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Christianity 101 | Almost Persuaded

In the landscape of faith, many find themselves teetering on the edge of belief, wrestling with questions, doubts, and uncertainties. Join us as we navigate this nuanced terrain and seek to understand the profound implications of being almost persuaded to believe in Christ.
18 Jun 14 min

Fundamental Beliefs | 3 Character of the Father

Often our view of God gets distorted by current opinion or even a hard relationship with our dad or authority figures. It’s important to know God’s actual character for ourselves. Why? It gives us the real truth, which then informs or relationship with Him. Elder Renita Moonsamy guides us in…
18 Jun 19 min

Christianity 101 | The Persuasion

Today, we embark on a journey to explore the profound significance of salvation through faith in Christ. As believers, we understand salvation as the cornerstone of our faith, but what does it truly mean to believe in Christ for salvation? Join us as we unpack this pivotal aspect of Christianity…
17 Jun 15 min

Fundamental Beliefs | 3 Show Us The Father

The Bible tells us that God is our Father—a good, perfect, loving Father. But how are we to understand what that is when the human fathers we have sometimes fail us? Is it possible to believe in a Father in Heaven who apparently loves us with a perfect, unconditional love?…
17 Jun 20 min

Daily Focus | The Power of Free Will

Within the context of Christianity, the concept of free will raises profound questions about the nature of God's sovereignty, human responsibility, and the implications for our daily choices. Join us as we navigate this intricate topic and uncover its significance in shaping our lives.
17 Jun 16 min

Youth Talk

Young people get into a discussion about matters that affect the youth, everything from education unemployment, security, financial freedom and more.
16 Jun 27 min

The Nature of Man

Humanity sometimes struggles to understand what being created in the image of God truly means, we dissect it in this conversation.
16 Jun 20 min

Adventist Athletics Club

Since 2012, a sporting club was started in South Africa. They have become quite popular in the Christian community, with their accolades in prestigious and difficult events such as the annual Comrades Marathon. They share experiences and encourage us into sporting evangelism.
15 Jun 28 min

Daniel 6

Daniel 6 introduces us to a new kingdom after the fall of Babylon, and again, under the reign of a new king, God uses Daniel to reveal himself through the famous story of Daniel in the lions' den.
15 Jun 21 min

VOP Lesson | Heir to a Fortune: Heir of the Living

A right understanding of what it means to be an heir with Christ can deepen our love for Christ and radically motivate us to seek transformation by His Spirit. Knowing the nature of the fortune promised should serve to only motivate those standing a chance at getting it. In this…
13 Jun 15 min

Daily Focus | Dealing with Conflict in a Godly Manner

The key is not to avoid conflict but to approach it in a way that reflects Christ's love and teachings. Today, we'll discuss biblical principles and practical strategies for resolving conflicts in a way that honours God and strengthens our relationships. Whether you're facing a conflict now or want to…
13 Jun 19 min

Christianity 101 | Holy Intimacy

Today, our focus is on 'Holy Intimacy'—understanding how to navigate intimacy in a way that honours God and aligns with His teachings. Intimacy is a gift from God, meant to be experienced within the boundaries He has set for our good and His glory. Join us as we seek biblical…
12 Jun 14 min

Fundamental Beliefs | A Personal God

Some atheists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries leveled the charge that the God of the Bible was just another projection of humanity, made in man’s image and likeness. They alleged that the religion of the Bible was just as childish as that of the Greeks and Romans. Lately, the…
12 Jun 19 min

Daily Focus | Building a Christ Centered Marriage

Marriage is a sacred covenant, and when Christ is at the centre, it can be a powerful testament to His love and grace. Today, we'll be discussing the principles and practices that can help couples create a marriage that honours God and strengthens their relationship. Join us as we explore…
12 Jun 20 min

Christianity 101 | The Forbidden Fruit

Today, we delve into 'The Forbidden Fruit, exploring issues such as sex before marriage, promiscuity, masturbation, and the spiritual consequences of immoral sexual behaviour. In a culture that often promotes sexual freedom without boundaries, it's crucial to understand what the Bible teaches about purity, self-control, and the sanctity of our…
11 Jun 21 min

Fundamental Beliefs | The Mystery of Godliness

Seventh-day Adventist Christians believe there is one God. And apparently, this one God is three co- eternal Persons. What does that actually mean? Is it possible to wrap our finite minds around this infinite and seemingly complex concept? How does the doctrine of the Trinity work? How can there be…
11 Jun 18 min

Daily Focus | Single and Faithful & Dating with Purpose

Whether you're single by choice, circumstance, or awaiting God's timing for a partner, this segment is for you. Today, we'll dive into the joys, challenges, and spiritual growth opportunities of being single and faithful. Also, how can we date in a way that honours God and builds strong, meaningful relationships?…
11 Jun 19 min

Fundamental Beliefs | Many Options, One Truth

It has long been said that humanity has a void, a God-shaped void, which can only be fulfilled by having and worshipping God. The challenge, though, is that 'there are many gods'... So then, which god are we to worship among the many that are available? How do you make…
10 Jun 20 min


The Creation, Evolution Debate is a though-provoking precursor to studying about how the world, and humanity came into existence. Many questions are asked, many answers lead to many other unanswered questions.
9 Jun 32 min
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