Exclusive Books The Homebru Podcasts 2022

The Homebru Podcasts 2022

The Homebru Podcasts are back!

As part of our Homebru celebration we are excited to announce that we will once again be recording a series of Homebru author discussion podcasts with Jonathan Ancer, Lerato Sibanda and Dan Dewes.

Exclusive Books’ Homebru is a celebration of the diversity that is local writing, covering fresh perspectives on history, sharing never-told-before personal stories, challenging established views, and excavating the trough of political policy.
Exclusive Books Homebru. Not the same old story.
Weekly English South Africa Books
11 Episodes

Episode 11 - The Promise Damon Galgut

The Winner of the 2021 Man Booker Prize! There is nothing unusual or remarkable about the Swart family, oh no, they resemble the family from the next farm and the one beyond that, just an ordinary bunch of white South Africans, and if you don’t believe it then listen to…
15 Jul 2022 19 min

Episode 10 - The Boer War in Colour by Tinus Le Roux

Infused with colour, scenes from the Anglo-Boer War suddenly come to life in this striking collection of colourised photos from one of the biggest conflicts on South African soil. The Anglo-Boer War, or South African War, pitted the two Boer republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State against British…
8 Jul 2022 17 min

Episode 9 - Bare IV: Mercy by Jackie Phamotse

Look closely around you. Have you ever asked yourself what happens to all the girls who are in the system? Girls that are orphans… The boys… The mothers in shelters… All the battered women… The downfall of the most powerful… How the agenda began… I’m leaving the agenda BARE for…
1 Jul 2022 17 min

Episode 8 - Genius: How to Take Smart Ideas Global

South Africa and its fraught political economy provide a fascinating case study into how it takes a particular brand of genius to thrive in a difficult domestic environment and to take those ideas and the businesses that deliver them global. Genius tells the stories of some of the extraordinary individuals,…
24 Jun 2022 28 min

Episode 7 - Holding My Breath: From Heartbreak to Hope by Anne Biccard

Bookending Covid.When Saving a Stranger’s Life hit the shelves a few months into lockdown, none of us quite knew how a behind-the-scenes, scalpel-sharp, heartbreakingly funny book, shocking with the panic of wards filled to capacity, with patients dying because there was no oxygen, would take off. But take off it…
17 Jun 2022 23 min

Episode 6 - For You, I'd Steal a Goat by Niq Mhlongo

This short story collection is filled with memorable characters, intriguing plots and twist endings. With his keen observations and insights into human nature, Mhlongo explores the things people do for each other, but also to each other. Injustice, corruption, love and desire are just some of the aspects of human…
10 Jun 2022 18 min

Episode 5 - White Chalk by Terry-Ann Adams

”White Chalk will blow you away by its honesty, depth and insightfulness. Terry Ann goes to places where others fear to tread. A memorable collection” – Lorraine Sithole Following on from the critical acclaim of Those Who Live in Cages, Terry-Ann Adam’s latest book, White Chalk, is a collection of…
3 Jun 2022 16 min

Episode 4 - Nuclear by Karyn Maughan

Award-winning investigative journalist Karyn Maughan and former National Treasury insider Kirsten Pearson reveal the inside story behind South Africa's controversial nuclear deal. Through insider accounts, audio recordings and confidential minutes, the authors piece together the Zuma administration's secret dealings with Russia and how it went to extraordinary and dark lengths…
27 May 2022 23 min

Episode 3 - On the Devil's Trail by Ben Booysen

After a string of police botches, Captain Ben Bliksem Booysen was assigned the Krugersdorp Killers' case in 2016. Eleven people had already been brutally murdered by a group calling themselves Electus Per Deus. Booysen made headlines when he arrested the mastermind Cecilia Steyn, and her accomplices. South Africa's own "Chuck…
20 May 2022 21 min

Episode 1 - The Unforgiven by Liz McGregor

"Liz McGregor has always been a great journalist but only South Africa could have wrung out of her this single-minded account of the murder of her beloved father. The book is an indescribable duty, exquisitely done." - Peter Bruce "An enthralling account of the journey by a daughter to meet…
6 May 2022 18 min