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Interview with Amistat

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with twin brothers Jan and Josef Prasil, who make up the European and Australian duo Amistat. The brothers tell us what the name Amistat means, how they intend to create music that allows them and the listener to feel something, and whether they get along outside of creating music.

Sit back and enjoy the folk musical world with the band Amistat!

Website -
Instagram - @amistatmusic
Facebook - @amistatmusic
Twitter - @amistatmusic

Interview with Anthony Phillips

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with English musician, songwriter, producer and singer, Anthony Phillips. Anthony tells us how the Beatles inspired many cover bands at the time, and how the band that he was part of would eventually become Genesis. He also fills us in on his solo career after leaving Genesis - a career that spans 5 decades.

Website -
Facebook - @AnthonyPhillipsOfficial

Interview with Robbie Rivera

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein sat down with Puerto Rican DJ, Robbie Rivera. Robbie explains how his sister’s prom inspired him to create music, the difference between producing original tracks compared to remixing songs by other artists, and which artists he got positive feedback from.
Grab your dancing shoes as we go clubbing with Robbie Rivera!

Website -
Instagram - @robbierivera
Facebook - @robbierivera
Twitter - @robbierivera

Interview with Shaun Duwe (Co-Founder of Ultra SA)

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with entertainment businessman, Shaun Duwe. Shaun has been in the industry for over 25 years, having started out as a DJ. We hear how his journey has progressed from owning clubs, to concert production and promotion, to his current role of festival owner and organiser.

Shaun Duwe
Instagram -@shaunduvet
Facebook - @shaunduvet

Ultra South Africa
Website -
Instagram - @ultrasouthafria
Facebook - @ultrasouthafria
Twitter - @ultraSA

Interview with Andrew Allen

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, chats to Canadian singer and songwriter, Andrew Allen. Andrew tells us how a friend convinced him to go out and perform by himself, and how working hard for a couple of years led to his success. We find out how the record label convinced him to collaborate and write with other artists, which led to his first top 10… plus, what he loves about opening for other artists on tour.
It is “What You Wanted” as we discover the musical world of Andrew Allen.

Website -
Instagram - @andrewallenlive
Facebook - @andrewallenlive
Twitter - @andrewallenlive

Interview with Tanya Nolan

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, speaks to R&B singer and songwriter, Tanya Nolan. Hear how she answered an ad for a singer in the newspaper, which led to her musical career. Tanya tells us how she will be choosing the songs for her upcoming album, and what she enjoys about performing live.
Instagram - @iamtanyanolan
Facebook - @iamtanyanolan
Twitter - @tanyanolan

Interview with Jason Goliath

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with South African comedian, Jason Goliath. Jason tells us how losing his corporate business led to him pursuing a career in entertainment in television, and how a drunken evening with his cousin, Donovan led to him trying out comedy. Six weeks later, Jason performed his first stand-up routine... and 11 years later he has developed a comedy act that is intentional, effective and hilarious.

Instagram - @jasongoliath
Facebook - @jasongoliath
Twitter - @jasongoliath

Interview with Will Linley

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with South African singer and songwriter, Will Linley. Will tells us how he grew up in a musical family, that growing up he played the violin and was part of the orchestra. He and his family agreed for him to take a year off of university from studying BCOM International Business to pursue music and depending on what the results would be whether he would go back to university, the success has naturally meant he will continue to pursue his passion of creating music and as he explains in the podcast the intention with creating music and performing live is connecting with the fans.

It is my “Last Call” for you to enjoy the world of Will Linley!

Website -
Instagram - @willlineyy
Twitter - @WillLinleyy

Interview with Karma Luna

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with South African artist Karma Luna. Karma shares her journey of becoming an artist, why she is currently at a crossroads with the type of music she is releasing, and what she enjoys about being a DJ. Karma also works behind the scenes at concerts, and she tells us what it’s like, and what she enjoys about it.

Instagram - @karmalunamusic
Facebook - @KarmaLunaMusic

Interview with Umi Nowaz (Cherry Red Records)

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with Umi Nowaz, who works behind the scenes at Cherry Red Records. Umi helps out the Sync Department at the label, and assists in creating the database for songs that are available to be used in movies, television and advertisements. Umi also details his previous role as a press officer, what the functions of this role entailed, and what it was like interacting with the artists involved.

Website -
Instagram - @cherryredrecords
Facebook - @cherryredrecords

Interview with Danielle Juhre

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with Chicago-based independent singer-songwriter, Danielle Juhre. Danielle tells us how she overcame overthinking and analysing to get to the point of feeling comfortable with her singing voice and releasing music. She also explains how she writes and creates music, how artists are critical of themselves, and how she is a different person to who she was 5 years ago - which allows her to command the stage when performing live.

Website -
Instagram - @iamdaniellejuhre
Facebook - @iamdaniellejuhre
Twitter - @iamdaniellej

Interview with Fee Waybill (from The Tubes)

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with the lead singer of the American rock band The Tubes, Fee Waybill. He tells us about his musical journey that started in the late ‘60s when he gave up being a cowboy on a ranch to join the band and be their roadie as they relocated to San Francisco, where he ultimately became the lead singer. We find out what gets him excited to perform live after many decades in the industry, and delve into the band's collaboration with choreographer Kenny Ortega - which created theatrical live shows, and their cameo in the cultural iconic film, Xanadu. Grab your gear as we dive into 50 years of American rock!

Fee Waybill
Website -
Instagram - @thefeewaybill
Facebook - @thefeewaybill
Twitter - @thefeewaybill

The Tubes
Website -
Instagram - @thetubesgroup
Facebook - @thetubesgroup
Twitter - @thetubesgroup

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