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Bible Perspective looks at aspects of life through clear, Biblical lenses with Pastor David de Bruyn.
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Evidence and unbelief

“Many think that belief in God and the gospel depends on reasons and evidence. Jesus, however, shows that in spite of five irrefutable lines of evidence, people still rejected Him. He then exposes the real heart of why people don’t believe.”
26 Nov 23 min

Equality, Unity and Distinction in God

Does the Trinity really matter? Or is it a complicated, theoretical teaching with no practical benefit? When Jesus taught in John 5, He explained that the very meaning of “God” is at stake if we do not understand the ideas of the tri-une God.
19 Nov 21 min

The working Word

Many people spend their lives in passivity, waiting for life to happen to them. The lame man healed by the pool of Bethesda illustrates how we should respond to the voice of God, instead of wasting our lives merely waiting for life to happen to us.
12 Nov 22 min

True Worship

The worship wars rage around us? What is true worship? Fortunately Jesus taught us with three indisputable principles in John 4:21-24
5 Nov 24 min

Trusting the words of the Word

Why doesn’t God dazzle us with sky-writing and unmistakable miracles? Why does God tend to speak softly, and expect us to trust His Word, rather than signs? We see the answer in how Jesus healed a nobleman’s son in John 4
29 Oct 20 min

Apologetics- The Problem of Evil #2

When people object to the Christian faith, they often raise the objection of why God allows so much evil in the world. Having already considered some incomplete answers to this problem, we consider six satisfying truths from Scripture that help us tackle this difficult topic.
15 Oct 22 min

How could a good God allow so much evil in the world?

“When defending the Christian faith, Christians are often asked, “How could a good God allow so much evil in the world?” How should Christians answer the problem of evil? In this programme, we consider ten weak or incomplete answers to the problem of evil.”
8 Oct 23 min

Apologetics - Resurrection of Christ

Christianity rises and falls on one historical event: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If this event did not take place, then Christianity cannot be true. If it did take place, it must be true, and its exclusive claims are also true.
1 Oct 22 min

Apologetics 6 - The reliability of Scripture

Why should Christians stake their lives on the Bible? Are the Christian Scripture reliable? We consider the historical, textual, and internal accuracy of the Bible in this episode.
17 Sep 21 min

Apologetics 5 - God's Existence

Should we try to prove God’s existence? Or should we assume God’s existence and see what follows? Christians that debate non-believers should understand the pros and cons of trying to prove God’s existence to others
10 Sep 21 min

Apologetics 4 - Dismantling Unbelief

“Should Christians be the ones on the back-foot when it comes to explaining our faith? What if Christians expected non-believers to give an account for their worldview? We might find that the non-Christian is secretly borrowing from a Christian worldview to make his worldview work.”
3 Sep 21 min

Apologetics - what an unbeliever needs

Some people think that those rejecting God need proofs and evidences to persuade them. On the contrary: the unbeliever needs to be confronted with how much he borrows from Christianity in order to make his own rejection of God seem plausible
27 Aug 21 min

Apologetics - how do people know

“Since apologetics is defending the Christian faith, giving proofs for the faith, and going on the offense against unbelieving thoughts, it is important to understand how the Bible describes knowledge, knowing, and truth. If we misunderstand how unbelievers think and reason, we may be in the position of using music…
20 Aug 21 min

How do we know Christianity is true?

“How do we know Christianity is true? How do we answer objections to the faith? How can we demonstrate that false philosophies are misleading? We begin a series on apologetics: the defence and vindication of Christianity.”
13 Aug 23 min

Acceptable sources of theology outside of the Bible

The Bible alone” sounds like the right way to approach the truth. And it is. However, when studying the Bible for good doctrine, we end up using several other sources or tools to rightly understand the Bible. We consider several of those
6 Aug 22 min

Why are there so many churches?

Why are there so many churches? Why are there so many denominations? Some of the answer has to do with how people do theology, and in particular, how they use the Bible. We consider a good theological method for weighing texts together.
30 Jul 21 min

Who needs theology?

Does doctrine divide? Actually, everyone is a theologian, and everyone needs theology. Find out why
23 Jul 21 min

Soul hunting in Samaria

“Many find evangelism intimidating. We learn best by observing how it is done. Jesus’ evangelism of the Samaritan woman in John 4 is like watching a master-class in evangelism, and encourages us all to begin.”
16 Jul 26 min
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