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A weekly podcast discussing the strange and unusual. Taboo topics are covered in an entertaining and educating way.
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#28 I'm literally Obsessed with you_Stalkers

Hey, I got a new mic, yay me!! In this episode I talk about stalkers as requested by one of you! it is an absolutely terrifying topic and I would love to know if anyone has their own story to share?
12 Mar 2023 46 min

#27 A.I mazing Technology or evil overlords

Episode 27!! Or should we just start fresh and say episode 1 for 2023?? This one is about AI which I know is not technically taboo, but it is controversial.. Also, my mic broke so I recorded this from my laptop directly, and I don't think its the worst thing…
16 Feb 2023 37 min

#26, Dr H.H Holmes - Murderer and Fraudster: Part 2

Finally finished the debacle that is Dr H.H Holmes and all of his wild crazy schemes. In this episode I discuss how Holmes was caught and all his victims (Supposedly). Let me know what you think?
29 Sep 2022 1 hr 05 min

#25 Dr H.H Holmes - Murderer and Fraudster: Part 1

I am back BayBeee! And this episode I am bringing you Dr HH Holmes and His murder castle! Considered one of America's first serial Killers, Holmes was not only a murderer but an extreme fraudster who would do whatever it took to get what he wanted, which was money and…
1 Sep 2022 44 min

Catch up life update featuring the cats

So I haven't disappeared! I am still here. This is just a quick update into whats been happening in my life and what I have been doing while I haven't been doing episodes! So sorry that I have been a bit AWOL but I will be back soon!! Also this…
19 Jun 2022 19 min

#24, Ten Bizarre and Unfortunate deaths, Animal Edition!

We are getting Wild up in here! This week I will take you through 10 bizarre and unfortunate deaths that in some way involved an animal! Have you ever heard of a Cassowary? Do you pick up snails to move them out of the path like I do? Have you…
17 Mar 2022 27 min

#23, Keith Hunter Jesperson, the Happy Face Killer

Keith Hunter Jesperson was a disgusting bad man. He was a trucker in the 90s and he would kill prostitutes and he was just gross. He started writing letters to the press that he would sign off with happy faces, granting him the name "the happy face killer".
9 Mar 2022 58 min

#22, Dating Apps with Deets, Part 2

In this episode I chat with Deets, a guy I met on Tinder, about dating apps! Join us as we talk about dating apps, dating, and everything in between! This was recorded in his fancy studio, Old mountain studio, and its so profesh! We talk about safety issues on the…
3 Mar 2022 55 min

#21 Dating Apps with Deets, Part 1

In this episode I chat with Deets, a guy I met on Tinder, about dating apps! Join us as we talk about dating apps, dating, and everything in between! This was recorded in his fancy studio, Old mountain studio, and its so profesh! Does your vaccination status mean anything to…
24 Feb 2022 1 hr 03 min

#20 Oscar Pistorius, Bloody Valentine

This is a car recorded episode about the blade runner Oscar Pistorius and how he killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in 2013 on Valentine's Day by shooting at her through a closed toilet door. This tragedy was the talk of the nation for a very long time and it is…
18 Feb 2022 40 min

Bonus Episode! Valentines Day Tragedies

Welcome to my first bonus episode!! This one is dedicated to Lurv and tragedy that occurred on this day, February 14. Its a quick, fun episode and I hope that you enjoy it! please leave a rating and a review if you like it! #valentinesday
14 Feb 2022 22 min

#19 Polyamory, monogamy and everything in between

In this episode I have an interview with a guest (yes its my first interview you can tell by the awkwardness) about his lifestyle which is basically polyamory or as some people refer to it as ethical non monogamy. We talk about his experiences and pretty much a whole bunch…
7 Feb 2022 52 min

#18 Edmund Kemper, The Co-Ed Killer

Edmund Kemper, otherwise known as the Co-ed killer or the co-ed butcher was a 24 year old serial killer who dismembered his victims and then defiled their bodies. He targeted female students from Co-ed universities and he would pick them up while they hitch hiked. Come with me as I…
2 Feb 2022 51 min

#17 NXIVM, A Modern Day Sex Cult: Part 1

This one made me so angry! This "Business group" managed to destroy so many lives! Targeting people who wanted a better life, and turning them into zombies that worshipped the ground that Keith Reniere Walked on. Listen to me talk about the basics of the NXIVM group, and what they…
8 Dec 2021 1 hour

#16 Sexual Fetishes and Kinks part 2

Come learn about some sexual kinks and fetishes with me in Part 2 of Sexual kinks and fetishes! This is a judgement free zone, I am learning and I hope you learn some cool new things with me! I taker a deeper look at the ins and outs (lol) of…
29 Nov 2021 49 min

#15 Aleister Crowley, The Great Beast

Aleister Crowley was called the wickedest man in the world. He is considered to be an icon of rebellion. Born way before his time, come on this journey with me giving a brief summary of the life of the great beast.
19 Nov 2021 29 min

#14 Bizarre and Unfortunate Deaths Part 2

In Part 2 of Bizarre and Unfortunate Deaths I go through 10 really unfortunate and strange ways that people have died. Did you ever think that you could die from dancing? What about death by falling poodle? If you're interested in hearing more then listen to this episode!
16 Nov 2021 31 min

#13 Moses Sithole, the ABC Killer

In this episode I discuss the terrible dastardly crimes of Moses Sithole. He is best known as the ABC killer because his crimes mostly took place in Atteridgeville, Boksburg, and Cleveland in South Africa. This monster killed 38 people, and he raped at least 40 women, most of these rape…
13 Nov 2021 54 min

#12 The Dark Strangler: Part 2

I cover the last few of Earle Leonard Nelson's horrific murders as well as how he was caught. Otherwise known as the Dark strangler, Earle Nelson murdered at least 22 people over a 16 month period in the 1920s. He would use the room for rent as a way to…
28 Oct 2021 1 hr 03 min

#11 The Dark Strangler: Part 1

Earle Leonard Nelson, otherwise known as the Dark Strangler was one of America's first known serial killers back in the 1920s. He had a crazy early life, and then went on to commit some of the most horrendous acts of violence of all time. He had over 20 known victims,…
18 Oct 2021 1 hr 15 min
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