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19 July - 1 pm news

Bankers Association CEO says customers remain unaware of benefits. Lupita Nyong’o visits Namibia as De Beers ambassador. Kagame wins the Rwanda election with 99% vote. And...Air France impacted by IT outage.
19 Jul 7AM 3 min

19 July-8am news

#Urgent Call By Blood Transfusion Services For Donations as Stocks Reach Critically Low Levels ....... #Ursula von der Leyen Re-Elected as EU President: Implications for Namibia .... #South Africa's president President Cyril Ramaphosa Commits to Sustainable Economic Growth #Heavy Rains Cut Off Key Supply Route to Sudan's Darfur Region ...and…
19 Jul 12AM 3 min

19 July-7am news

#Ursula von der Leyen Re-Elected as EU President: What This Means for Namibia ....... #Blood Transfusion Services Urgently Calsl for Blood Donations Amid Critically Low Stocks #S.A's President Cyril Ramaphosa Unveils Strategic Priorities for Next Five Years #Nigeria Agrees on New Minimum Wage Amid Cost of Living Crisis ...and #…
19 Jul 12AM 4 min

18 July - Top Stories

Windhoek ranks 7th in Africa for high crime rates uMkhonto weSizwe confirmed as the official opposition in SA Parliament WFP commits N$100 million for Namibian food initiatives.
18 Jul 1PM 4 min

18 July - 5 pm news

Windhoek ranks 7th in Africa for high crime rates. Marshall Rangers launch coastal safety program. South African union condemns Eswatini sentences. And...Italian authorities investigate Armani and Dior.
18 Jul 11AM 3 min

18 July - 1 pm news

7th SADC Industrialisation week begins in Harare. ZAPU criticizes the Zimbabwe Government's involvement in the Gukurahundi process.  And...World marks Nelson Mandela International Day.
18 Jul 7AM 4 min

18 July-7am news

#Sanlam Sponsors N$75,000 for Agra Weaner Championship Series #UNAM Professor Criticizes Overpayment of Senior Government Officials #Tonight’s opening of South Africa's Parliament will take place in the Cape Town City Hall #TotalEnergies Sells Minority Stake in Nigerian Onshore Oil JV for $860 Million...and #U.S President Biden catches Covid
18 Jul 2AM 3 min

18 July-8am news

#UNAM Professor Calls for Austerity Measures for Overpaid Senior Government Officials #Sanlam Sponsors Agra Weaner Championship Series with N$75,000 .... #In S.A, Former president Jacob Zuma’s ANC disciplinary hearing has been postponed to next week Tuesday #Zimbabwe Commits to Backing New Currency with Reserves ...and # Jack Smith appeals dismissal…
18 Jul 2AM 3 min

17 July - Top Stories

Government denies visa extension for Ugandan King. Call for ECN to engage political stakeholders fairly. And...ANC moves forward with disciplinary steps against Jacob Zuma.
17 Jul 1PM 3 min

17 July - 5 pm news

UNICEF calls for quality education in Namibian classrooms. Government denies visa extension for Ugandan King. SA delegation to visit US amid AGOA review.  And...King Charles opens a new session of the UK Parliament.
17 Jul 11AM 4 min

17 July - 1 pm news

Call for ECN to engage political stakeholders fairly. IMF projects Namibia's GDP growth to slow to 3.6% in 2024. SA’s Ramaphosa expected to address the opening of Parliament.  And...Israeli Defence Force claims it has eliminated half of Hamas’ leadership.
17 Jul 7AM 3 min

17 July-8am news

#Economics Researcher discusses Microprudential Oversight Committee's Crucial Role Amid Namibia's Financial Challenges ....... #Namibia Ranks 9th in Africa for AI Readiness, According to IMF 2024 Report .... #KwaZulu-Natal premier says due to the magnitude and frequency of disasters, the province is financially constrained # Sudan Conflict Displaces Over 10 Million,…
17 Jul 1AM 3 min

17 July-7am news

#Namibia Ranks 9th in Africa for AI Readiness, IMF Report Reveals #Analyst Talks Examining Of Microprudential Oversight Committee Amid Financial Struggles #S.A's Automobile Association reports minor changes in fuel prices for next month #Renewed Anti-Government Protests in Kenya Result in Fatality ...and #Iranian plot to assassinate Trump revealed
17 Jul 1AM 3 min

16 July - Top Stories

NSA says eligible voters have reached 1.67 million. Krumhuk organic farming methods combat drought.
16 Jul 1PM 4 min

16 July - 5 pm news

Demand for credit increases, with nearly all consumers (94%) considering access to credit essential. Zimbabwe launches Gukurahundi massacre hearings. The DA opposes the push for the expropriation of land without compensation. And...Europe is not happy with Donald Trump's running mate.
16 Jul 11AM 3 min

16 July - 1 pm news

NSA says eligible voters have reached 1.67 million. Auditor-General hosts Civil Society Organisations info session. Western Cape declared a disaster area after extreme weather. And...French President to chair cabinet meeting amid political deadlock.
16 Jul 7AM 3 min

16 July-8am news

#Namibian Trade Union Raises Resource Access and Worker Issues at UN ....... #Roads Authority Issues Alert for Blasting Operations on Windhoek-Rehoboth Road .... #S.A's Transport minister says her first task in the seventh administration is to stabilise the transport system #Nigeria and UAE Agree to Resume Travel Amid Currency Settlement…
16 Jul 12AM 3 min

16 July-7am news

#Roads Authority Issues Alert for Blasting Operations on Windhoek-Rehoboth Road ....... # Namibian Trade Unionist Advocates at UN for Resource Access Amidst Rising Poverty #South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has emphasised the need for substantial investments in sustainable infrastructure #Suspected Serial Killer Arrested in Kenya After Confessing to 42 Murders…
16 Jul 12AM 3 min

15 July - Top Stories

Ghenno Himarwa pays tribute to his late wife, former Education Minister, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa. Road accident deaths decrease by 30% in 4 years. And...European leaders react to Donald Trump assassination attempt.
15 Jul 1PM 4 min

15 July - 5 pm news

Namcor urged to focus strategy on Green Hydrogen. Namibia see’s an uptick in African tourist arrivals. SA’s Ramaphosa calls for decisive climate action to deal with challenges. And...Will Trump gain sympathy votes after attack? We speak to an expert.
15 Jul 11AM 4 min
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