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The Christian Home

Ps. Thabo Mlotshwa speaks to us about some stereotypes attached to children of Christian parents, and Pastors' kids in particular. What fundamental principles make a family "Christian"?
2 Feb 25 min

Should God be 'helped'?

Did Uzzah deserve to die for trying to save the arc of the covenant from falling? Ps. Muunga talks to us about trying to "help" God.
28 Nov 2022 16 min


Tracey Nuren from Paedspal speaks to us about Children's Palliative Care and #HatsOn4CPC
14 Oct 2022 23 min

Navigating Peer Pressure

Elder Nyamazana speaks to us about helping our children say no to negative peer pressure
13 Oct 2022 27 min

Evangelism in Action

Luvo Sirayi speaks to us about evangelism in action at Klerksdorp Central SDA Church
23 Sep 2022 21 min

Raising Obedient Children

Dr Thabelo Mamba speaks on the importance of raising obedient children and a parent's role in creating a good citizen
13 Sep 2022 26 min