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The drive to work has just become a little less stressful. Jacques will give you many reasons to laugh!
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Worst tenants ever!?!?!?

Broken light fixtures? Sure. A cupboard door missing? Understandable. BUT AN ENTIRE MARIJUANA FARM!? When Charles went to his property to find out why his tenants hadn't paid their rent, he got MORE than he bargained for!!!
24 Jun 4 min


The UN predicts that half the world's languages will be gone by the year 2100. In an effort to preserve these languages, Nickelodeon Africa is dubbing shows into local African languages! The latest: Spongebob in Afrikaans!
11 Jun 3 min

Jamie Fine on the Breakfast Lab!

Who does Jamie miss most when she's on tour!? What is her song writing process and her pre-show ritual!? What's up with those DIRTY Canadian Town Names!? What does Jamie, as a Canadian, think of her fellow countrymen Nickelback!? I had the absolute pleasure of having a talk (via a…
31 May 11 min

Ziggy Alberts on The Breakfast Lab

Jacques caught up with Australian Singer/Songwriter Ziggy Alberts to talk about his brand new song "New Love", upcoming music, and what do Australians ACTUALLY throw on the barbie!
1 May 8 min

Wine points at a marathon..!?

The London Marathon happened nou-die-dag! Tom Gilbey, a wine merchant had himself a glass of wine for every mile ran... 26 miles = 25 glasses! But what about that last glass? Champagne to celebrate!!!
26 Apr 2 min

Calamari near a pig farm? No thanks!!!

Be cautious of: 1. Calamari NOWHERE near the coast... 2. Places that have Calamari when no one else does 3. Calamari restaurants near pig farms…
18 Apr 3 min

Wackhead Simpon on the Breakfast Lab

The LEGEND Darren "Wackhead" Simpson from KFM Breakfast found himself in the Land of the Brave for Wika! Of course we had to snag before any other station did! And of course... we had to hit him up with a welcome song as the Breakfast Lab does…
15 Apr 20 min

INTERVIEW: Katja Pieters of "Op My Eish"

Last night Katja had her heart broken on KykNet's "Op My Eish..." Sies on you Brendan! We caught up with her to find out what's next, is there any gossip to tell, and what her breakup song is!!!
5 Apr 9 min

The Deacon - The "Final" Interview

After 76 years in Radio, David Bishop aka The Deacon is calling it a day! Lets be real, no one ever truly leaves radio hence it being the "final" interview! Listen how he got his start, his favourite moment, and what he's up to next!
28 Mar 13 min

You're a dic... a dic... a dic...

...ted to Facebook! Remember the great FB blackout of 2024!? If you were angry (or sad) about it, do I have news for you!!! And what better way to deliver news, than in song form!!!
12 Mar 1 min

Life hacks: Dog Poop & Ribbons

Forgo the shopping embarrassment with a simple ribbon, and getting laughed at while picking up Spot's poop? Not anymore!!! Jacques' life hacks!
15 Feb 1 min
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