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The Celeb Savant show is a weekly entertainment show hosted by Barret Edelstein. Each week we will have long-form career retrospective type interviews with celebrities namely, singers, actors and industry experts.
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Interview with Charles Jenkins

Have you ever experienced 'imposter syndrome'? American Gospel singer and songwriter, Charles Jenkins, has definitely experienced it during his career. Charles sat down with Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, and shares how an intervention by his teachers for skipping school - with his punishment being to go to gospel choir -…
4 Jun 25 min

Interview with John Payne (Asia ft John Payne)

An “equipment nerd” is how British-born, American-based rock singer and songwriter, John Payne from Asia featuring John Payne, describes himself. John tells Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, how as a child he taught himself guitar - which led to him teaching other kids to play, his decades of being in the…
1 Jun 32 min

Interview with Jann Klose

New York is the current home of the Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein’s guest this week. Jann Klose has lived in Kenya, South Africa, Germany and Northeast Ohio. Jann explains how he was introduced to the world of music when he was an exchange student in the USA, which led him…
28 May 26 min

Interview with Thom Rylance (The Lottery Winners)

Do you think after being expelled from school twice, that a person would create a path of success? Thom Rylance from British band, The Lottery Winners, had that experience in school - and was recently number one on the UK album charts with the band's latest album, Anxiety Replacement Therapy…
25 May 24 min

Interview with Big Country

British band Big Country have been performing since the beginning of the ’80s. Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein sat down with Mark, Bruce and Tony from the band as they detail their decades of longevity in the music business, the chemistry between the members, why Mark and Bruce still enjoy performing…
22 May 28 min

Interview with Landii

Having recently graduated from Berklee College in the USA with a degree in songwriting, South African singer/songwriter Landii chatted to Celeb Savant Barret Edelstein while she was touring Cape Town. Landii tells us what she learnt while doing her songwriting degree, her creative process and much more! Instagram - @landii_e…
18 May 20 min

Interview with Mariah

How does a person balance two very different full-time roles? Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein speaks to American singer, songwriter and full-time nurse, Mariah. Mariah explains how she balances her two passions of nursing and music, her creative process, her joy of performing live and much more! Instagram: @IAMMARIAH.OFFICIAL Facebook: @MARIAH…
15 May 18 min

Interview with Anica Kiana

The shower is where the Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein’s, next guest - South African singer/songwriter Anica Kiana - gets most of her creative inspiration. Anica tells us how she met the Locnville twins (Brian and Andrew Chaplin) and got signed to their record label, what she enjoys about performing live,…
10 May 18 min

Tribute to Olivia Newton-John with Michael Caprio (Publicist)

Dame Olivia Newton-John was on the top of Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein’s list to interview for the podcast series. Olivia unfortunately passed away before we had an opportunity to schedule a time. Barret decided to interview Olivia’s publicist, Michael Caprio as a tribute to the music icon. He shares some…
8 May 34 min

Interview with Tony Moore

“Fine and fabulous” is how the next guest of Celeb Savant describes himself. Barret Edelstein sat down with English singer-songwriter, musician, radio presenter, music promoter and entrepreneur, Tony Moore. Tony's career in the entertainment industry spans decades. We find out about his time in Iron Maiden, The Cutting Crew, opening…
3 May 34 min

Interview with Young Israelites

Celeb Savant heads to the Middle East, as Barret Edelstein speaks to Israeli reggae band, Young Israelites. Nate, Tal and Tristan tell us how they met and formed the band, why reggae music appeals to them, their creative process and more. Website - www.youngisraelites.com Instagram - @youngisraelites Facebook - @youngisraelites…
1 May 25 min

Interview with Iain Baker (from Jesus Jones)

Let's get “Real Real Real” as “International Bright Young Thing” Barret Edelstein, otherwise known as The Celeb Savant, sat down with Iain Baker from British rock band, Jesus Jones. Iain tells us the musical journey of the band, where the name Jesus Jones comes from and much more. Join us…
26 Apr 32 min

Interview with Caroll-Ann

South African singer and songwriter Caroll-Ann joins Barret Edelstein on this episode of Celeb Savant. She tells us how music and song have been in her life since she was a child, and how growing into her own skin and voice gave her the confidence to pursue music. Instagram -…
24 Apr 22 min

Interview with Hunter Kennedy (Die Heuwels Fantasties)

On this episode of Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein spoke with Hunter Kennedy from Die Heuwels Fantasties. Hunter takes us on a journey of punk rock, skateboarding, and being in a band that eventually became so successful it became his full-time career. Website - www.dieheuwels.co.za Instagram - @dieheuwelsfantasties Facebook - @dieheuwels…
5 Apr 32 min

Interview with Jerri Sher (Emmy Award winning filmmaker)

Scene 1… Take 1… Action! Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sits in the director’s chair with Emmy Award winner, Jerri Sher. After being in film and television, Jerri tells us about her new project - a stage musical. She shares her journey, from being an art professor, to the first woman…
3 Apr 27 min

Interview with Ziggy Alberts

G’day mate! Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein is bouncing on his kangaroo as he heads down under for his second interview with singer and songwriter, Ziggy Alberts. Ziggy fills us in on what's been happening since we last spoke, including new music, pop-up shows and world tours. Website - www.ziggyalberts.com Instagram…
30 Mar 13 min

Interview with Nick Van Eede from Cutting Crew

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with Nick Van Eede from the English band, Cutting Crew. Nick tells us where the band’s name comes from, how he has had a publishing deal since he was 20 years old and much more! Website - www.cuttingcrew.biz Instagram - @cuttingcrewmusic Facebook - @cuttingcrewmusic…
26 Mar 26 min

Interview with Sananda Maitreya

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with American singer and songwriter, Sananda Maitreya. Barret and Sananda discuss their love of Milan, where Sananda is based. They also have philosophical discussions about dreams, music, death and much more. Website - www.sanandamaitreya.com Instagram - @sanandamaitreya Facebook - @sanandamaitreya Twitter - @sanandamaitreya
22 Mar 41 min

Interview with Richard Gau (We Will Rock You)

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with stage and screen actor, Richard Gau - who plays Brit in the theatre production of 'We Will Rock You'. Richard tells us the difference between performing on stage and acting in front of the camera in film and television... and he explains the…
20 Mar 24 min

Interview with Locnville

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with South African twin brothers, Andrew and Brian Chaplin who make up the electro hop music duo, Locnville. The brothers tell us how they were inspired to join the entertainment business at the age of 6, when they both got guitars for Christmas. We…
15 Mar 27 min
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