ZiFM STEREO Zimbabwe Covid-19 Updates.

Zimbabwe Covid-19 Updates.

Zimbabwe, like every other country across the globe has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Information dissemination is very key during these times and as a multimedia hub, we make sure we put out important information government strategies. We also get into the communities to understand how they are living and give back that information to the relevant authorities for more informed decisions that will help everyone during these difficult times.
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18 Episodes

An investigation into Zimbabwe lockdown regulations.

Lockdowns across the world have been put in place to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, but in some cases people have been seen breaking the regulation. In the midst of the second lockdown, Mona-Lisa did an investigation on the role of the Police in Zimbabwe on the enforcement…
Season 1 / Episode 1 35 min

A Zimbabwe health expert warned of a more deadly Covid-19 third wave.

The more the virus continues to gain ground, the more it develops into a variant that can spread fast, according to Bulawayo based Professor Solwayo Ngwenya who warned the public of complacency which could lead the nation into a 3rd wave that could be more vicious.
Season 1 / Episode 6 5 min

Impact of Covid-19 on persons with disability in Zimbabwe.

We interrogated the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the community of persons with disability in terms of access to information and it was realized that majority are not aware of vital information about the pandemic.
Season 1 / Episode 7 13 min

Covid-19 and the operation of small scale miners in Zimbabwe.

Small scale miners are the biggest gold contributors in Zimbabwe. We got to understand how they're operations where affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and if government interventions made their work space safe and conducive.
Season 1 / Episode 8 24 min