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Man in the Van is your regular audio drive time companion, where our aim is, education through a conversation. Through our conversations, we delve deep into all things related to the trades-person contracting community, from news to education to industry “happenings”, helping you do better business while building a better and improved South African tradesmen and women contracting community.
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S3 E21 - Harscan Distributors

Plumbers know that they get their plumbing supplies from stores that sell them. But what happens behind the scenes. Where do suppliers get their stock from and where do importers and distributors fit into the picture? In this episode I chat with Malcolm Harris of Harscan Distributors, about Harscan having…
6 Dec 45 min

S3 E20 - LJR Plumbing Supplies and LJR Pumps

Isn’t it lekker to walk into your local community plumbing store, and chat to those familiar faces who are knowledgeable and experienced to provide you with technical and theoretical support on all the products you buy from them? We’re all familiar with the larger franchise and group retail supply stores,…
12 Nov 50 min

S3 E19 - Specialised Pipe Rehabilitation

When there’s a problem with pipes, you may think that replacement is the only option. Of course, this is an invasive plumbing procedure, that may require excavation that may tear up your customer’s yard. It can also be very costly. But there is another option. In this episode, I chat…
10 Oct 40 min

S3 E18 - Saniflo

It’s a brand that has been around for an extensive time and a brand that many an installer may already be familiar with. And, as a result of their above-floor plumbing solutions and constant innovation, this brand had become a market leader and major role player in the plumbing industry…
12 Sep 41 min

S3 E17 - Supahot (With Shaaz Moosa and Faheem Ally)

It’s always exciting to hear about a new brand and product that can contribute toward or even improve our trade and industry. In this episode I have a chat with my guests, Mr. Shaaz Moosa, the CEO, and Faheem Ally, National Sales Manager of geyser manufacturer Supahot. We'll be talking…
11 Aug 52 min

S3 E16 - Champions 4 Charity (With the PIRB)

It’s that time of the year again when the PIRB hosts its annual Champions 4 Charity boxing event. Although there is much glitz and glamour at this black-tie and action-packed event, there is much deeper intent behind it. In this episode we’re talking about the upcoming C4C event, and the…
18 Jul 49 min

S3 E15 (PART 2) - The Next Generation with Coach UPP

One of the challenges facing the plumbing industry is the growing gap between those who are retiring from the industry and those who are entering it. We see many second and third-generation plumbers who step into their predecessors’ shoes with slightly more ease than plumbers who are completely new to…
8 Jun 34 min

S3 E15 (PART 1) - The Next Generation with Coach UPP

One of the challenges facing the plumbing industry is the growing gap between those who are retiring from the industry and those who are entering it. We see many second and third-generation plumbers who step into their predecessors’ shoes with slightly more ease than plumbers who are completely new to…
28 May 28 min

S3 E14 - Findar (Follow-up 1)

In this episode I welcome back Victoria Armstrong and Jacques V/D Westhuizen, to discuss Findar, an exciting new system that assists plumbing service providers in managing quite a few aspects of their plumbing businesses, and in future, will also assist consumers with finding reputable tradespeople in their area.
12 Apr 32 min

S3 E13 - Stiebel Eltron (Follow-up 1)

Our problems with electricity supply has officially been declared a national state of disaster. That, in itself, has a great impact on our daily lives and the economy of our country. Fortunately, there exist innovative technologies that you, the plumber, or other skilled tradespeople, can apply to contribute toward solutions…
13 Mar 47 min

S3 E12 - On Tap (With Johan van Wyk)

In this episode I welcome my guest, Mr. Johan Van Wyk, of On Tap, to find out more about On Tap as an organisation, its associated brands and services, and the value that On Tap adds to both the plumbing industry and the consumer.
12 Feb 47 min

S3 E11 - PRAWA & The Roofing Academy (Follow-up 2)

Many skilled trades are linked to each other and, in some form or way they impact and supplement each other. In many instances, they are actually interdependent of each other. And so, I am excited to welcome back a couple of representatives of PRAWA (the Professional Roof Repair and Waterproofing…
7 Dec 2022 33 min

S3 E10 - Renew and Rebuild (With Anton Venter)

Spring symbolises renewal, the return of life to earth, and we recorded this episode in the heart of Spring, in September of 2022. By then it had been five months since the upliftment of the National State of Disaster, after the COVID 19 pandemic. In this episode personal and leadership…
9 Nov 2022 38 min

S3 E9 - Advanced Valves (Follow-up 1)

In this episode I welcome back representatives from Advanced Valves, the largest hot water ancillary product manufacturing business in South Africa, for another conversation about their products and their company, to inform both consumer and installer alike about the positive impact it has on the plumbing industry in our country.
9 Oct 2022 28 min

S3 E8 - Amalooloo (Betram)

In this episode I have a conversation with three representatives of Amalooloo, a pioneer in dry sanitation technology in South Africa. We’ll be discussing Amalooloo’s products, work, and projects, to inform the world about the tremendously positive impact it has on society, and how it contributes to making the world…
8 Sep 2022 46 min

S3 E7 - Seaqual (Trevor Cloete)

In this episode I have a conversation with Trevor Cloete, of Seaqual, a Specialist Plumbing Product Manufacturer, to learn about their innovative products and the value it adds not only to the installer and the consumer, but also to the environment.
8 Aug 2022 32 min

S3 E6 - IOPSA's Solar Water Heater Installer Program

In this episode we will have a conversation with Brendan Reynolds and Nick Joubert, of IOPSA, about IOPSA’s Solar Water Heater Installer Program. Solar water heaters are becoming more popular, and the demand for qualified installers greater.
9 Jul 2022 25 min

S3 E5 - BluLever Education

In this episode we have a conversation with Stacey Rontiris and Sandiswe Shongwe, of BluLever Education, an innovative trade training organisation with a with a vision to mobilise a movement of millions of artisans as active citizens, and a mission to solve some of Africa's biggest challenges by upskilling the…
12 Jun 2022 38 min

S3 E04 - Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator (Sherrie Donaldson)

In this episode I have a conversation with Sherrie Donaldson, of Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, to find out more about this organisation and the important role that it plays in not only preparing youth for the workplace, but also assisting both job seekers and employers to connect with each other.
8 May 2022 39 min

S3 E03 - Stiebel Eltron (with Ingo Hamann)

The average consumer is not quite familiar with the complexities and intricacies of plumbing, or the extend of technology that is used in plumbing. Plumbers have to keep abreast with ever-evolving technology to remain relevant within their industry. Lagging behind can cost them dearly. In this episode, I have a…
10 Apr 2022 46 min
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