The Marketing and Communications (MarComms) directorate aims to advance MUT’s mission and vision to all the University’s stakeholders through various communication and marketing channels with a strategic intent to elevate the profile, image and reputation of MUT both nationally and internationally.

We provide specialist professional services in the stakeholder relations management, marketing and communication disciplines. Our services are derived from our Integrated Marketing & Communications strategy and stakeholder mapping. Located within MarComms are two sections; Stakeholder Relations Management and Public Relations and Brand Management as well as event management.

Through sound stakeholder relations activities and proactive stakeholder stewardship programmes; MarComms has created a positive image for MUT and is continuously building goodwill from the stakeholders. This has resulted in various investments like sponsored programmes and brand equity. Toward this end, MarComms has been spearheading the Anchor Strategy which is now the underpinning MUT Strategy 2025.

Our work is measured on a continuous programme through Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs), web hits and various engagement programmes with strategic stakeholders.
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State of the University Address

Professor Marcus Ramogale,Acting Vice chancellor and principal Addressing the University at the State of the University Address at Bozzoli Hall
21 Aug 4AM 1 hr 09 min

2023 Graduation Nomfundo Mncoyi Zondo speech

MUT has honoured funeral services baroness and founder of Icebolethu Group at graduation. The University has honour Nomfundo Mcoyi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Icebolethu Group, by dedicating the Faculty of Management Sciences graduation to her in recognition of her contribution to the fields of entrepreneurship and business management.
18 Apr 4AM 10 min


# Work-Integrated Learning/Service learning. A case study of South London Bank University and MUT
24 Nov 2022 2AM 2 hr 16 min


The 3rd day of Iweek #Entrepreneurship in the global south
23 Nov 2022 2AM 1 hr 15 min


2nd day of Iweek Navigating partnership challenges and capitalising on opportunities
22 Nov 2022 2AM 1 hr 30 min


MUT Collaborations with speacial delegates speakers joined for the 2nd Annual Iweek 2022.
21 Nov 2022 2AM 1 hr 48 min

The hlanganani Midday show Lusanda Mnqayi had an Interview with Dr ML Sentsho

#KnowYourSelfEvaluationReport The Hlanganani Midday show Lusanda Mnqayi had an interview with Dr ML sentsho from the quality Management Directorate,speaking about the Institutional quality Audit and it own structure and proceses and sytems in place. a continuation of yesterday interview with Lusanda Mnqayi.
3 Nov 2022 6AM 11 min

The Hlanganani Midday show had an Interview with Dr ML Sentsho

#KnowYourSelfEvaluationReport #InstitutionalQualityAuditDrops The hlanganani Midaday show had an interview with Dr ML Sentsho explaining to us the new approach of this years Audit and the purpose of self evaluation and their focus area is on issues of governance and leadership support and the mythology and the ratting of the University…
2 Nov 2022 6AM 10 min


#NewEngineeringBuilding Mut Vice chancellor Prof Marcus Ramogale,Dr M Makua,Prof N Sibiya,Dr j van koller had a MEDIA BRIEFING sharing progress or development at MUT including gender equity:registration stats-number of females :female graduates :Female-led SRC :Females in Sports :Plans to tackle GBV :Employment Equity :Graduates employ- ability and WIL Dr M…
3 Oct 2022 6AM 43 min
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