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Gender based Violence is a pandemic in South Africa. In 2018, our president admitted that we are in a crisis and received the #24demands from the total shutdown movement.

GBV occurs in all communities, and across all demographics. In this episode, Witsie, Rosie Motene, talks about her experience with GBV as a survivor, activist and counsellor.
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Ending erasure is another way of preventing violence

Unlearning the toxic and patriarchal ideologies of discriminating against humans is being discussed in this episode. The I in LGBTQI is often misunderstood, so in this podcast, Rosie Motene chats with Peace Maquba, Founding Director of Intersexions, a young, queer, civil society organisation based in Johannesburg. Their work focuses on…
25 Nov 2021 18 min

What are the legalities around GBV?

In this episode, Rosie Motene unpacks the legalities around GBV and converses with Megan Jane Wentzel from Fember Attorneys Incorporated. The conversation gives insight into opening a protection order, the timelines for opening a case of gbv and the role of the National Prosecutor Authority (NPA). Megan Jane Wentzel is…
26 Oct 2021 18 min

Understanding rape culture

In this episode, Rosie Motene looks at what rape culture is and where the term originated. The podcast unpacks examples of rape culture and how it exists, and why we must end this social norm. We learn that rape culture is when sexual violence is treated as a social norm…
21 Sep 2021 13 min

The crisis of Gender Based Violence in South Africa

Gender- based violence is a pandemic in South Africa. According to the Africa Health Organisation, 51% of women in South Africa say they have experienced gender- based violence, with 76% of men saying they've perpetrated gender-based violence at one stage in their lives. In this episode Rosie Motene, a Witsie,…
25 Aug 2021 10 min