Citizen Justice Network Ficksburg Advice Centre and Setsoto FM

Ficksburg Advice Centre and Setsoto FM

Ficksburg Advice Centre is on the border with Lesotho. Nomaswazi Tshabalala is the founder and she is currently running the office. The radio partner is Setsotho FM.
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Nomaswazi Tshabalala on Global warming

Noma is talking about the negative impact of global warming on the current world and how as a citizen we can limit our contribution to it. She further shares how in the coming year global warming will affect us.
14 Jul 2022 19 min

The Youth of 1976

How to look back while we focus forward to the future of South African Youth.
29 Jul 2021 15 min

Why the Youth commit suicide

Why do young people commit suicide? Conversation between Noma Tshabalala from Ficksburg Community Advice Office and Padi Masupe from Setsoto FM
29 Jul 2021 17 min

Noma Tshabalala on Setsoto FM - Family Harmony at home

The covid-19 pandemic has introduced a new way of living within our families. Family members were forced to learn and tolerate one another. Some had to go through conflicts and arguments were which showed the differences that arise because of being in one space for a long time. But, how…
19 Apr 2021 20 min

Noma Tshabalala on Setsoto FM - Challenges faced by migrants

Ficksburg is located right next to the border gate of Lesotho and South Africa. This town is one of the areas in the country that faces a number of migrants coming from Lesotho seeking for better opportunities. Those without proper documentation end up facing challenges in living in the country…
9 Apr 2021 18 min