Citizen Justice Network Senzokuhle Advice Office and VOC FM

Senzokuhle Advice Office and VOC FM

Senzokuhle Advice Office is based in Hendrina, Mpumalanga Province. Lindiwe Martins is a project coordinator at the office and works with VOC FM.
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Lindiwe Martins on VOC - Foster Parent and Adoption

When both parents of a minor die, there are other routes that can be taken to make sure that the child has a proper home and their rights are upheld as indicated in the Children's Act. A child can be adopted or can live under foster care. However, these options…
8 Apr 2021 16 min

Lindiwe Martins on VOC FM - Wills and Testaments

Everybody dreams of harmony, peace during, and the afterlife. Over the years, we have come to realize that there are families who are in and out of courts fighting over the estates or properties of their loved one(s) who have passed on. Lindiwe Martins from Senzokuhle Advice Centre is in…
28 Jan 2021 17 min