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Dwight Henry & Christpoint Church Pastors

Dwight Henry meets with Steve and Tina Qualls, Pastors of Christpoint Church in Sparta. They discuss their respective upbringings and the role that faith and church played in them, what brought them both to working in ministry, as well as what brought them to Christpoint Church, and how they became involved with the church.

Dwight Henry & Calvary Baptist Church Pastor

Dwight Henry talks with Delbert Oatsvall, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Cookeville. They discuss his story of how he came to the Lord at the young age of 10, how and when he felt the call to join the ministry, as well as his journey to becoming a pastor.

Dwight Henry & Marsh Chapel Pastor

Dwight Henry sits down with Founder of the Cookeville Rescue Mission, and longtime Pastor of Marsh Chapel, Larry Self. They discuss Marsh Chapel's connection to the Cookeville Rescue Mission, the mission that the two share, and the services that they provide to those in need, the story behind Marsh Chapel, and how it got its name, as well as what his years of service in the ministry has meant to him.

Caroline Moore & The Lives Of Community Organizers

Caroline Moore sits down with local community organizers and siblings Heather Thomas and John Bell. They discuss their childhood and the values that their parents instilled in them, how the two often end up working together despite having different jobs, the various jobs that they have gotten to work together on in the community, as well as what some of the needs and surprises of the community were that came up that the pair were not expecting when they first began working together.

Dwight Henry & Hope In Christ Fellowship Pastor

Dwight Henry meets with Steve Looper, Pastor of Hope In Christ Fellowship in Monterey. They discuss his early life growing up in a Christian home, how he came to start his own church in Monterey, as well as an overview of his chaplaincy work, how he got started, and what that role entails.

Caroline Moore & The Life Of A Boutique Owner

Caroline Moore meets with Sarah Collins, Owner of Poppie's Boutique in Cookeville. They discuss her early life, where her love of fashion comes from, what tent and barn sales are, and how she got her start through them, as well as how she manages owning multiple stores, and the importance of having a good team of employees.

Dwight Henry & Bethesda Church Associate Minister

Dwight Henry talks with Jamie Seals, Associate Minister at Bethesda Church. They discuss his early life and the role that faith played in his life growing up, what led him to come to serve at Bethesda Church, as well as what his role of Associate Minister at the church entails.

Caroline Moore & Meet Anna Dunn

Caroline Moore sits down with Anna Dunn, real estate agent, and owner of Soul Craft Coffee in Cookeville. They discuss her early life growing up in Cookeville, how and why she started Soul Craft Coffee, what it means to be a specialty coffee shop, and how she sources the coffee beans that are used in house.

Dwight Henry & The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Stake President

Dwight Henry meets with David Day, Stake President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Cookeville. They discuss the role that faith played in his life from a young age, his decision to become a missionary, his time in Taiwan as a missionary, and what that experience was like for him, as well as what the work of a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints entails.

Dwight Henry & Faith Family Church Pastor

Dwight Henry talks with Luke Hobbs, Pastor of Faith Family Church in Cookeville. They discuss his background, his family's faith growing up, his struggles with addition, how he came to the Lord, his journey into full time ministry, and how Faith Family Church came to be, and the progress that they've made on building a new church facility.

Caroline Moore & The Life Of A Dentist

Caroline Moore talks with Cookeville dentist Dr. Aaron Brooksbank. They discuss his time growing up in Cookeville, where his interest in dentistry comes from, the various locations that his dental training and education took him, what an average day at the office is like for him, and his plans to build and open his own practice in Cookeville.

Dwight Henry & Meet Pamela Walton Rader Pt 2

Dwight Henry continues to sit down with speaker, writer, and evangelist Pamela Walton Rader. They discuss the various books that she has authored, and what compelled her to write them, the topic of unconscious preparation, and how it applies to her becoming an author, as well as what it means to identify yourself in Christ, and what can be done through that identity.

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