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Interview with Jethro Tait

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein sat down with South African songwriter and artist, Jethro Tait. We hear about his journey of starting to play guitar at the age of 13, performing in musical theatre, winning X-Factor as part of the boy band FOUR, to his journey as a successful solo artist.

We are "Running Wild" as we explore Jethro's musical journey

Website -
Instagram - @jethrotaitmusic
Twitter - @jethrotaitmusic
Facebook - @jethrotaitmusic

Interview with Citizen Deep

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelsein, recently sat down with South African Afro-House music producer, Citizen Deep. We find out about the name, and how having a curfew as a teenager and not being able to go out led him to create music. Grab your dance shoes as we dive deeper into the world of Citizen Deep!

Instagram - @itscitizendeep
Facebook - @itscitizendeep
Twitter - @itscitizendeep

Interview with Sheila E

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with music legend, Sheila E, who was training for the Olympics as an athlete when the universe led her to music. We also find out that her musician father wanted her to play the violin in order to have a more secure career in the entertainment industry… and lots more! Sit back and enjoy the "Glamorous Life" of Sheila E.

Website -
Instagram - @sheilaedrummer
Facebook - @sheilaedrummer
Twitter - @sheilaedrummer

Interview with Stacey Jackson

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, recently sat down with entertainment entrepreneur, Stacey Jackson. Stacey started her career at the age of 40, after raising 4 children. The journey takes us from the recording studio, to the world concert stage, to the television studio and beyond. Age is just a number, and you can accomplish anything at any stage of your life!

Website -
Instagram - @staerox
Twitter - @staerox
Facebook - @staerox

Interview with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein sat down with pop superstar, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. We find out first hand what it's like to be a contestant on The Masked Singer UK and Strictly Come Dancing. Do you know what "Wonky pop" is? Grab your glitter ball because it's going to be "Murder on The Dancefloor"!

Website -
Instagram - @sophieellisbextor
Facebook - @sophieellisbextor
Twitter - @sophieellisbextor

Interview with Nick DeCosemo

After meeting Nick DeCosemo at the Johnny Clegg tribute concert, Celeb Savant Barret Edelstein asked him to be the next guest on the podcast. The discussion takes us through Nick's years as a recording artist and lifestyle journalist, working with Beyonce and Shakira. We find out how this led him to be the Global Editorial Director of MixMag, and the founder of The Great Oven and The SXM Festival. Thrown in - amongst others - is a story about Amy Winehouse, and being confronted by snakes in the bed during the pandemic!

Instagram - @nick_dc3000
Facebook - @nick.decosemo
Twitter - @thegreatoven

Interview with Kevin Simm from Wet Wet Wet

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with the new lead singer of Wet Wet Wet, Kevin Simm. We find out about his journey from the Popstars reality show, and being in the band Liberty X, to winning The Voice UK, and joining Wet Wet Wet. It's no "Sweet Little Mystery" that Kevin has had an amazing career, so enjoy the journey!

Website -
Instagram - @kevinsimm
Facebook - @kevinsimmofficial
Twitter - @kevinsimm

Interview with Martin Bourboulon (Director of Eiffel)

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with Martin Bourboulon, director of the movie Eiffel. We find out what attracted Martin to create the period piece, and all the behind the scenes tidbits. Bonjour and enjoy!

Instagram - @videovisionent, @Martin_Bourboulon
Facebook - @martin.Bourboulon
Twitter - @MBourboulon

Interview with Betty Boo

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with pop and rap icon Betty Boo. Find out where the name Betty Boo comes from, plus what Betty was up to between releasing her last album in the '90s to her latest release 'Boomerang' in 2022. We are "Doin' The Do" with Ms Betty Boo!

Website -
Instagram - @boomania1
Facebook - @BettyBooMania
Twitter - @bettyboomania

Interview with Elaine

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, met South African R&B superstar, Elaine at Sony Head Office in Johannesburg. We hear how Elaine created her own path in the music industry - simply by stepping forward and showing up. We also find out what Elaine does in Hollywood after being creative in the recording studio. From South Africa to Hollywood... and next stop the world!

Instagram - @elainemusic_
Facebook - Elainemusicofficial

Interview with Jack Hues from Wang Chung

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sat down with Jack Hues from the English new wave band, Wang Chung. Find out how getting stood up by one of his guitar pupils allowed him to come up with the band's first hit, and how he and Nick create music together. It's time for "Everyone To Have Fun Tonight".

Website -
Instagram- @wangchungband
Facebook - @wangchungband
Twitter - @wangchungmusic

Interview with Marcia Barrett from Boney M

Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein, sits down with Marcia Barrett from the band, Boney M. Find out, amongst other topics, why Marcia calls Barret naughty, how Ms Barrett responded to the doctor when he said she would never walk again, and what she had to say when Barret told her that she kissed him on the cheek when he was a child and on stage!

Website -
Instagram - @marciabarrettofboneym
Facebook - @marciabarrettofboneym
Twitter - @Marcia_BoneyM

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