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... with Lilly Wa Ga Makofane, 12h00-15h00, Mon to Fri.
Occasionally English South Africa Society & Culture
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Call him Laud...

Laud talks to Sibo about his new song titled Mhlaba wa kithi on RISEfm Lunch. Sibo Pilson took over the show while Lilly Wa Ga Makofane listened in for a change.
28 Jun 8 min

Think Zola 7!

A must listen!!! From Music to Television and 2Pac. Witty Lilly Wa Ga Makofane and the RISE fm Top Fans give Zola 7 his flowers 💐😍❤
24 Jun 8 min

Lunch with Lilly Wa Ga Makofane. Sports anyone?

Remember when you took part in every school activity, we'll maybe not... but they were a few. Which sporting activity did you part take in? Netball, Soccer, Chess, Rugby... etc Take a listen you might want to relive the excitement.
22 May 4 min


Be honest... what's more delicious? Take a listen. Find out what Lilly Wa Ga Makofane picked!
20 May 1 min

Forever Wena Campaign - Living with HIV

Demystifying HIV and HIV Prevention with Nozibele Qamngana Mayaba, an HIV advocate, having lived with the virus for over 10 years. Contracting the virus at the tender age of 21, she has had to fight through stigmas. She has turned her story into one of power and positivity.
19 Apr 15 min
1 – 20