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The Celeb Savant show is a weekly entertainment show hosted by Barret Edelstein. Each week we will have long-form career retrospective type interviews with celebrities namely, singers, actors and industry experts.
APVA Awards 2023 - nominated as The Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Podcast
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Interview with Logan J Parker

Born in Portugal and based in the UK, singer-songwriter Logan J Parker is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Logan explains that after getting a degree in Economics, she was working in a bank and quit her job in order to follow her passion of music. Website -…
30 Nov 27 min

Interview with Gyakie

We head to Ghana in West Africa on this episode of Celeb Savant, as we speak with Afro Soul/Fusion singer songwriter, Gyakie. She explains how she started her music career while studying her BSC in International Business, why she created the persona Gyakie, and about not relying on her family…
28 Nov 16 min

Interview with Andy McCluskey (OMD)

Formed in 1978 and having global sales of 40 million records, Andy McCluskey from English electronic band Orchestral Manoeuvres in The Dark (OMD) is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Andy explains how they chose the name of the band, and how a dare of a one-off gig…
26 Nov 13 min

Interview with Martin Jensen

Join me and take your ‘Solo Dance’ to the next level as we journey to Denmark on this episode of Celeb Savant to chat to Danish DJ and record producer, Martin Jensen. Martin explains how he started out as a mobile DJ as a teenager, and how at the age…
23 Nov 21 min

Interview with Russell Grant (Shortstraw)

With multiple SAMA and MTV Africa music award nominations under their belt, Russell Grant from South African indie-rock band, Shortstraw is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Russell explains the origin of the band's name, how he joined after it had formed, and what led to continued success…
21 Nov 25 min

Interview with Kevin Fraser

Combining music and comedy in his performance is how this guest of Celeb Savant, Kevin Fraser, entertains his audience. Kevin explains how he started out as a DJ, and then based on the feedback of his online videos, he decided to move into comedy. He also explains the inspiration behind…
19 Nov 20 min

Interview with Mandy Harvey

Do you know someone who has a disability, and they embrace it to be successful? American deaf singer and songwriter, Mandy Harvey is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Mandy explains that her original focus was music education rather than performance, but she completely lost her hearing during…
16 Nov 23 min

Interview with Haris Čustović

In this episode of Celeb Savant, we journey to Croatia and sit down with musician, composer, producer, songwriter and DJ, Haris Čustović. Haris explains how he had 4 years in music high school, how he got more involved in music after moving to London, and became successful through wearing various…
14 Nov 30 min

Interview Ceehle Suntele (Africa Fest)

We go behind the scenes on this episode of Celeb Savant, as we speak to South African events and marketing manager, Ceehle Suntele. Ceehle explains how he studied Mechanical Engineering - which transitioned into his current role, and specifically the upcoming first Africa Fest, which will be an annual event…
12 Nov 15 min

Interview with Jann Klose

Have you ever wondered what your favourite song is about, and what inspired the music video? American-based singer and songwriter, Jann Klose is the guest on Celeb Savant for the second time. This time Jann explains the inspiration behind the acoustic version of his song, ‘All The Way Down’ and…
9 Nov 15 min

Interview with Sickotoy

On this episode of Celeb Savant... we head to Romania as we chat with DJ, composer, producer and Grammy Award winner, Sickotoy. We hear the story behind the name, how he turned his passion for music as a child into becoming a musician touring with different bands at first -…
7 Nov 25 min

Interview with Guy Page (Coach Party)

Do you know what a Coach Party is? Well it is also the name of a British indie-rock band, and Guy Page from the band is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Guy tells us how he was inspired by a friend to learn to play guitar as…
5 Nov 18 min

Interview with Dave Symes (Boy & Bear)

Indie-folk is the genre of music on this episode of Celeb Savant, as David Symes from Australian band Boy & Bear joins us as the guest. Dave explains the origin of the band’s name, their creative process and how he processes music when listening to it. Website - www.boyandbear.com Instagram…
2 Nov 22 min

Interview with Werner Bekker

South African singer, songwriter and musician Werner Bekker joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. Werner explains how he convinced his parents to allow him to completely focus on music when finishing school, and his creative process as he navigates different genres when recording music. Instagram - @wernerbekkermusic Facebook…
31 Oct 22 min

Interview with Judge Jules

Hit the rave and grab your dance shoes as we speak to British DJ, producer and entertainment lawyer, Judge Jules! Judge Jules explains how he started DJing while promoting illegal parties while studying law, how he got his alias, and what it takes to be successful in the industry for…
29 Oct 24 min

Interview with Will Burkart

It’s time to tickle your funny bone as we dive into the world of being a stand-up comedian with Los Angeles-based comic, Will Burkart. Will explains how he loved making friends laugh at school, that he moved to LA to pursue comedy after finishing film school, and what the steps…
26 Oct 26 min

Interview with Kojo Rigault

Trinidad-born and UK-based reggae singer and songwriter, Kojo Rigault joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. Kojo explains that he joined a successful boy band in Trinidad, that moved to London after signing a record deal. This led to him staying in the UK, working as a solo artist…
24 Oct 31 min

Interview with Incognito

Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick and the British band Incognito recently performed at the Johannesburg 2023 DStv Delicious Festival, and Bluey spoke to Celeb Savant prior to the performance. He explains the reason behind the name Incognito, why he carries on performing after being in the industry for multiple decades, and much…
22 Oct 24 min

Intervlew with Perez Hilton

‘First impressions are lasting impressions’ is how Cuban American actor, columnist, blogger, singer and podcast host Perez Hilton understands how he hurt people when he first started reporting on the entertainment industry. We dive into his journey by finding out why he chose his stage name, when he became the…
19 Oct 27 min

Interview Naliyani Uma

Do you know what an ‘influencer’ does? Durban-based fashion model, actor and influencer, Naliyani Uma explains what it means to be one. She shares how she started her journey as a model, which led her to become an actress and influencer... and we hear how she balances having multiple pursuits…
17 Oct 23 min
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