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True Crime South Africa covers solved and unsolved South African true crime cases.
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Episode 129 The Serial Crimes of Bulelani Mabhayi

In 2007 the rural village of Tholeni in the Eastern Cape became the scene of a series of murders that would span the next five years, take 20 lives, and scar the people of the village forever. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon (Support the show…
16 Sep 54 min

Episode 128 Bodies of Water

Lakes and dams are intended to be places of recreation and enjoyment, but it is not uncommon for them to be used by murderers hoping to submerge their victims and crimes forever. In this episode I cover several different cases in which bodies of water were used in an attempt…
14 Sep 1 hr 03 min

Bonus Episode: Interview - Ryan Blumenthal Author of Risking Life for Death

In this special crossover episode, Nicole Engelbrecht interviews author Ryan Blumenthal about his new book Risking Life for Death. This is a crossover to the interview conducted on Jonathan Ball Publishing's podcast Pagecast. Subscribe to Pagecast for more bookish content here:
30 Aug 30 min

Episode 127 The Murder of Jermaine Abrahams

On the 31st of August 1986, Jermaine Abrahams was getting ready for school when there was a knock on the door of her home. Answering that door set in motion a sequence of horrific events that would lead to three people losing their lives and a community having that moment…
27 Aug 53 min

Episode 126 The Murder of Palesa Madiba

When 20-year-old Palesa Madiba disappeared after spending a long weekend with a childhood friend, her family had no idea that they would wait almost a decade for justice to be done in her case. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon (Support the show on PayPal
24 Aug 56 min

Episode 125 The Murder of Ria Wolmarans

When SA-expat Ria Wolmarans was found shot to death in her Botswana home in 1996, her murder would be the spark to a fire of controversy around love, betrayal, and paying the ultimate price for both (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon (Support the show on…
14 Aug 1 hr 14 min

Introducing: Off the Grid in SA

Introducing: Off The Grid in South Africa - A practical guide to shedding load-shedding "Off the Grid in South Africa" is a practical guide for those looking to avoid load shedding and become energy self-sufficient. The podcast will share tips, tricks and insights on how to generate, store and use…
28 Jul 1 min

Episode 124 The Murder of Wilhemina Mahlangu

When a well-respected police officer does not arrive for work one Monday morning in 2003, her colleagues are immediately concerned. Then, they hear about a horrific discovery one town over and suddenly fear grips a community who will soon be stunned at the true nature of the crime. (24-hr trauma…
24 Jul 42 min

Episode 123 The Murder of Leon Brits

When Pofadder hotelier, Leon Brits was found floating in his swimming pool, the small town that so loved and relied on him was horrified. Suspicion and rumours flew around who could have been responsible for his murder, but almost no one guessed that it was the angelic-faced woman who'd stood…
8 Jul 1 hr 09 min

Episode 122 The Murder of Leighandre Jegels

25-year-old Leighandre Jegels was taking the boxing world by storm. She was an incredible athlete, a brilliant varsity student, and much loved by her family and friends. But Leighandre was also being hunted. Her ex-boyfriend was a highly trained special ops police officer and he'd set his target on Leighandre…
4 Jul 45 min

Episode 121 The Serial Crimes of Pierre Basson

A young man starts a money lending business with a twist - none of his clients will get out alive. It will take at least four years for police to sit up and take notice, but when they eventually do, they'll be aghast at the string of murders that had…
25 Jun 53 min

Episode 120 The Serial Crimes of Fanwell Khumalo

Between 1997 and 2001 the most prolific serial child rapist South Africa has ever seen walked the streets of Johannesburg. By the time he was caught the charges against him exceeded 100 counts, but he had not been hiding in the shadows - he'd been in the limelight all along…
12 Jun 40 min

Episode 118 Go Fly A Kite

Every now and then a South African court hears a financial crime case that is so bizarre and unbelievable that it goes down in the annals of history. In 1994, one such case popped up in the unlikely town of Oudtshoorn. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon…
26 May 38 min

Introducing: Preview: Episode 1 Change in One Generation Podcast

This is a preview of the first episode of Change in One Generation Podcast The Change in One Generation podcast, hosted by Ruda Landman and Dr Frank Magwegwe, dives into the change stories of fascinating South Africans. Ever wondered how some of the most successful South Africans navigate the uncertainty…
24 May 18 min

Episode 117 The Murder of Beatrice Harrowyn

When 47-year-old interior designer Beatrice Harrowyn disappeared in November 2001, the missing person report filed by her friend coincided with the discovery of a body on the side of the N14. It would be the job of police to stitch together all the threads and tie up a possible serial…
20 May 59 min

Episode 116 The Rhodes Park Murders

In 2015, the peace of Rhodes Park in Kensington was shattered by the horrified screams of two women who told those who rushed to their aid that they'd been attacked and their husbands had been dumped in the water. Soon the SAPS was searching for 12 men responsible for the…
14 May 59 min
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