The GIST is an Africa centric podcast aimed at creating new African narratives through disseminating key lessons and best practices from some of the continent’s leading entrepreneurs and businesses.

The GIST-podcast was birthed from a shared desire to showcase incredible companies and innovators on the African continent through a new lens. Having travelled the continent extensively, the founders have witnessed incredible businesses, many of which are not known outside of their geographic area of operation. This podcast offers a platform from which we can tap into this knowledge and pay it forward and educate and empower budding entrepreneurs, the youth, and others on how to think about some of the crucial aspects of this entrepreneurial journey.

Our belief is that successful entrepreneurship on the African continent will create many jobs and opportunities, while re-imagining and re-building the African story.

Every business we interview will showcase how they innovated, scaled to realise success.

We're excited to start this journey with you!

Buhle and Tatenda

This podcast is proudly supported by the Oxford Africa Business Alliance
Weekly English South Africa Business
9 Episodes

Thembani Biyam | OrderIn

This week we chat to Thembani Biyam, CEO of OrderIn, about leading dynamic teams, the role of an entrepreneurial mindset and successfully pivoting your business model in an ever changing business environment.
25 Oct 2021 36 min

Valentine Njoroge | Africa's Pocket

This week we speak to Valentine Njoroge Co-Founder and CEO of Africa's Pocket ( - A wealth management platform that enables Africans to build generational wealth. Your one-stop shop to learn about, plan for and act on your finances.
12 Oct 2021 42 min

Melvyn Lubega | Go1

In this week's episode, Buhle and Tatenda talk to Melvyn Lubega, the co-founder of Go1, an online education platform, and recent addition to the exclusive club of companies who have reached "Unicorn" status. Go1 is a world leader in online training and has been recognised as one of the world’s…
7 Sep 2021 36 min

Mid-season re-cap

In this episode Buhle and Tatenda reflect and take stock of the key lessons learned from guests so far this season and spill the gist about what you have to look forward to in this season’s remaining episodes.
23 Aug 2021 43 min

Chinedu Azodoh | MAX

In this episode, Chinedu Azodoh, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of MAX Africa speaks to the Gist about how MAX is building its innovative platform to disrupt mobility and last-mile delivery on the African continent.
10 Aug 2021 41 min

Neliswa Hare | SpringAge

In this episode, Neliswa Hare shares the gist on all things business, balance, and building a scalable niche offering!
19 Jul 2021 46 min

Josh Sandler | Lori

In this episode, Josh Sandler, CEO of Lorri Systems, shares the gist about the untapped haulage and logistics sectors in Africa and passing the leadership baton as he gets ready to step down as CEO
5 Jul 2021 32 min

Jehiel Oliver | Hello Tractor

In episode #1 of The Gist podcast, Jehiel Oliver, CEO of Hello Tractor speaks to hosts Buhle and Tatenda about his journey to develop and build Africa’s “Uber” for Farmers.
23 Jun 2021 33 min


In this episode, Buhle and Tatenda reflect on the state of youth in South Africa and the legacy that the class of 1976 has left for today's youth.
16 Jun 2021 9 min