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The Biznews founder and broadcasting veteran hosts this half hour audio biography with guests selected simply because they’re interesting, on the basis that if their stories were captured in book form, they'd likely be a best seller. The half hour podcast is intended to leave listeners better informed, uplifted...and inspired.

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The Alec Hogg Show: Meet Nick Hudson of PANDA - actuary, philosopher, disrupter. Ep 2.

South Africa possesses many extraordinary people few of us ever hear about until they get pushed into the spotlight by unusual circumstances. Like the Covid-19 pandemic which was grabbed as an opportunity by politicians to stir up fears enabling them to wield unfettered power. In episode two of the Alec Hogg Show, the founder of taps into one of the few consistently dissenting voices. In this podcast, we get to hear what makes PANDA co-ordinator Nick Hudson tick. And discover a well-travelled, widely-read, deep-thinking actuary from a long line of community-focused Eastern Cape physicians who makes his living in private equity and intends becoming an educator. Riveting.
Nick Hudson

The Alec Hogg Show: Tasha's story - in conversation with founder of a growing global empire. Ep 3

Next week, 45-year-old restauranteur Anastasia Sideris will enjoy a double celebration: 15th anniversary of the founding of her 25-store Tasha's restaurant group; and the repurchase from Famous Brands of the 51% stake sold in 2008. In this biographical podcast, we get a unique insight into an OCD workaholic who has already surpassed the achievements of her successful restauranteur father. After reaching her targets in SA and UAE, she is about to introduce Tasha's into new geographies, including the UK and Australia.
The Alec Hogg Show: Tasha's story

The Alec Hogg Show: Meet Clem Sunter - the ultimate fox. Ep 4

In Episode Four our guest is a lad from Kensington in London whose chance meeting with a lass sitting on a wall in Cornwall sent him on an adventure that was to have a massive impact on South Africa’s peaceful transition. Until fate intervened, the highlight of Clem Sunter’s life had been playing on the undercard of a Rolling Stones concert at Oxford University as one half a folk music duo called Clem and John. Like other guests on this show, Clem was selected on the basis that if his story were captured in book form, it would likely be a bestseller. The only surprise is why South Africa’s most famous futurist hasn’t written that autobiography already. Clem Sunter is a prodigious written, having written 17 books, the most recent of which refer to how we can all learn from foxes in this world of warp speed change.
Clem Sunter

The Alec Hogg Show: Meet Magda Wierzycka, an entrepreneurial role model for all South Africans. Ep 5

This episode features Sygnia founder Magda Wierzycka, a visionary financial services entrepreneur whose story is an inspiration for all. A rags to riches story of penury in Poland when the country was a vassal to the Soviet Union, to a role model for anyone possessing the grit and determination to overcome the odds. Today Magda is living her dream - but in her words, getting there "hasn't been a picnic."
The Alec Hogg Show: Meet Magda Wierzycka, an entrepreneurial role model for all South Africans. Ep 5

The Alec Hogg Show: Meet clear-thinking Leon Louw, the Marxist turned Free Marketeer. Ep 6

Our guest in this episode is Leon Louw, the Marxist-turned-Free Marketeer who emerged from a conservative Afrikaner background to embrace communism before having his views reversed by a street vendor in her 70s. For almost half a century louw has provided a clear voice of rationality in a country where economic policies have been shaped by political rather than wealth creating agendas. A riveting half hour.

The Alec Hogg Show: Meet super-charged Allen Ambor, founder of 600-store Spur, yoga teacher, mentor. Ep 7

Our guest in episode seven of the half hour Alec Hogg show is Allen Ambor, creator of the 600-store Spur restaurant group which he started in 1967 with an instantly successful steakhouse around the corner from Cape Town’s iconic Newlands rugby stadium. Eccentric, focused and opinionated, yoga teacher Allen is still living a full life. Typically, in the interview he doesn’t hold back – whether it’s on the real reason for a sudden departure from Spur or his advice to budding entrepreneurs.

The Alec Hogg Show: Supreme Wealth Creator Kevin Hedderwick - on GBK, Brian Joffe and, of course, Famous Brands. Ep 8

Kevin Hedderwick, Supreme Wealth Creator, is our guest in episode eight of The Alec Hogg Show. Hedderwick has had a spectacular career and in this podcast, he openly discusses what happened with the acquisition of Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the UK, his business relationship with Brian Joffe, how he started out with the iconic Halamandaris family at the family's small Steers Group and, of course, Famous Brands. 

The Alec Hogg Show - Brutally honest Rob Hersov on the Ruperts, coming home - and unseating the ANC. Ep 9

Having just turned 60 and with the kind of wealth that brings total independence, globally successful entrepreneur Rob Hersov shares his obsession of helping weld together anti-ANC forces to unseat the ruling political party. Having swum against the tide when returning home three years ago, he has a vision for a South Africa that is very different to today's troubled, failing State. The man who was tutored by two Ruperts (Murdoch and Johann) believes the turnaround will start with ejecting the country's ruling political party.

The Alec Hogg Show - Meet David Scott, SA's YouTube sensation The Kiffness: gifted, brave, brilliant - and wise. Ep 10

Our guest in episode is an extraordinarily talented and courageous young man whom the Scott family call David but the rest of South Africa knows as The Kiffness. His wildly popular musical parodies and satirical Youtube videos have attracted millions upon millions of viewers, turning the mild mannered musician into one of the most recognizable faces in the country.
The one-time medical student’s art hasn’t been without risk, however, with occasional puffed up politicians taking sufficient umbrage, occasionally letting lose their social media attack dogs. But as you’ll hear in this deeply moving discussion with a 32 year old with wisdom well beyond his years, The Kiffness is unbowed. Because he figures that without freedom of expression, there’re no point in calling ourselves a democracy.

The Alec Hogg Show - Meet Chris Hart the gentle giant still standing after targeted, ejected, mugged by mob. Ep11

Our guest in this episode is outspoken economist Chris Hart, a former science teacher who did a B Comm because he thought it would help when he was became a headmaster role. Instead, it was the ticket to a bank’s dealing room where he helped traders make a packet when contrarian forecasts that often beat the economic consensus. But the real story about the free spirited, independently minded Chris Hart is in how he was targeted by political interests ahead of South Africa’s fractious 2016 Municipal elections. The gentle giant refused to be bowed by a social media mugging fuelled by London's unlamented PR shop Bell Pottinger. But his employer blinked. And just three months after being headhunted because of an independent mindset, his corporate career was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. It’s a fascinating story of a life punctuated with series of testing personal challenges, including the murder of his identical twin brother. Yet he remains in service of his less fortunate fellows. And an inspiration to the rest of us.

Bobby Godsell: Oppenheimer's unlikely mentee urges perspective, new GNU, offers message of hope - Alec Hogg Show Ep 12

Another extraordinary South African features in this episode of the long-form biographical podcast. At 68, Bobby Godsell's passion for his homeland hasn't dimmed and in this rare interview, he proposes an approach to living in SA that works. Born in Boksburg and raised in Durban, Godsell spurned repeated offers by one of the world's richest men to run a mining empire - and not for a moment regrets that decision. And at this difficult time, when many of his countrymen are giving up on SA, Godsell offers perspective and a message of hope. Among his suggestions: returning to a Government of National Unity to help SA overcome the massive challenge of recovering from the Covid-19 destruction.

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