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Unbelievable Unbelief

Have you ever wondered why some people, with all the evidence in front of them for God's existence, for the historicity of the Christian faith, or for the miraculous nature of the Bible, will still obstinately reject it? Perhaps you have wondered why the Jewish leaders did not accept Christ…
25 Feb 23 min

The Lord of life and death

Whoever can conquer death is surely the greatest Man to ever live. To remove the danger of death is to be truly the Lord of life itself. The account in John 11 reveals the ultimate sign that Jesus gave of His identity: the raising of Lazarus.
18 Feb 24 min

The Father and the Son are One

What do God’s people believe about Jesus? Jesus taught that His sheep believe what he said of Himself, which was a staggering claim of deity.
11 Feb 21 min

Religion or Relationship

Religion is not the same as relationship. Religion taxes us, often leaves us lonely, and is filled with self-interest. Jesus, on the other hand, taught that a relationship with Him brings life, personal knowledge, and abundance.
4 Feb 24 min

Spiritual Sight

Many who are blind can actually see, and many who see are really blind. This paradox refers to how physical sight is often accompanied by inner, spiritual blindness. When Jesus healed a blind man, it became a living illustration of how some cannot see with their eyes, while others, can…
28 Jan 24 min

Who's your Father ?

Most people today would claim to be God’s children, or somehow part of God’s universal family. Jesus, however, taught that there are two spiritual families in the world, and showed us three marks of being in God’s family
21 Jan 24 min

Light and Freedom

It's difficult, discouraging and dangerous to have little or no physical sight. But it is equally, if not more difficult, discouraging and dangerous to have little to no spiritual sight. But it doesn't have to be that way. There is a way to see reality as it really is, to…
14 Jan 24 min

How to deal with guilt

A huge part of life is people fleeing from guilt. The way people deal with guilt is a massive feature of human behaviour. They are either amusing themselves to death, trying to turn the music up so loud that they can’t hear the accusation anymore. There is only one who…
7 Jan 24 min

The Flight From Truth

Why did God not make Himself so obvious that no one could flee from the truth? Why didn't God write His name in the stars every night? Why didn't He make every human being born with a tiny tattoo that says, “made with love by the God of Israel”. The…
31 Dec 2023 23 min

Christmas and the Problem of Evil

Christmas is not meant to be a time of escapism from evil. It is not meant to be a kind of pretend game. Christmas is the dawn of the defeat of evil. It is the beginning of the end of suffering and pain. It is the beginning of the tide…
24 Dec 2023 25 min

Devotion and Discernment

Many people think they can find the truth purely through fact-collecting. But Jesus teaches that devotion comes before discernment, that truth is a fruit, not a root, of being rightly related to God. Before we can know rightly, we must love rightly.
17 Dec 2023 22 min

Real Life from Real Food

“It is too easy to live a carnal, earth-centred life with no concern for eternity. Jesus had to confront a crowd that wanted nothing except food, and show them that real life comes from real faith in the real Messiah.”
10 Dec 2023 22 min

The real reason why people don’t believe

“Many think that belief in God and the gospel depends on reasons and evidence. Jesus, however, shows that in spite of five irrefutable lines of evidence, people still rejected Him. He then exposes the real heart of why people don’t believe.”
26 Nov 2023 23 min

Equality, Unity and Distinction in God

Does the Trinity really matter? Or is it a complicated, theoretical teaching with no practical benefit? When Jesus taught in John 5, He explained that the very meaning of “God” is at stake if we do not understand the ideas of the tri-une God.
19 Nov 2023 21 min

The working Word

Many people spend their lives in passivity, waiting for life to happen to them. The lame man healed by the pool of Bethesda illustrates how we should respond to the voice of God, instead of wasting our lives merely waiting for life to happen to us.
12 Nov 2023 22 min

True Worship

The worship wars rage around us? What is true worship? Fortunately Jesus taught us with three indisputable principles in John 4:21-24
5 Nov 2023 24 min

Why doesn’t God dazzle us with unmistakable miracles?

Why doesn’t God dazzle us with sky-writing and unmistakable miracles? Why does God tend to speak softly, and expect us to trust His Word, rather than signs? We see the answer in how Jesus healed a nobleman’s son in John 4
29 Oct 2023 20 min

Apologetics- The Problem of Evil #2

When people object to the Christian faith, they often raise the objection of why God allows so much evil in the world. Having already considered some incomplete answers to this problem, we consider six satisfying truths from Scripture that help us tackle this difficult topic.
15 Oct 2023 22 min
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