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At Nspire Solutions we believe in seeking unique and practical solutions to the challenges that you and your organisation face in terms of people business processes. As experienced HR consultants we base our interventions on grounded research.

Our service offering focuses on human organising and change that is relational, systematic and practical, producing an affirmative organisational intervention.

We are dedicated to implementing pro-active solutions and regularly issue tips that highlight serious issues, regulations and opportunities to streamline Human Resources. This is a value added service that is freely available.

Nspire Solutions is an HR and strategic management business operating from Sandton, in Johannesburg South Africa
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The process for retrenchment in South Africa

Today, Heidi Thompson from Nspire Solutions explains the complexities around the sensitive subject of retrenchment and stresses how vital it is for employers to ensure they follow procedures very carefully if the need for retrenchment arises.
29 Mar 2019 14 min