From the top of K2 to the dusty trails left behind by Heritage series Land Rovers across Africa, the Hot1027 news team is hard at work unearthing the gems among us who are colouring outside the lines and beating the odds. We have a knack for finding the everyday heroes who are making a difference and cutting through red tape... These outstanding stories rarely get the attention they deserve because they're not considered "Breaking News". That's why we're "Not Breaking News".
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"The gift that keeps on giving" at our first golf day

As expected, generous HOT1027 listeners rallied behind Hot Cares at our first golf day, but there was also an incredibly touching donation that no one saw coming. The Hot1027 Golf day, in aid of Hot Cares, powered by Tsogo Sun and hosted by Steyn City wrapped up late last night…
15 Sep 1 min

From Boksburg to Italy for mental health : Episode 6 : "Back on the bike"

The Boksburg man travelling through Africa to Italy to raise awareness around mental health has had to adjust his travel plans. For security reasons, Martin van der Vyver had wanted to fly himself and his motorbike to Togo but now he’s decided to rather saddle up again and hit the…
22 Aug 1 min

Women's Day" Episode 7 : "There are no short cuts" - Clare Filer

As we honour the women in our lives who support and nurture us, girls in South Africa are being urged to look at failure and obstacles as fuel for growth and stepping stones to excellence. From the sportsfield, to the boardroom, the bakery and the lecture hall, our country is…
8 Aug 1 min

Women's Day : Episode 5 : "Challenge accepted" - Kirsten Landman

Women and girls are being encouraged to pursue their unique goals and aspirations which could impact future generations in our country and beyond. This Women’s Day we’re celebrating the hard working , inspirational and determined females in our lives who are making certain fields of expertise more accessible for others…
8 Aug 2 min

Women's Day : Episode 4 : "We need to do more exploring " - Jana Niemoller

While we celebrate the females in our country who are carving out exciting careers and following their passions, girls and women are being encouraged to do more exploring to find out where their talents lie. This Women’s Day we’re saluting all the strong, intelligent, nurturing and gutsy ladies in our…
8 Aug 2 min

Women's Day Episode 1 : "Half the battle is rocking up" - Parmi Natesan

Women are being urged to step out of their comfort zones and take up opportunities, even if they doubt themselves. This Women’s Day we’re celebrating the females in our lives who are thriving in their respective fields , while keeping a light on for others to follow suit. HOT1027’s Tara…
8 Aug 2 min

Aggressive driving is putting lives at risk on SA's roads

Experts are warning South African motorists are putting lives at risk by aggressive, thoughtless and dangerous driving on our roads. This week’s ruling by the Constitutional Court which upholds the contentious AARTO act has sparked worries that motorists could have their licences suspended for bad driving, when the new demerit…
15 Jul 2 min

"Long haul danger" : Many SA truck drivers are leaving the country

With urgent calls for government to protect our vital trucking industry from attack, experts are warning experienced drivers are leaving the country to work abroad. 21 trucks have been torched in the country since Saturday night. Police say they’ve identified 12 people of interest who may be linked to the…
13 Jul 2 min

"Desperately Seeking Souvlaki" in Sandton

A stand up South African-Greek comedy feast kicks off in Sandton this evening. The one-of-a-kind production called “Desperately seeking Souvlaki” will be on stage for 6 shows at the Theatre on the Square. HOT1027’s Tara Penny caught up with the characters involved ahead of opening night
12 Jul 2 min
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