Asifundisane is a show dedicated to preparing high school learners for life inside higher education. We look at the issues affecting matriculants when they enter higher institutions and discuss some of the choices they could face when leaving high school. Our purpose is to ensure that they have the necessary information about what is happening in the South African Education sector and their options.
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It has become even more evident that many people consider NSFAS as the only source of funding for tertiary education. Not many people even consider looking for bursaries or to even apply for them and that has caused a massive strain on the NSFAS system causing more funding problems. In…
17 Nov 2021 27 min


In the month of October, we saw the country celebrate the National Teachers Awards and the National Teachers Day. So we decided to do a show to celebrate the impact that teachers have on their learners. This show features a recording from president Ramaphosa addressing teachers at the awards ceremony…
17 Nov 2021 30 min

EP 5: Class of 2021

Dropout rate has always been a problem in South Africa, and with trial exams almost finished some learners when they see how they have performed, It may discourage them. It was recently recorded that an estimate of 750,000 children may have dropped out in our schools because of the Covid…
12 Nov 2021 23 min

EP 4: Financial guidance

Financial guidance has been spoken about a lot lately, with many people realizing how it's essential to implement it in schools at an early age. It is something that black communities still struggle to understand, how they can use the money to empower their communities. Even university or college students…
9 Nov 2021 27 min

EP 3: Slow Reaction of Government

The current education system in South Africa is still challenged by many, as public school improvement is still questioned. Many still complain that it is disadvantageous to them when they reach higher institutions; some even make wrong career decisions because the information is limited, which increases the unemployment rate of…
9 Nov 2021 27 min

EP 2: Gap Years

Not so many people are lucky when they finish matric and go straight into higher institutions. Some experience troubles with finances, finding a school, choosing the right career for themselves, and some want to take a break. So in our episode, we look at what a gap year is, what…
2 Nov 2021 27 min

EP 1: Preparing for the future

We started looking at the national student financial aid scheme (NSFAS) to kick off our first show. We asked matric learners what they know about NSFAS; university students' experience with NSFAS since it has been turned into a bursary scheme. We also discussed a telephone conversation with Ms. Thami Matiwana…
29 Oct 2021 48 min