Maranatha Drive

Maranatha Drive is the show that gives the last push to end your day. Filled with energy, good music, and great conversation the show guarantees to help ease your day into the evening. Presented by Zama Malote, Maranatha Drive touches on current affairs and many bible-based conversations.
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Transformation | Importance of Mentorship

Understanding the benefits of mentorship can help you decide whether to find a mentor or become one. In today’s talk, we’ll be discussing the importance of mentorship and the benefits of being a mentor or finding one. Thubelihle Maduma joins us from God & Growth to share her insights on…
22 May 18 min

Fundamental Beliefs | The Lord’s Supper

Seventh-day Adventist Christians take part in the Lord’s Supper, or communion service, as a commemoration of Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross. It’s a time to reflect upon what Jesus has done for us, and to respectfully express this gratitude as a church family. So, what exactly is the meaning…
22 May 19 min

Bible Corner | Life: A Sum of Your Choices

Sometimes one wishes that God could literally just block all avenues that lead to bad choices. It certainly sounds like that would make life simpler. Or perhaps we can just refuse to make any choices at all, and just go with the flow – “whatever will be, will be” as…
22 May 18 min

Family | Family Tree & its Importance

A family tree is a visual representation of a person’s ancestry, tracing their lineage through multiple generations, depicting their direct lineage and ancestors from previous generations.
21 May 14 min

VOP Lesson | The Time for the Judgment to Begin

As we’ve seen in previous lessons, the 70-week prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 accurately predicted when Jesus would begin His public ministry and die on the cross. These 70 prophetic weeks (490 actual years) set the stage for an even longer time prophecy shown to Daniel.
21 May 20 min

Bible Corner | Life: A Sum of Your Choices

In today’s conversation about choices, we’re talking about a very important choice in every person’s life – the choice between eternal life and condemnation. But do we actually have a choice in that regard? Or has God already chosen who will be saved?
21 May 12 min

Education | Mental Effects of Distance Learning

Distance learning courses have grown in popularity, particularly since the pandemic years, because they allow students to complete coursework from anywhere in the world. Many programs also offer flexible scheduling options for working adults who don’t have a lot of free time available outside of work to attend traditional classes…
20 May 14 min

VOP Lesson | The Assurance of Sins Forgiven

It’s something that many Christians grapple with – how can we know that we have truly been forgiven? Especially as fallible human beings who are constantly making mistakes and struggling to get things right. But thankfully the Word of God gives us insight through prophecy on where we stand with…
20 May 14 min

Bible Corner | Life: A Sum of Your Choices

We’re starting on a new topic for this week, discussing the power of choice. We’ll be talking about where that power came from, and how it can and should be used responsibly, beginning today with answering the question of where that power even came from to begin with.
20 May 12 min

Lifestyle | Causes of Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is when the kidneys have become damaged over time and have a hard time doing all their important jobs. Today’s lesson focuses on the causes of kidney disease.
17 May 18 min

Fundamental Beliefs | Baptism

Baptism is simply an outward expression of a Christian’s faith. Jesus’ example of baptism demonstrated his dedication to His Father in Heaven. Christians show their dedication to God through the biblical practice of baptism.
17 May 21 min

Bible Corner | Faith vs. Works

Today we’re concluding our talk on faith and works with a few final lessons on how the two are related, and how we can grow our faith, as Christians.
17 May 24 min

Legal | Subcontractors’ Agreements

A construction contract is an agreement between an employer (the property owner or its authorised agent) and a contractor to construct, repair, modify, renovate or even demolish something in an agreed time frame, for an agreed price and to agreed / acceptable standards. The main agreement is normally signed by…
16 May 20 min

Fundamental Beliefs | Baptism

In the Bible we find John the Baptist preaching and baptizing believers. Luke 3 tells the story of John’s “preparing the way” for the coming of the Lord. Today we discuss where the practice of baptism originated.
16 May 13 min

Bible Corner | Faith vs. Works

Let’s talk about works in the absence of faith. There are many organisations and individuals who do not claim to be Christians, but they do impactful work in places of great need. Can faith and good works exist apart from each other?
16 May 25 min

Transformation | Managing Stressful Situations

It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress—no way to avoid it and no way to de-stress completely when it hits. The bills won’t stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding. So if…
15 May 17 min

Fundamental Beliefs | Baptism

When a new believer makes a commitment to Jesus Christ, baptism is an ideal next step. Let’s talk about what it means in the life of a new believer.
15 May 9 min

Family | Favouritism

Children often see and understand more than adults might think, especially regarding who receives attention in the family. While admitting to having a 'favourite' child may be considered a parenting taboo, kids could feel intuitive about the existence of favouritism within their families.
14 May 9 min

VOP Lesson | Christ Came on Time

The Bible assures us that the judgment in heaven is a reality. We are also assured that covered with Jesus’ righteousness, we can face the judgment unafraid. Is that all we can know about this judgment?
14 May 17 min
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