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BrandStudio24 | Be Brave Mzansi Song

It's time for all South African residents young and old to share in the joy as we embark on the journey to rebuild. For some, it will be a dance of remembrance, a dance of survival for others and a dance of hope for many – but a dance of fun for all. Take inspiration from the internationally acclaimed Ndlovu Youth Choir from the hills of Limpopo as they challenge you to learn the Dance of Brave to their newly launched song, We Will Rise, and share in the joy across South Africa.
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Dance of Brave | We Will Rise

Don't get left behind. Join in the fun as The Ndlovu Youth Choir kicks off the easy-to-follow dance challenge! Get the whole family involved and shake off your dancing shoes and enter the Dance of Brave challenge by simply following the below tutorial. Get moving to the inspiring song and…
6 Sep 2021 1 min