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The drive to work has just become a little less stressful. Jacques will give you many reasons to laugh!
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Meth Rules - A legal baby name in Australia!?!?!?!?

In Australia, journalist Kirsten Drysdale, began investigating what you can legally change your baby’s name to... Calling them "Saint" is a HECK NO!!! But naming them "Meth Rules" might just be accepted…
21 Sep 4 min

The Sound of Sinus (A Musical Number)

Sinus Sufferers (and those that laugh at us): A song for you! Music: Simon and Garfunkel Lyrics: A pile of medication No copyright infringement intended. Purely for entertainment purposes.
8 Sep 2 min


These old rivals go head to head this Saturday in the Namibia Rugby Union, Premier League Finals!!! I caught up with United's JD Nel and Wanderers' Anton Steenkamp ahead of the game!
31 Aug 8 min


I got censored!!! All thanks to management and A.I!? I'm innocent in this all! Have a listen and YOU be the judge!
18 Aug 5 min

Meet Allen: Piano like you've never heard it!

Meet Allen Tambrescu! A phenomenal pianist, and dare I say it... a prodigy! Allen started playing piano when the lockdown started, but when you hear him play, you would think he's been playing since he was old enough to reach the keys! Allen recently travelled to New York where he…
19 Jul 8 min

Omeya Golf Estate! The place to be!

We caught up with Jaco van Reenen, the General Manager of Omeya Golf Estate. Love golf!? Or... Need to move out in nature, but still need to be close to town!? Jaco might have the answer…
30 Jun 7 min

NAM EDITION - We Didn't Start The Fire

Seeing as Fallout Boy redid Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" to include more recent events, I thought... What about a Namibian version!? Fishrot Six, Common Sense, and these trains that keep going off the tracks!!! We've got 'em all!
30 Jun 1 min

Ivan the A**hole!!!

Italy... home to amazing food, the leaning tower of Pisa, Pompeii, the Coliseum, and Ivan's, (a tourist and all round clown) vandalism... If caught, things can get QUITE pricey!!!
28 Jun 2 min

Atheletic LEGENDS in studio!

Athletics coach LEGEND, Henk Botha brought along some friends this morning! Visually impaired Chris, and his guide Kelvin, are off to the Para World Championships in July, in France! And oh... Chris is number 1 in the world, in his 400 meter category!
21 Jun 10 min

How to NOT skip work!!!

Just use the old "my stomach doesn't feel well" excuse... whatever you do, DON'T do what Isaias did to get out of work!!!
20 Jun 3 min
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