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Delta Variant’s impact right now, and to the future

The Delta variant has been one of the primary reasons behind the President pushing the country to level 4 lockdown. With the Gauteng provinces riddled with cases, the question arises as to how does the Western Cape fair, and what can South Africans expect moving forward? Should the lockdown be…
11 Jul 2021 14 min

Siyabuya campaign #MakeSABetter

With the looming third wave the country has only reached a one million mark vaccinating our people and many more still need to be vaccinated. That is why Siyabuya is urging people not to be lax but still take precautionary measures of putting a mask,sanitising and social distance. To avoid…
6 Jun 2021 9 min

Why Local Weekend Getaways Are Taking Off

With the COVID-19 pandemic that has made the economic environment very difficult for the hospitality industry, the survival of many businesses is going to rest on the support of South Africans without international visitors because of the lockdown. Joining us online is Niels Verspui, Country Manager of RoomRacoon South Africa…
9 May 2021 9 min

Potent turmeric extract helps protect brain from chemical exposure -study.

A new study shows that a powerful turmeric extract may help protect the brain against a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including aluminium-induced neurotoxicity caused from daily exposure to chemicals in some cookware, cosmetics and medicines. Joining us online is Vanessa Ascencao, Health and wellness expert & nutritional consultant to unpack…
21 Mar 2021 12 min

New marriage law proposed for South Africa

The non-recognition of Muslim marriages violates the constitutional rights of women and children as March 21 marks human rights day. The South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) is calling for comment on the 152 discussion paper with the aim of introducing a single marriage statute for South Africa. It comes…
21 Mar 2021 18 min

What is the solution to ongoing students protest for access to university in SA

According to reports, the Higher Education Minister had a cut off time of 5PM on Friday to report back to student organization such as the South African Union of Students (SAUS) regarding a list of grievances over university fees.This comes after mass protest at Wits University and other universities across…
14 Mar 2021 26 min

History of Simon’s Town

This festive season, we encourage many Capetonians to be tourists in their own city by exploring our rich heritage and cultural diversity of what the city has to offer. We are continuing with our series where we are looking at various landmarks in Cape Town with a special focus on…
10 Jan 2021 20 min

Health system given huge boost of 4000 fresh young doctors

South Africa has seen a rapid rise in the second wave of Covid-19 infections as our health system is under enormous strain. According to the Health Minister Zweli Mkhize,the department welcome a boost in resources of 2 367 medical interns and 1 693 medical community service practitioners which would form…
3 Jan 2021 19 min

How to Make Sure Your Rental Rates Are Just Right in 2021

The rental industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. As tenant’s income became unpredictable with people losing their jobs as our economy have been negatively impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, landlords are placed in the grey area between being understanding of economic circumstances and becoming financier of…
27 Dec 2020 10 min

The History Simon’s Town

As we approach the festive season, we encourage many Capetonians to be tourists in their own city by exploring our rich heritage and cultural diversity of what the city has to offer. We are continuing with our series where we are looking at various landmarks in Cape Town with a…
27 Dec 2020 19 min

A Smarter Way to Spend This Festive Season

With the festive season upon us, 66% of people intend on reducing their holiday shopping spend. As 2020 has been a very tough year many South Africans, but more so from a financial point of view with 78% of consumers still feeling the pinch from the COVID-19 crisis.
21 Dec 2020 21 min

Groundbreaking ruling for domestic workers

ConCourt, the highest court in the land has made a ruling on Thursday which upholds the domestic worker’s rights to access the compensation fund in the event of injury or death. This comes after the death of Maria Mahlangu, a domestic worker who died in a drowning incident at her…
22 Nov 2020 25 min

Urban Land and Housing Dialogue Series: Webinar 2

The Development Action Group (DAG) hosted the urban land and housing dialogue series webinar which started off in June this year. Their second webinar will be taking place later this month in a form of urban forums which serve as strategic platforms for people working in the land and housing…
18 Oct 2020 15 min

How a COVID ‘second wave’ can be avoided

MTN South Africa has partnered with leading medical experts hosted a free webinar to unpack the most +27 82 885 0048 COVID-19 data and trends, including progress towards a vaccine and the psychology behind why many people still refuse to wear masks. MTN #WearItForMe initiative was launched in September to…
4 Oct 2020 19 min

How social distancing during a pandemic affects the elderly in rural South Africa

South Africans are generally people who socialize with family and friends. When the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown was first introduced people had difficulty adjusting to the new rules of social distancing and the psychology behind it. A recent study has investigated how social distancing during a pandemic can affect the…
4 Oct 2020 13 min

Survey reveal impact of COVID-19 on NPO sector

We know that the covid-19 pandemic has had a hard knock on effect with many businesses faced with financial strain and having to cut down on staff. Tshikululu Social Investments has undertaken a survey of NPOs around South Africa to assess the effect that COVID-19 has had on this crucial…
4 Oct 2020 14 min

How to get a fraudulent marriage annulled

A recent case of a woman married for 16 years to a man she never met has approached the North Gauteng High Court to set the record straight and hopefully get the marriage annulled, IOL reported early this week. According to Africa Check, South Africa had its own fair share…
27 Sep 2020 17 min

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders Day

International Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders Awareness Day is commemorated annually on the 9th of September to create awareness around alcohol-related harm during pregnancy
13 Sep 2020 15 min

New cannabis rules proposed for South

In recent weeks, the Justice and Correctional Services minister Ronald Lamola published the draft Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill. The new cannabis rules come with penalties, limits the amount of cannabis in one's possession and give criminals records to people who will not follow the rules.
16 Aug 2020 12 min
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