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IFP smashes ANC in KZN | Daily Fiend Wrap

Marius Roodt and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the recent by-elections which saw two bad defeats for the ANC, they discuss the collapse of services in Johannesburg and the EFF/ANC coalition.
28 Sep 11AM 12 min

Is Gordhan SA's worst boss?

Sara Gon, Marius Roodt and Gerbrandt van Heerden discuss the managerial schizophrenia of Pravin Gordhan, academic leaves the country because Home Affairs won't give his wife and step-daughter visas, and Extinction Rebellion gets evicted from Standard Bank.
22 Sep 8AM 31 min

SA in the world: Where are we AGOAing? | Daily Friend Wrap

In today's TDF Wrap Hermann and Marius take a look at SA's place in the world. First up, the issue of AGOA following attempts by some in the US to have the upcoming AGOA summit moved out of SA due to the ANC's position on the war in Ukraine. Then…
21 Sep 10AM 12 min

We can't cut costs because that would look bad

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Chris Hattingh, and Hermann Pretorius. They discuss the country's financial situation and a low-ambition "poverty alleviation" plan from government. They also discuss political killings in KZN and water shortages in Gauteng.
18 Sep 8AM 32 min

Ordinary South Africans are fighting back against load shedding.

Today's Daily Friend show with Nicholas Lorimer, Michael Morris, and Marius Roodt. They discuss the massive growth in the import of solar panels by ordinary people and businesses to fight load shedding. They also chat about accusations that the CIA is sabotaging SA and they discuss a DA law to…
15 Sep 8AM 31 min

R233 billion spent for no electricity | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Sara Gon discuss the incredible revelation that the giant Kusile power plant is currently producing no electricity. They also discuss a conflict of interest in Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s latest advisor appointment. They also chat about the Union’s outrage at government “austerity”.
13 Sep 10AM 13 min

Stopping the bucks? | Daily Friend Wrap

Hermann and John discuss the question of bucks and where they end up stopping. The Treasury warns that bucks are running out and labour leaders are not happy. When it comes to accountability and where the buck must stop, Chapter 9 entities are coming under scrutiny as Busi Mkhwebane is…
12 Sep 10AM 12 min

Mangosuthu Buthelezi: A long and complex life

Today's Daily Friend Show with Terence Corrigan, Nicholas Lorimer, and Michael Morris. They discuss the death of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi at the age of 95 and his tremendous impact on the politics and history of South Africa. They also discuss more news that the ANC EFF coalition is falling apart…
11 Sep 8AM 33 min

Car tipping on the streets of Johannesburg

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Gerbrandt van Heerden, and Marius Roodt. They chat about the Rugby World Cup, the attacks on cars in Joburg, the ANC's election strategy, and South Africa's provinces.
8 Sep 8AM 32 min

Give us the trains or else | Daily Friend Wrap

Makone Maja and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the looming battle between the city of Cape Town and national government over control of the city's trains. They also discuss hijacked buildings and who supports the EFF.
7 Sep 11AM 11 min

One SOE to rule them all | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and John Endres discuss the creation of a new SOE, the President's response to the Lady R scandal and the collapsing electricity network in Joburg.
5 Sep 12PM 12 min

Baby please! Give me one more chance!

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Sara Gon, and Hermann Pretorius. They discuss the launch of the ANC's election campaign, the country's rapidly worsening financial state, and the number of government properties that have been hijacked.
4 Sep 8AM 32 min

Hijacked building fire horror | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer, and Makone Maja discuss the horrific fire in Johannesburg. They also chat about how people are being ripped off by municipalities and the new body cams for Cape town police.
31 Aug 10AM 10 min

A CITY HELD HOSTAGE | Daily Friend Wrap

Sara Gon and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the ongoing strike in the city of Tshwane, the massive drop off in the number of people using rail services, and the huge cost of NHI on the South African fiscus.
30 Aug 10AM 12 min
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