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Meet My Business with Baird Media

Every day, we meet new people through networking sessions.
We are always excited to find out what people do and how they run their businesses.
We ask: Tell me how you make your magic?
In this series, you can eavesdrop on the conversations we have with various entrepreneurs from around the world.
If you want to join us for a virtual coffee and be featured on this podcast, then book a conversation using the link provided.
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34 Episodes
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S2E28: Lenka Koppova - Marketing Therapist for Coaches

Lenka Koppova is a marketing therapist for coaches and health & wellbeing professionals who helps business owners level up their marketing in a way that suits their business. In this episode, we learn more about Lenka's business as well as finding out her thoughts on content marketing.
12 Feb 20 min

S2E27: Christine Ofner - Holistic Business & Mindset Coach

As a holistic business and mindset coach - Christine Ofner does not believe in a one size fits all approach. In this episode, we discuss Christine's online business journey. We also discuss the concept of energy management - and Christine gives us some incredibly useful advice for how to prevent…
7 Feb 31 min

S2E26: Michelle MacFarlane - Marketing Trainer & Coach

Michelle MacFarlane is a Business Growth Strategist, Marketing Trainer & Coach, International Speaker, Podcast Co-host and an award-winning Networker. She also absolutely loves helping small business grow! In this episode, we discuss what you should focus on in the early stages of your business. There are many traps and things…
5 Feb 32 min

S2E25: Colleen Qvist - Doctor Coach

Colleen Qvist is a life coach who works with Doctors, helping people leave their comfort zone. In this week's episode, we discuss what to do when your clients misbehave. It can be a frustrating experience that impacts your business quite severely - and we chat all about the ways to…
31 Jan 25 min

S2E24: Debbie Bryan - Leadership Coach

Debbie Bryan works with coaches/consultants who are solopreneurs to help them reduce bottleneck and become a true business owners. In this episode, we discuss the steps you need to take to work on your business and not in it. From understanding your personality and the personality of your audience to…
29 Jan 34 min

S2E23: Erik Vermeulen - Corporate Behavior Strategies Specialist

Erik Vermeulen is a business consultant and mountaineering expedition leader. He helps leaders build more effective behaviors that make their team more profitable. In this episode, we chat about what he calls "The Trust Equation" - how to build trust with your audience. Email Erik at
24 Jan 31 min

S2E21: Antonette Schminke - Neuro Life Coach

Burnout is incredibly dangerous, especially if you are entrepreneur. In this episode, we chat to Antonette Schminke, a Neuro Life Coach and NBI Practioner, all about burnout and you can manage it before it becomes a massive problem.
17 Jan 16 min

S2E20: Jared Shippel - EQ Consulting & Coaching

Jared Shippel is building a coaching platform that he believes will revolutionize the industry. Check out this week's episode to learn about this cutting-edge approach that aims to democratize coaching for companies all around the world. Get in touch with Jared:
15 Jan 27 min

S2E19: Steve Levy - Leadership Coach

Steve Levy is an incredible Leadership Coach that draws from his experience running and leading successful teams to empower the clients he works with. In this episode, we chat candidly about managers vs leaders, and how people tend to confuse these terms. We also speak about the disservice that many…
10 Jan 28 min

S2E18: Marlene Nunes - Trauma-Sensitive Coach

Marlene Nunes is a Master Coach specialising in trauma. In this episode, we discuss the concept of feeling safe, and how people can demystify their trauma and change their own limiting beliefs.
8 Jan 23 min

S2E17: Luis Cordeiro - Gallup Certified Coach

In this episode of Meet My Business, I chat to Luis Cordeiro - a Gallup Certified Coach. Gallup coaching is a methodology that focuses on developing your natural talents into strengths, rather than trying to fix your weaknesses. It is based on the idea that we are all born with…
9 Nov 2023 23 min

S2E16: Linda Rossouw - LaRoss Consulting

We meet Linda Rossouw from LaRoss Consulting to understand 'Fractional CFO Services.' Learn why simply setting growth targets isn't enough. Linda delves into the complexities of planning for sustainable business growth. Discover Linda's own journey, from her early fascination with numbers to her unique approach of combining financial expertise with…
26 Oct 2023 23 min

S2E15: Gareth Dart - Life and Business Coach

Gareth Dart, a seasoned life and business coach, takes us on an eye-opening journey. He shares his personal transformation from burnout to empowerment, fueled by his passion for supporting gifted neurodivergent adults. Here's a sneak peek at the episode's top insights: The Personal Revelation: Gareth unveils how his battle with…
19 Oct 2023 31 min

S2E14: Alexandra Reyes - Transformational Coach

In this captivating podcast episode, we meet Alexandra Reyes, a transformational coach skilled in NLP, hypnosis, and the remarkable Ho'oponopono technique. Empowerment Beyond Empowering: Alexandra's approach isn't about simply empowering others; it's about enabling individuals to empower themselves fully. Overcoming Anxiety: She shares a compelling case study where a client…
5 Oct 2023 22 min

S2E13: Danielle Ralston - ADHD Coach

Discover how to "Make ADHD Your Bitch" with ADHD life and business coach Danielle Ralston. In this episode, learn the radical accountability techniques that can skyrocket your productivity. How can "body doubling" revolutionize your work? What's the secret to managing decision fatigue? Dive into the world of ADHD entrepreneurship strategies…
28 Sep 2023 21 min

S2E12: Scott Warren - Pricing Wizard

Do you struggle to price your services correctly? Do you feel like you're undervaluing yourself? Are you afraid of comparing yourself to your competitors? In this episode of Meet My Business, we're talking to Scott Warren, a financial educator and coach who helps businesses become confident in charging what they're…
4 Sep 2023 18 min

S2E11: Karina Kantas - Author Coach and Mentor

Want to self-publish your book but don't know where to start? Listen to this podcast episode to learn the dos and don'ts of self-publishing, including how to avoid vanity presses, plan your book launch, and promote your book effectively. In this episode, we'll cover: -The pros and cons of self-publishing…
4 Sep 2023 21 min

2E10: Mashudu Mbhele, Life Transformation Coach.

Do you have money trauma? If so, you're not alone. In this episode of the podcast, we'll talk to Mashudu Mbhele about what money trauma is, how it can impact your financial well-being, and what you can do to heal. We'll also discuss the importance of seeking professional help if…
4 Sep 2023 28 min

S2E9: Clive Vanderwagen -

Are you looking for ways to improve your communication and relationships in the workplace? In this podcast, we interview Clive Vanderwagen, a transactional analysis (TA) coach and expert in emotional intelligence (EI). Clive shares his insights on how to create a positive work environment, build trust, and resolve conflict. He…
17 Aug 2023 23 min
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