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It is a widely held myth that when one achieves entrepreneurial success, it becomes easier to be an entrepreneur. This is not true. It is always challenging to be an entrepreneur. As one grows more successful, it is just the nature of the challenge that changes. This podcast series and its accompanying book of 52 individual meditations seeks to assist entrepreneurs to keep focused and motivated throughout the journey.
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52 Episodes
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Meditation 52 - I Can Say I Don't Know

Do you subscribe to the whole idea of "fake it until you make it"? Allon weighs in on this approach to life, business and entrepreneurship in this final instalment of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series.
27 Dec 2020 8 min

Meditation 51 - My Family Is My Emotional Sustenance

"No man is an island" is a truism. No entrepreneur is an island either, and it is vital for us to find the support we need to keep our energy high and our eye on the prize. During the 51st episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series, Allon shares his experiences…
19 Dec 2020 6 min

Meditation 50 - My Ego Is My Enemy

When was the last time you went on an ego trip? We all do this from time to time but Allon helps us understand why it’s so important to avoid these moments as much as possible because our ego's addictive qualities are highly destructive. Listen to the example Allon shares…
12 Dec 2020 9 min

Meditation 49 - I Survive All That Is False

How do we deal with a lying employee, a dishonest client, or a betrayal from a business partner? During this meditation, Allon helps us navigate the thoughts and feelings we might experience as we encounter these moments.
6 Dec 2020 10 min

Meditation 48 - I Accept Rejection

We all hate rejection but are there any benefits to it? Allon says yes, and in this 48th meditation of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs series, he helps us to change our understanding of and reaction to rejection.
29 Nov 2020 4 min

Meditation 47 - The Place Between Will & Reality

Have you ever been, or are you currently, frustrated with how long it takes your employees to execute on your strategy, the pace at which your suppliers deliver, or the general lack of momentum in your business? Allon knows that feeling well and shares important insights in this 47th meditation…
22 Nov 2020 7 min

Meditation 46 - I Build

During episode 46 of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series, we consider what you can do when you hit "a wall", when it all becomes too much to bear. This meditation is for every entrepreneur who has ever felt exhausted, at the end of their tether and is ready to give up.
15 Nov 2020 5 min

Meditation 45 - My Own Rhythm

Flow exists everywhere – from nature to global markets – and it includes the entrepreneurial journey. Allon helps us to identify and take advantage of this universal phenomenon during the 45th episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series.
8 Nov 2020 5 min

Meditation 44 - My Progress Excites Me

During this "espresso shot of all meditations", Allon offers us a tool with which to energise ourselves and also develop a deep appreciation for what we have. This is the 44th episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series.
1 Nov 2020 5 min

Meditation 43 - My Journey Is Lonely

During this 43rd episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series, Allon points to a phenomenon that all entrepreneurs, especially pioneering ones, must learn to deal with.
26 Oct 2020 3 min

Meditation 42 - I Do, I Am

What is the essence of entrepreneurial success? Do you know how to harness it? Are you able to track your progress within it? Allon challenges us in this 42nd episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series.
19 Oct 2020 5 min

Meditation 41 - I Build On Failure and On Success

During this meditation, we're challenged by Allon to use all our experiences to lift us, drive us forward, and raise the level of our business's performance. Listen here to find out how. This is the 41st episode of Raizcorp’s podcast series, #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs.
12 Oct 2020 4 min

Meditation 38 - I Have The Will To Achieve

In this meditation, we're urged to look inward and fortify ourselves against the day when failure strikes and we feel the desire to quit. This is the 38th episode of Raizcorp’s podcast series, #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs.
21 Sep 2020 3 min

Meditation 37 - I Have The Ability To Achieve

During this 37th episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series, Allon helps us to reconsider how we face moments in our journeys where doubt creeps in and confidence is lost.
14 Sep 2020 3 min

Meditation 36 - I Have The Right To Wealth

Do you truly believe you have the right to success and to wealth? This is one of the important questions Allon asks us in this 36th episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series.
7 Sep 2020 4 min

Meditation 35 - I Am A Vessel To Do Good

In this episode of Raizcorp’s podcast series, #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs, Allon helps us reflect on the power we have as entrepreneurs and the choice we must make every day to use this power to do good or to not.
31 Aug 2020 4 min

Meditation 34 - This Is My Beautiful Life

Do you see both sides of the entrepreneurial journey? This is the important question Allon is asking us in this 34th episode of our #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs podcast series.
24 Aug 2020 4 min

Meditation 33: Fear Is A Bully

In this meditation, we're empowered by Allon as he assists us to confront and work through the fears that so many of us face during our entrepreneurial journeys. This is the 33rd episode of Raizcorp’s podcast series, #52MeditationsForEntrepreneurs.
17 Aug 2020 6 min
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