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Luané Mclachlan

Luané is the head reverend at the NG Gemeente Murraysburg. This week she will share with us what it is like being a woman in ministry.
31 Oct 2022 43 min

Clinton Shafer

This week we interviewed Clinton Shafer who used to work as a fireman and is currently studying Psychology. He shared his testimony with us.
24 Oct 2022 33 min

Zekky Dyantjie

This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be talking to Zekky Dyantjie. She is a freelance make-up artist who will tell us her story.
10 Oct 2022 35 min

Tolulola George - Chairperson of Tusimame Wanawake

This week the 180 Girls will be chatting to the leader of a local NGO, Tusimame Wanawake, an organization that focuses on promoting and protecting the rights and interested of South Africa's minority migrant population. This group is a group for migrants by migrants. Tolulola, the leader is here to…
3 Oct 2022 38 min

Sandy Cipriano - Cupcakes of Hope

This week, the girls on 180 Degrees will be chatting to Sandy Cipriano, the owner of Cupcakes of Hope. Cupcakes of Hope is an NGO that raises money for children suffering by from cancer and raises money for treatment for the children. They changed the lives of countless children and…
26 Sep 2022 43 min

Delia Preston - Light Ministries International

I am Delia Preston, I am married to Brian Preston for 23 years and together we have 4 adult children and 2 grandchildren. We Pastor a church in the Brooklyn / Rugby area. The Ministry called Light Ministries International will be 3 years old in December 2022. We also have…
19 Sep 2022 47 min

Musab - Recording Artist in China

Musab Official is an artist rapper song writer |actor preacher and business man, resident permanent in China Guangzhou for more than 7 years. Musab is an artist in full multitude gift can also speak 5 languages, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese. Musab is a business owner/CEO. Since 2007 Musab started recording…
12 Sep 2022 36 min

Simryn Andhee

This week on 180 Degrees, the girls will be chatting to a trailblazing woman, Simryn Andhee. Simran is the leader of the Quantitative Investment Analysis Team at ICP. She uses a vast skill set to her best possible ability to help her company find investors. As a graduate in actuarial…
5 Sep 2022 38 min

Viola Manuel

This week the 180 Degrees girls will be talking to Viola Manuel, the MOT's Country Director. This ending off the MOT takeover with a bang, the girls will be discussing the vision MOT has for the remainder of the year and how they plan to carry on helping the youth,…
29 Aug 2022 41 min

Lauren Cassell - Testimony

This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be chatting to Lauren Cassell as she shares her testimony about how the Lord helped her overcome a difficult childhood because of circumstances beyond her control. She is telling her story in hopes to help anyone else out there in a similar…
15 Aug 2022 39 min

Liam Preston - Worship leader at Light Ministries International

On this episode of 180 Degrees, the girls will be talking to Liam Preston. He is a 20 year old worship leader at Light Ministries International. He also has a passion for praising and worshiping Jesus through musical expression. He is here to talk to us about what it means…
8 Aug 2022 38 min

Brian Preston

This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be speaking to Pastor Brian Preston of Light Ministry based in Brooklyn. He has been in the ministry for 20 years, studied at Team Impact, have an Honors Degree and is also a certified marriage officer commissioner of oats passionate about Jesus…
1 Aug 2022 39 min

Amaryne Buys

This week on 180 will be speaking to Amaryne Buys, a young referent in the Dutch Reformed Church. She will be talking to the girls about her experience as a woman in ministry, a youth in ministry and what it entails to be in a position of leadership in the…
25 Jul 2022 35 min

Terence Klaasen - MOT Coach and Young MOTivator

This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be talking to Terence Klaasen. This show forms part of the MOT takeover and falls in line with honouring the youth. Terence is a MOT Coach at False Bay College TVET College and the principal of Fairmount Secondary School.
11 Jul 2022 36 min

Darren Maybe

This week on 180 Degrees the girls will be talking to Darren Maybe as part of the MOT takeover in line with honouring the youth. Darren is a MOT Coach and Young MOTivator from False Bay College TVET College.
4 Jul 2022 35 min

Melissa Richards

This week the 180 Degrees girls will be talking to Melissa Richards, MOT Coach and educator at Zeekoevlei High School.
27 Jun 2022 26 min

Michaela Preston and Leah Naidoo

Tonight we will be chatting to Michaela Preston and Leah Naidoo about themselves and getting to know them a bit more. As we can tell that they might stay a while.
20 Jun 2022 39 min
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