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Community affairs

Chief Walaula from the department of GBV in the Namibian Police force , talking on Rape
18 Jan 1PM 36 min


We spoke to Gazza concerning the performance he did with King TEE DEE for the first time time ever since 18yrs a go
26 Sep 2022 1PM 9 min

Africa day with Mr Lickson

Mr Licksom Hamutenya is a HOD at Omuthiya Iipundi SSS, He has explained about the day, when it started, how it was changed and who were involved in bringing a change.
27 May 2022 2PM 26 min

Mr Silas Kishi

Legal matters With Mr Silas Kishi a Legal practitioner explaining of the 1, Types of courts 2, What is an appeal 3, Different kinds of appeals and time frames to lodge application
16 May 2022 2PM 24 min

Chief Walaula

Chief Walaula from the Police ,department of GBV, tgiving more info on the risk of withdrawing cases
9 Mar 2022 1PM 20 min

Community Affair With Chief Walaula

Chief Walaula from the Police ,department of GBV , speaking about photograph and exposing each other as lover or when love is no more
24 Feb 2022 10AM 27 min

Okanyanga Kam'tyakemo

Interview with Mr Kashani Tuutaleni, on how to prepare Om'nyaula, something that Kwaluudhi tribe usually eat.
16 Feb 2022 4AM 31 min

Tate Sacky

Oshipopiwa kombinga yepitemo lyokanona mondunda part 3
22 Sep 2021 3AM 3 min

Tate Sacky

Oshipopiwa kombinga yepitithemo lyokanona mondunda
22 Sep 2021 3AM 4 min

Tate Sacky

Oshipopiwa kombinga yepitithemo lyo kanona mondunda.
22 Sep 2021 3AM 5 min