International Coalition of Girls' Schools On Educating Girls: Creating a World of Possibilities

On Educating Girls: Creating a World of Possibilities

On Educating Girls: Creating a World of Possibilities, produced by ICGS
and hosted by Trudy Hall, is a robust global conversation among experts
who are passionate about the education and healthy development of girls.
What is good for girls is at the centre of each episode, as listeners are
offered resources, language, tips and programs for educating and
empowering young women by those who educate, work with and
understand girls.
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42 Episodes
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Speaking Your Truth, with Latricia Barksdale

“I feel like your voice is your courage…it’s your bravery.” (Culver Girls Academy student) Can there be any connection more vital in a girl’s life than her connection to her voice, her authentic voice? The word “voice” has multiple meanings in the world of girls. Voice is often a term…
27 Feb 31 min

Navigating Life Online, with Laura Tierney

“Social media is a tool. If people aren’t equipped to navigate it positively, you are going to see negative consequences like anxiety and depression…I liken social media to giving students the key to a car….” (Laura Tierney) For better or for worse, the girls in our lives “do” social media;…
20 Feb 31 min

Handling Heartbreak, with Angela Terpstra

“With grief, for me personally, the main thing is letting myself feel it and not trying to pretend it hasn’t happened…Rather than hiding it, I give myself permission to deal with it. (Wycombe student) What we know for sure is that at some point the girls in our life will…
13 Feb 33 min

Setting Healthy Boundaries, with Elizabeth Zeigler

“We need to work with our young people to help them understand what consent means.” (Elizabeth Zeigler) Unfortunately, the statistics tell us why having the hard conversations with girls about consent and violations of personal space is vital: 1 in 5 middle school students have experienced unwanted sexual contact; 1…
6 Feb 29 min

Connecting with Parents, with Dr. Judith Locke

“To have a good relationship with your child is extremely important, but not such a good relationship that you are describing your child as your best friend.” (Dr. Judith Locke) Is there any relationship, any connection, more vital, more critical in a young girl’s life than the one she has…
30 Jan 34 min

Introducing The Connected Girl

The Connected Girl, a podcast series curated by the International Coalition of Girls Schools, is an invitation to those who know, love and believe in empowering girls, to engage with the experts we have gathered to understand the power and possibility of the many connections in the lives of girls.
23 Jan 2 min

Forging Powerful Relationships, with Dr. Tori Cordiano

“What we know is that strong, powerful relationships with trusted adults are a protective factor for girls at all levels of development.” (Dr. Tori Cordiano) Girls love to be connected; they are all about relationships, connections in both real and symbolic ways with the world and everything in it. Girls…
23 Jan 30 min

Short 3: Healthy ways for girls to handle everyday pressure

You "should’ve… could’ve… would’ve…” is the last thing a girl needs to hear when life turns the heat up.🔥 Pressure is coming from everywhere for the young women we love and lead, so how do we help them face it in healthy and proactive ways? We do it by encouraging…
29 Nov 2023 10 min

Short 2: Can AI make us better humans?

Yikes! Are all the robots-who-take-over-the-world movies coming to life? 🤖 ‘AI in education’ is the hottest topic at the moment, and for good reason. But is it good? Is it bad? Is it both? One thing is for sure: Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. And it’s revolutionizing the way…
25 Oct 2023 10 min

Short 1: 5 Ways to Help Girls Grow in Resilience

*Cue pink clouds and the Barbie theme song 🩷 In reality, girls aren’t made of plastic and life isn’t a breeze. How do we teach young women how to face the pressures of life or bounce back from failure? 🌟Join us as we dive into the treasure trove of wisdom…
4 Oct 2023 9 min

Ep 23: Girls Love REAL Conversation

Quote: “I think that I have learned to listen more to others. I learn more then. And everyone deserves to have their voice heard.” -6th grade girl— Imagine this: a world in which our children become so dependent on gadgets and screens that it is challenging for them to speak…
9 Aug 2023 33 min

Ep 22: ChatGPT: Friend or Foe of Girls' Education?

“What I suggest you do is to sit down and be the co-pilot. You don’t have to be the expert. Let your daughter be the expert.” (Robert Dodds) How knowledgeable are you about ChatGPT? Do you know how knowledgeable your daughter is? There hasn’t just been a buzz about this…
28 Jun 2023 39 min

Ep 21: The Girls' School Advantage

"Parents' focus should be on the people, the program, the place that puts a smile on their daughter's face and a sparkle in the eye of the girl sitting right in front of them.” — Liz Schmitt If you have been wondering about your daughter’s education lately, this episode is just…
24 May 2023 36 min

Ep 20: Parenting Girls In A Changing World

“If we are not preparing (our children) with the skills and the tools that they need to handle the expected…and the unexpected…then we are not actually doing our job” If it seems like every time you check your newsfeed there is an alarmist article on new perils parents must manage…
19 Apr 2023 24 min

Ep 19: Girls Who Lead

Quote: “When women support each other, it’s just like magic. Something happens and everybody ends up just lifting each other up and becoming even more successful in the future.” - (Ashleigh DeSilva) Women are simply not making the progress into management roles that one might expect. The most recent Gender…
24 Mar 2023 33 min

Ep 18: Girls Need Trusted Adults

Quote: “This person that I trust…really listens to me, offers me advice and knows when to step in, and when to just sit there and let me tell them what I need to say. And that is just really important to me because sometimes I need help and sometimes I…
21 Feb 2023 35 min

Ep 17: Girls Who Are “Future-Ready”

Quote: “I do think the world of work has moved away from valuing superficial skills and knowledge and has very much moved to valuing people who are able to think more deeply and have the skills to think critically and problem-solve.” (Benenden Student) How can we prepare today’s girls for…
18 Jan 2023 31 min

Ep 16: Girls Who Know Their History

Quote: “ I have been teaching women’s history my entire career, so I have taught lots of young people,....and I have found such curiosity to know more about how we got to where we are and particularly about the relationship of black women and white women.” Until recently, women’s history…
15 Dec 2022 35 min

Ep 15: Girls Who Embrace Their Introvertedness

Quote: “I would like the parents of introverted children to know that supporting our passions and interests is important and that we will find our individual ways of being a leader. Even though we are quiet, we are still capable of being confident.” This episode of On Educating Girls unapologetically…
23 Nov 2022 30 min

Ep 14: Girls Who Find Their Way to “Yes”

Quote: “At the root of everything we do is collaboration and communication.” (Ainsley, 17) We want the girls in our lives to have big ideas and the passion to bring them to life. Yet, how do we, as their adult role models, set the tone, become their partners, teach them…
19 Oct 2022 34 min
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