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Feroz Sheik brings to you the latest sport news and fixtures, as well as sport player profiles.
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Euros Duncan Crowie

Feroz Sheikh sits in conversation with Euros Duncan Crowie as he unpacks his journey through the love of sport
13 Jun 2021 45 min

Jean Marc Ithier

Feroz Sheikh chats with Mr Jean Marc Ithier who discusses his love for sport and also shares his sporting journey.
6 Jun 2021 37 min

Mitchell's Plain Eagles

Feroz Sheikh Speaks to The Mitchell’s Plain Eagles about there sports and what it is they contribute to a better sporting future for our Youth.
30 May 2021 34 min

Boeta Cassiem

Feroz Sheikh Speaks to well known Boeta Cassiem about his sporting journey and his love for sport
23 May 2021 37 min

Highlighting Sport legends

We discuss the sporting career of James George and he shares with us some memorable moments of his time
14 Feb 2021 42 min

Highlighting Sport legends

we talk with Mustapha Khan and he tells us some of the fondest memories in his sporting time
7 Feb 2021 40 min

Final Episode for 2020

Feroz Sheikh speaks to Former sporting icon and legend Desmond Crowy. Theydiscuss a few highlights in his career and all his love for the game.
20 Dec 2020 40 min

Transvaal and Western Province Cricketer Siraaj Gabriels.

Feroz Sheikh highlights local sporting legends. Speaking about their exclusive journeys and also some fun factors in their careers. Herein he speaks to the former Transvaal and Western Province cricketer Siraaj Gabriels.
6 Dec 2020 45 min


Feroz Sheikh highlights local sporting legends. This week he spoke with former Western Province Rugby Flanker, Abdul Hadhi Dollie, more popularly known as Hadhi Dollie
22 Nov 2020 45 min

Insde Sport

Feroz Sheikh highlights local sporting legends and this week we speak to Ismail Behardien Also known as Maily. Former Western Province All Rounder.
15 Nov 2020 36 min


Feroz Sheikh highlights local sporting legends. This week he spoke to Andre Bronkhorst.
8 Nov 2020 40 min

Inside Sport

Feroz Shekh highlights local sporting legends.
1 Nov 2020 43 min

Inside Sport

Feroz Sheikh speaks to former Santos Mid- Fielder Donovan Ronnie Known as Ronnie.
18 Oct 2020 39 min

Vincent barnes

Feroz Sheikh speaks to Former Western Province Fat Bowler and Batsman Defender Vincent Barnes.
11 Oct 2020 35 min

Keith America

Feroz Sheikh Highlights local sporting legends.
4 Oct 2020 33 min
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