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If it's interesting, Nicole is all about it. The Feel Good Drive with Nicole da Silva is every weekday from 3-6PM. She promises a fun, engaging and judgment free zone. Staying in touch with the community, cool lifestyle trends and venues and fun chats are also part of the package.
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GrapevineConnect Ep 12: Tarryn Knight - Head of Marketing, PR & Product at Audi SA

Tarryn directs the product portfolio and marketing campaigns of the Audi brand in South Africa. By marrying her love of powerful brand purpose to her passion for effective communication, she’s been blessed with invaluable experience across the complete chain of marketing. Key in these undertakings has been the management of…
2 Apr 31 min

Interview: Mina Guli - Water Activist

Global water activist, Mina Guli, was in Cape Town, to celebrate World Water Day the only way she knows how, by raising awareness for the dire world-wide water crisis that we are facing by doing a run/ walk in Sea Point, joined virtually by followers all over the world. Nicole…
22 Mar 10 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 10: Dominique Ramos - Founder and MD of StratFinn

Dominique Ramos is the Managing Director & Founder of Strategic Finance (StratFinn.com) an accounting and tax practice based in the North of Johannesburg. Domonique is a seasoned entrepreneur, business owner, and accomplished tax specialist with a proven track record of a decade-long tenure in the finance industry. Proficient in diverse…
19 Mar 31 min

Future Tech 14 March: Dr Yves Matanga - Data Scientist

In a world driven by data, understanding the buzzwords is key. Meet Data Scientist, Dr Yves Mtanga, our guest on #FutureTech. Dr Matanga helps us better understand the tech jargon we hear all the time, but don't understand in conversation with Nicole da Silva. #ALX #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #TechinAfrica
14 Mar 14 min

Interview: Italtile bring power back to Sandton intersection

Nicole chats to Deon Grimbeek, Group Properties Project Manager for Italtile Ltd and Nicole Russell, Marketing Manager for Italtile Retail to get the story behind Italtile restoring power to the traffic lights at the intersection of Winnie Mandela Dr and Peter Place #Italtile #Community #FeelGood
13 Mar 11 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 9: Kimberley Taylor - CEO and Founder of Loop

Kim is a South African businesswoman and the founder of the online delivery software platform called Loopa custom-fit cloud-based delivery platform. She launched Loop (previously known as Cowa Bunga) in 2016 which has proven to be a disruptor across the African continent with its uniquely developed tech that solves real…
12 Mar 33 min

Future Tech 7 March: Divest Sooka, GM of ALX

Divesh delves into a groundbreaking initiative called The ALX Ventures Academy, which is designed to support startups with mentorship, networking opportunities, and so much more and... it's FREE! #ALX #StartUps #Mentorship #DiveshSooka
7 Mar 12 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 8: Hennie Heymans - CEO of DHL Express for Sub-Saharan Africa

Hennie Heymans currently oversees a team of 4000+ professionals across 51 countries. He joined DHL Express over twenty years ago as Direct Business unit manager for South Africa. From there he held various roles within the organisation, including Managing Director for Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (CENIO). He…
5 Mar 27 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 7: Shanee Orbach- Co-founder of Jujami

JUJAMI is the brainchild of Shanee Orbach and Ravi Gutkin – a brother / sister duo with a combined 40 years experience in the diamond industry. Their passion for luxury originates in their diamond and jewellery roots where they were immersed in the powerful emotions triggered by interaction with beauty,…
27 Feb 22 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 5: Isaac Lugudde-Katwe - Sports & Entertainment Executive

Isaac has lead the development & execution of strategic partnerships & business opportunities in the sports and entertainment space for many years. His networking was integral in seeing that Global Citizen occurred in South Africa. Having spent time as an exec in Roc Nation Sports in South Africa (full-service global…
13 Feb 29 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 4: Brandon Fairweather - Brand Manager of Biogen

Brandon's main priority is creating, building and protecting credible brands and projects through sincere relationships and authentic actions. He enjoys meeting and interacting with people and adding value in whatever way possible - something he gets a lot of opportunity to do everywhere their brand goes. His philosophy about work…
6 Feb 28 min

GrapevineConnect Ep 3: Jono Leaf-Wright - CEO of Lions Cricket

Jono is the CEO of Lions Cricket and a well-known individual in the sporting world. From talent scout to coaching, Jono has also assisted the Royal Challengers in previous IPL’s, so he's seen the industry at all levels. He’s an astute businessman and entrepreneur with an amazing network - thanks…
30 Jan 21 min
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