Raizor's Edge Navigating Extreme Change

Navigating Extreme Change

The Navigating Extreme Change podcasts are based on a series of articles written by Allon Raiz during the COVID-19 lockdown. The concept of change management is not new. However, extreme change resulting from an external force brings to the fore the substantial friction between the need to change and an organisation’s ability to change. Allon explores the balance required to successfully navigate a path between necessary change and the practicalities surrounding that change, offering advice and insights on how this can be achieved.
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5 Episodes

5: Asking the right questions

Do you know how to make good decisions when the systems you rely on for help become unstable or unreliable? During extreme change, entrepreneurs are often faced with making quick decisions with little information. In this episode of the Navigating Extreme Change podcast series, Allon Raiz explores how you can…
12 Oct 2021 12 min

4: Zooming Out

The first time you experience anything new it could be seen as extreme change – it’s the first time you are dealing with all the consequences of that experience. In zooming out of a situation, cycles of change can be identified. Join Allon Raiz as he discusses anticipating these cycles…
28 Sep 2021 18 min

3: Scenario planning is a tool to order chaos

Scenario planning is an effective tool to bring order to a chaotic situation and gives the entrepreneur a rational basis on which to make high quality decisions when others are panicking.
15 Jun 2021 15 min

2: Building Your Opportunity Matrix

In times of crisis, it’s even more important for entrepreneurs to make business decisions that are measured and considered, and to prime their businesses to both take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks. During this #NavigatingExtremeChange podcast episode, Allon Raiz discusses how entrepreneurs can build a decision-making matrix to help…
2 Jun 2021 16 min

1: Get To Rational Quickly

During this episode, Gareth and Allon consider the first article in Allon's lockdown series, Get to Rational Quickly. Their discussion is filled with practical lessons and insights, as well as a real example of what can happen when an entrepreneur’s rational brain is activated while their competitor remains in a…
22 Jun 2020 16 min