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Bible Perspective looks at aspects of life through clear, Biblical lenses with Pastor David de Bruyn.
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Biblical living #10 - Depression

Depression can be a stubborn darkness. Does the Bible record people who were depressed? What are the symptoms of true depression? We consider these topics from God’s Word.
14 Jul 24 min

Biblical living #8 - Guilt

Guilt can haunt a person. Sins in the past have a way of dogging our heels. What should we do when our past is soiled with shame, regret and guilt? The Bible gives us six things not to do, and three things to replace them with.
30 Jun 25 min

Biblical living #7 - Dealing with the past - Part 2

What should we do when we have suffered in the past, and are now filled with regret, doubt, or bitterness? Six biblical principles help us to respond to our past, when have suffered innocently, but responded sinfully to that suffering.
23 Jun 24 min

Biblical living #6 - The past - part 1

The past can either be motivation to do right in the present, or something that haunts and harms our present. How should we think about the past? What should we do with our past if it is filled with pain, regret or shame? The Bible has much to teach on…
16 Jun 24 min

Biblical living #5 - Pressure and stress

Stress, pressure and high-demand living are part of modern life. Many live with physical and mental maladies caused by wrongly-handled stress. Does the Bible guide us regarding pressure and stress? Several biblical principles teach us how to handle stress rightly.
9 Jun 25 min

Biblical Living #4 - worry Part 2

Can we replace worry with something better? The Bible shows us four replacements for worry that will fill the heart with peace and productivity.
2 Jun 25 min

Biblical Living #3 - worry Part 1

Worry plagues so many hearts. What does the Bible say about worry? Why do we worry incessantly? Jesus told us what worry really is.
26 May 23 min

The truth about anger

Anger is one of those sins everyone does, but few see as a problem. Yet anger, like fire, destroys. The Bible has much to teach on how to overcome and defeat sinful anger.
19 May 25 min

Navigating forgiveness the Biblical way

Forgiveness can be a real puzzle. How do we sort out who is wrong, who must approach first, and how to give and receive forgiveness. The Bible has much to say on this kind of biblical living.
12 May 25 min

A masterclass on the Christian life

A masterclass is a class given by an expert. What if there were a masterclass on the Christian life? Would you attend? There was such a class, and it is found in John 13-17.
5 May 24 min

How not to be a false Christian

Judas is a study in how to condemn yourself. He was so close to the light, and mercy and grace were extended to him till the very last moments of his treachery. From Judas, we can learn how not to be a false Christian, masking the inner emptiness with outward…
28 Apr 24 min

The Servant-King

The surprising message of the Gospel is that God must serve us before we can serve Him, we must receive from Him before we can give to Him, we must be the beneficiaries and He the Benefactor. We see this is the amazing episode of Jesus washing the feet of…
21 Apr 23 min

The last invitation

The Bible sometimes has summary verses, or summary sections, where it compresses and distills truth into concentrated form. In John 12:37-50 have here a great opportunity to do an X-Ray on what is really going on in unbelief. Here we learn Why Some Do Not Believe, and Why You Must…
7 Apr 23 min

The Two Gardens

The fate of humanity was settled in two gardens. In one garden, a man chose a kind of life that brought death. In another garden, a man chose a kind of death that brought life.
31 Mar 22 min

What did the crown of thorns mean?

What did the crown of thorns mean? Though some anonymous Roman soldiers thought they were being funny and thought they were great heroes when they put the crown of thorns on Christ's head, little did they know that they were being used to communicate powerful gospel truth. Today, as we…
24 Mar 23 min

The Humble Glory of the Cross

Glory is either obtained selfishly through pride, or sacrificially, through humility. In a fallen world, there must be death before life, self-surrender before victory. Jesus taught this as He explained the paradox of the Cross.
17 Mar 24 min

Extravagant Devotion or Extraordinary disdain

The anointing of Jesus’ feet by Mary and the negative reaction by Judas illustrates two classes of people: those who have extravagant devotion for God, and those who have extraordinary disdain for Him. We can quickly tell which we are by comparing ourselves with them, in John 12.
3 Mar 23 min
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