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Long-term investors have to make sense of a barrage of information, from market movements and geopolitical news to economic developments and personal finance trends. Through conversations with investment professionals from Allan Gray and various expert guests, we aim to give you insight into how we view the world and how this shapes the way we construct our portfolios to deliver long-term returns for our clients.

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How to be a little less wrong – with James Aitken

When it comes to investing, marginal improvements can make a significant difference to investment returns over time. James Aitken, the founder of Aitken Advisors, has spent three decades gaining a deep understanding of the global financial system’s plumbing. He has carefully studied markets and investors to identify the subtle differences…
14 Nov 55 min

From Johannesburg to Japan: How to resist the magnetism of the magnificent seven

Buoyed by the ongoing excitement around artificial intelligence, the so-called “magnificent seven” (Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, MSFT, Nvidia and Tesla) have been able to count themselves among this year’s biggest winners. And it is easy to understand why: They are great businesses at the forefront of the latest tech developments,…
28 Sep 1 hr 04 min

Lessons from the winners and losers of the last five years

Over the last five years, deteriorating domestic conditions and rapidly developing global trends have seen some well-known stocks, and even entire industries and markets, fall in and out of favour. From Ramaphoria and the COVID-19 pandemic, to the collapse of Steinhoff and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, investors have been tasked…
30 Aug 47 min

Can long-term investors afford to invest without considering ESG?

Companies, and their shareholders, are facing increasing levels of scrutiny from the media, activists and the public for the impact they have on the environment and society. As we consider many of the recent headline-grabbing corporate failures, it becomes clear that companies that fail to consider and manage environmental, social…
11 Jul 50 min

Are we entering a global stockpicker’s paradise?

In conversation with portfolio manager Rory Kutisker-Jacobson, Matthew Spencer from our offshore partner, Orbis, explains why the investment team believes that the stock market boom over the last few years is making way for a global stockpicker’s paradise. As the deflation of the “Everything Bubble” continues, long-term investors who remain…
2 Jun 40 min

Why South Africa is still attractive for investors

From persistent loadshedding to deteriorating national infrastructure, South Africa’s challenges are well known. The recurring negative headlines have prompted many investors to look into increasing their offshore exposure as they ask themselves whether investing in the local market is still worth the risk. In conversation with portfolio manager Tim Acker,…
5 May 49 min

The new normal: What lies ahead?

As memories of masks and lockdown restrictions fade, investors face a new list of challenges. Locally, loadshedding has eroded business margins and is casting a shadow on the market. Abroad, the threat of a new banking crisis has proven extremely unsettling and is having a negative impact on sentiment. In…
27 Mar 31 min

Massive market moves: How will they shape the years ahead?

2022 will probably be remembered for being the year of war and inflation, and the end of a decade of “free money” distorting markets. To put it in perspective, a passive 60:40 offshore balanced fund delivered probably its worst performance in US dollars in 100 years, sending a clear message…
9 Feb 53 min

Do local banks offer value in an inflationary world?

Although banks are generally geared to economic activity, many local banks proved to be resilient through the COVID-19 pandemic and have been good investments since. But in the current period of high global inflation and slowing economic activity, how will the local banking sector fare? Are there still long-term opportunities?…
8 Dec 2022 48 min

Are better outcomes for retirement savers on the horizon?

Retirement reform is on the horizon as the National Treasury takes steps to implement the proposed “two-pot retirement system”. The proposed system has the dual aim of creating limited access to retirement fund assets to help savers cope with short-term emergencies and improving the preservation of retirement savings – ultimately…
26 Oct 2022 35 min

Do old investment truths still hold in the current global environment?

In the latest episode of The Allan Gray Podcast, hosted by Allan Gray portfolio manager Rory Kutisker-Jacobson, Dan Brocklebank, head of Orbis UK, reflects on the most valuable investment truths he has learnt as he celebrates two decades at the firm. Dan joined our offshore partner during the dotcom boom…
30 Sep 2022 41 min

Can South African investors continue to count on commodities?

Investors in commodity miners and producers have found themselves in one of the better places in the market since the pandemic, owing partly to a lift in demand as countries embarked on stimulus programmes and supply-side constraints keeping a lid on production. Local mining shares were one of the key…
24 Aug 2022 42 min

Can optimism rise from the inflationary ashes?

South African inflation just hit its highest peak since 2009, as it accelerated to 7.4% in June, in line with the global trend. Over in the US, inflation reached a four-decade high of 9.1% last month. As households around the world grapple with rising food and fuel costs, central banks…
22 Jul 2022 43 min

How to think about investing in an energy-short and volatile world

From the global technology stock sell-off and rising inflation, to the war in Ukraine exacerbating a global energy crisis, investors are tasked with navigating an increasingly complex and volatile environment. In the first episode of the Allan Gray podcast, Tamryn Lamb hosts a conversation with Allan Gray’s chief investment officer,…
8 Jun 2022 1 hr 01 min