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The Professional Plumber Podcast

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) is a trusted professional body, as recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), that works proactively to promote better plumbing practices in South Africa.

In these podcast episodes we will have interesting and informative conversations with industry experts, PIRB personnel, and also with other invited guests, with the intent to serve our registered plumbers through yet another exciting and convenient platform.

Learn more about who the PIRB is, what we do, and also listen to other interesting conversations regarding industry-related topics.

So sit back, relax, enjoy these episodes, and be sure to also connect with the PIRB on, and on Facebook or our other social media platforms.
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PPP EP109 - Saniflo

In today's episode, Willem catches up with Craig Miller from Saniflo to discuss what's been happening since their last podcast together, followed by an exciting product demo/showcasing.
16 Jul 41 min

PPP EP108 - Advanced Valves

In this episode, Willem chats with Richard Wiederhold, founder and owner of Advanced Valves, about their new and exciting products. During the show, Richard also does a few quick product demonstrations, showcasing the ingenuity behind their brand.
13 Jun 25 min

PPP EP107 - Novopress

In this episode, Willem sits down with Stephane Cloud, sales manager of Novopress South Africa, to discuss their brand, its footprint around the globe, and the process of establishing brand awareness in South Africa.
27 May 43 min

PPP EP106 - Compliance & Insurance

In this episode, Willem sits down with Herman Strauss, Audit Manager at the PIRB, to discuss compliance and insurance in the workplace. In many instances of insurance work, there are pre-existing non-compliances, and neither the insurance or the customer wants to pay for getting the installation compliant. What is the…
16 Apr 47 min

PPP EP105 - Rothenberger Tools

In today's episode, Willem sits down with Rothenberger MD Adler Tuebes to discuss their products, the innovation that goes behind manufacturing these products, as well as what value their products can add to the plumbers out there.
19 Mar 32 min

PPP 104 - Business (Leadership)

South Africa faces a leadership bankruptcy. People occupy leadership positions, but are either corrupt or incompetent, or they are not good leaders. They may even be leaders who lead well, but do not lead with good intentions. Leadership may start at the top, at government, but it filters right down…
22 Jan 43 min

PPP103 (Technical) - Taking Technical Initiative

Taking technical initiative - although it might sound strange, this is something that's really fascinating, and can be explored from many angles. However, "technical" is the word of the day, here. To be a plumber, one needs to be technical. But, what exactly does it mean to take technical initiative?…
9 Jan 47 min

PPP102 (Business) Feel Good Story - Plumber

It’s always nice to hear a success story, even if it is a story that is still in progress. Success stories give us hope, they inspire us, they plant a seed of ambition and a motivation to work toward our own success. In this episode, Willem is joined by Tiro…
12 Dec 2023 43 min

PPP E100 (Business) Becoming a Master Plumber

It is one thing for a plumber to attain their trade certificate, and another to gain years of experience in the trade, and perhaps starting their own successful plumbing company and creating employment opportunities for others. But is that the ceiling? Is that all that plumbers can be, or is…
14 Nov 2023 33 min

PPP E98 - Business (Budget)

In this episode, Willem is joined by Nomfundo Makhathini to discuss financial management, with specific focus on budget. Proper financial management isn't necessarily such a complex process. You don't need a financial background or qualification to manage your personal, or company's finances. In fact, there are a few simple, basic…
16 Oct 2023 35 min

PPP EP97 - Technical (How To Improve yourself)

In this episode, Willem and Richard will discuss the topic of "How To Improve Yourself" from a technical perspective. Richard will touch on his experience as a plumber out in the field, as well as from an auditing experience. Having the right mindset of wanting to improve yourself is what…
2 Oct 2023 32 min

PPP E96 - Business - Insurance (Liability Cover)

In this episode we again discuss insurance for your business, but with specific focus on cover for the things that you may legally be held liable for. Joining this episode is Mosidi Shomang, of South African Insurance Association (SAIA).
19 Sep 2023 39 min

PPP E95 - Technical (Dangers of Plumbing)

In as much as we have discovered over the last few technical episodes, plumbing is a complicated and knowledge-hungry profession. Notwithstanding that, at the end of the day one still needs to get physical and install the hardware. And because of this, plumbing can be a very dangerous profession. And…
4 Sep 2023 44 min

PPP E94 - Business (Understanding VAT)

There are many plumbers who start their own businesses or companies, others simply work for themselves. It is imperative that plumbers understand the taxes that apply to businesses, especially VAT. In this episode we will discuss VAT, what it is, why it is, and tips and advice for plumbing business…
22 Aug 2023 50 min

PPP E93 - Technical (Can Women Do Plumbing?)

In this episode, I’ll have a chat to a couple of lady plumbers. The question is; can women do plumbing? This is a burning question for many people, because not only is plumbing work quite complex and technical, but it also entails much physical labour. Joining me for this conversation…
7 Aug 2023 36 min

PPP E92 - Business (The Professional Body and Your Designation)

In this episode we’ll be discussing the industry professional body and your designation. Joining me for this conversation is Japie Nel, the Senior Manager: Registration and Recognition at SAQA, and Lea Smith, Chairperson of the Board of the PIRB.
25 Jul 2023 41 min

PPP E90 - Business - Standards and Regulations

Welcome to another business-orientated episode of the Professional Plumber Podcast. In this episode, we’ll be talking about Standards & Regulations pertaining to plumbing work and the plumbing industry.
27 Jun 2023 30 min
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