised by students over the past two years.
Season 1 / Episode 3 33 min

Toys and Kink Parties

In today’s show we are discussing sex toys, pleasure and kink parties.
Season 1 / Episode 4 34 min

Women and Politics

In this episode, we analyze politics and all current affairs from a feminist lens. This is all about who is what the forefront of leadership and governance with a particular focus on women.
Season 1 / Episode 5 43 min

A woman with a voice

Speaking truth to power but focus on the effects and consequences of being a woman who speaks truth to power and Mmatshilo Motsei author of Kanga and the Kangaroo Court shares her story
Season 1 / Episode 6 30 min

The Politics of Education

We are talking about the politics of education and the number of ways that institutions of higher learning repressed or influenced student politics.
Season 1 / Episode 7 39 min
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