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NOT YET UHURU SA  |  Series , ±36 min episodes total time 6 hr 07 min  | 
Not Yet Uhuru (NYU) is South Africa’s first ever feminist radio station, produced by the Soul City Institute for Social Justice (SCI). Currently awaiting FM licensing for national broadcast, it is freely available in podcast form on Soundcloud. NYU speaks the language of the street and is brave, provocative, audacious and sexy (on its own terms). It is a mix of talk radio and music - accessed as much for enjoyment and leisure as for its liberating feminist content. It is a platform for engagement with and between womxn to challenge patriarchy and contribute to building a feminist consciousness amongst the South African public
ENGLISH Read by Lebo Ramafoko, Naledi Chirwa, Malebo Sephodi, Phumzile Nkuta South Africa News · ArtsOur Website Our Youtube Page

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What is Feminism?

It's important to iron the differences and to understand that we all have a different understanding of what feminism is

Mental Health

Mental Health refers to a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being. We care so much about the interests and well being of others that we sometimes compromise on our own mental health.

Gender and Fallism

#DearUniversity is our vasity current affairs show
We explore life in these institutions, particularly as a feminist. This show really wants to bring out some of the issues that have been raised by students over the past two years.

Women and Politics

In this episode, we analyze politics and all current affairs from a feminist lens. This is all about who is what the forefront of leadership and governance with a particular focus on women.

A woman with a voice

Speaking truth to power but focus on the effects and consequences of being a woman who speaks truth to power and Mmatshilo Motsei author of Kanga and the Kangaroo Court shares her story

The Politics of Education

We are talking about the politics of education and the number of ways that institutions of higher learning repressed or influenced student politics.

Pop Culture and Feminism

On today’s show, we are going to gossip a little bit. We discuss who is doing the most for feminism in pop culture both locally and abroad. And we talk more generally about the music industry and the experiences of women

Women in the Economy

According to the GHS (2012), female-headed households are more likely to have insufficient food (21%) than male-headed households (15.8%) and are more likely to run out of money to buy food (27.2% compared with 19.29%)

Sex in the 21st Century

We think about sex as an exchange, where each person
gives something of themselves, at face value, we might think that we are sharing intimacy and access to each others bodies. But apparently sex is more complicated than that.

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