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Mid Morning Medley

A magazine lifestyle program
Weekly English South Africa Arts Narrated by Wiedaad Petersen
3 Episodes

Preparation for job seekers

we here discuss preparation for job seekers, especially first time job seekers. At times looking foir employment becomes tiring and it stresses you out, well we here on the Triple M has the solution. Because with us in Loobna Kamroodien
9 Jan 2021 21 min

Lady Tate Exhibition

Wiedaad Petersen in conversation with Mary who is a representative for the Lady Tate foundation giving us more details on the Lady Tate exhibition that is taking place is Kirstenbosch.
18 Jan 2020 9 min


Nadia in conversation with Zarina Ebrahim owner of ZeesFashion speaking to us about what lead her to opening her business as well as what lead her to making jewellery
11 Jan 2020 31 min