Het jy vrae oor die lewe, God, of die Bybel? Indien wel, is Skriftuurlik met Wynand & Pastoor Rocky op Radiokansel die platform om dit te vra. Luisteraars stuur vrae direk na die ateljee via WhatsApp. Aanbieders Wynand Rossouw en Pastoor Rocky Stevenson poog dan om hierdie vrae te beantwoord. Die doel van die program is om antwoorde uit die Bybel te vind oor kwessies waarmee mense in hul alledaagse lewens sukkel.
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Ek wil Weet is dit verkeert as jy n geskeide vrou trou?

Good day Pastors would you be so kind and explain the other feast in Leviticus 23 uit 'n baie warm Zambië, Kafue area. Sanet hier voorheen van Livingstone. Ek kry nie altyd op Dinsdae geluister nie maar vang op Potgooie. Ek het 'n vraag oor gebed wat dalk kan oorstaan…
21 Nov 46 min

What does the Bible say about the second Adam and even a third Adam

: Annetjie . Wynand vetduidelik asb.1Korintiers 15.45 ..tweede Adam 2: Ans Burger. Good morning Sirs In Genesis 1 God created the heavens and earth. Most of thefollowing verses starts with "Then God said"..- up to the 7thday s rest Genesis 2:7 ""and the LORD God formed man of the dust…
24 Oct 47 min

When a loved one died can i still pray for the salvation of his or her soul?

2 Cor 1:9-10 Multiple salvation What happens if ! have experienced salvation in my spirit, but if salvation in my soul leads to shipwreck and I die? Am I saved or not? Scripturally. Past and Wynand is hypnotherapy not biblical? To better handle and treat trauma. Thank you these and other interesting…
3 Oct 47 min

Can one lose one's salvation?

In 1 Corinthians 5:9, the topic of the church is discussed, specifically addressing the removal of two individuals engaged in sin and the prohibition of sharing meals with such a person. How can we apply the principles outlined in this text to our personal lives? Are these principles applicable beyond…
26 Sep 48 min

Can Christian couples sleep together before getting married?

lf God has sent you a promised man. is it still a sin for you to have sex before marriage Even though God joined you together" Good morning men. lf we are saved by putting our trustfeith in Jesus,. because we cannot be saved by works. Why then do we read the…
12 Sep 45 min

What happens in the after life to those who never heard about Jesus?

Matthew 1:1-16 the genealogy of Jesus… Abraham -Joseph.. 2Sam 7:12 the Davidic covenant God says I will raise up your offspring after you who shall come from your body and I will establish His Kingdom .. this is referring forward to the coming Christ. But Jesus did not come from…
5 Sep 47 min

Scriptural Not many churches are willing to help single mothers

Sad truth is that not many churches are willing to help single mothers because it is difficult when it comes to the men in church for they are married and the single men there is the issue of wanting a relationship. Shalom Jacqueline. .Wynand and Rocky.l am a woman in…
22 Aug 47 min

Hoe kan God n bose gees he is van die uitdagende vrae vandag

Kan iemand asb aan my verduidelik wat in 1 Samuel 19 : 9 stan. Ek is baie verward en verstaan nie hoe kan Ons Vader n bose gees hê nie. Why did the headcovering of woman in church disappear while it seems that the apostle Paul feels very strongly about a woman covering…
8 Aug 46 min

Op 21:1 Waarom sou die HEMEL "nuut gemaak" word ?

1) Please explain the "rapture", will this happen before Jesus returns? 2) Openbaring 9v16 is die leers van perde ruiters mense of geestelike wesens 3) Pastor, l have left the church where i was an elder because we don't have a Shepherd /Minister so we as church council took turns…
1 Aug 46 min

'n Eerlike gesprek oor verslawing aan pornografie

My man was vir jare verslaaf aan pornografie wat later gelei het tot 'n buite egtelike verhouding. Ek was so verlore en gebreek. Ons het by selgroep aangesluit en nadat hy by 'n mannekamp was het hy dit opgegee. Nou sien ek weer dat hy na hierdie goed kyk en…
18 Jul 44 min

If a Christian commits suicide do they still go to heaven?

If a Christian commits suicide do they still go to heaven.? Just one of many important questions from listeners. My question is what is your view on the sinners prayer is it Biblical? These and other questions will keep you glued to your seat as we search the Scriptures together
4 Jul 46 min
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