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Explaining porn addiction to kids

Do you think you’d be able to admit to your kids that you’re in the process of getting help for porn addiction? Most parents will be saying an emphatic “No” to that question. But what if we told you that being open and honest with your children in matters such as this could have a profoundly positive influence on their lives.

Divorced Dad: Child doesn't like new girlfriend

There’s a huge amount of emotional turmoil that children go through when divorce happens, and they will act out in various ways in order to attempt to deal with the hurt and loss. When a new partner comes onto the scene, this adds another aspect to what the child has to deal with.

Child says he wants to die

Has your child ever had an outburst and said something that shocked you to the core? A lot of the time the words have the little foundation and can be written off to emotions running high, but when should we be concerned that something greater is at play?

Anxiety disorders: An overview

Do you find yourself feeling anxious about life? Are you fearful about future events, or do you find yourself unable to control your restless mind? If any of the things mentioned describes where you are at, you’ll want to stay tuned for the next Family Matters where we’ll discuss what anxiety disorders are and how they can be treated.

Anorexia and "Pro-Ana websites

We’ll be talking about the online world of anorexia support groups and the potential dangers of these Pro-Ana websites, you won’t want to miss this.

advice on teens and online chat rooms

If your child is being exposed to online chat rooms and other social media sites you are going to want to stay tuned for the next Family Matters. We’ll be discussing how much freedom is appropriate, and where precautionary measures need to be taken in order to protect your child from potential harm.

Adolescent Daughter Involved With an Older Man

How does one warn a teenage daughter of the potential pitfalls of spending time with an older guy, even if she claims that they are purely friends? Most teen girls don’t want to hear this kind of advice, so one has to be very careful with the approach. We’ll be discussing a situation in which a mom needs to voice her concerns and still maintain the relationship.

Using Tithe Money to Help Aging Parents

Dealing with our finances according to Christian principles implies a number of things. One is that Christians are expected to tithe, see 2 Chronicles 31:4&5. Christians are told to take care of the orphan and the widow. They are also commanded to honor their mother and father and to care for those within their household, read 1 Timothy 5:8. We’ll discuss what the Bible has to say about using our resources to care for aging parents.

Stopping a Toddler From Hitting

Are you struggling with sibling rivalry in your home? Is there one child who constantly dominates another? This scenario is not unusual, but it’s also difficult to manage.

Responding to a Gay Christian in the Family

How would you respond to an announcement from one of your children that they identify as a “gay Christian’? We’ll be responding to a mother whose son made just such a declaration on the next Family Matters.

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