From the top of K2 to the dusty trails left behind by Heritage series Land Rovers across Africa, the Hot1027 news team is hard at work unearthing the gems among us who are colouring outside the lines and beating the odds. We have a knack for finding the everyday heroes who are making a difference and cutting through red tape... These outstanding stories rarely get the attention they deserve because they're not considered "Breaking News". That's why we're "Not Breaking News".
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"We're loving every moment in SA" : Deacon Blue live in Joburg

Deacon Blue say they’re already planning their return trip to Joburg after a spectacular concert that brought together music lovers of all ages. Thousands of HOT1027 listeners filled up Marks Park in Emmerentia for their chance to watch the Legendary Scottish pop-rock band live in Joburg for the very first…
24 Feb 2 min

The first South African woman to row across the Atlantic

A South African who rowed 3 000 miles across the Atlantic to raise money for charity says she hopes her adventure will inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone. Leanne Maiden became the first South African woman to complete the 66 day journey and, amazingly she did it…
23 Feb 3 min

Rally of the South : "A lifeline and hope for alcoholics"

Recovering alcoholics in Gauteng are calling on anyone whose battling to put down the bottle to reach out for help. The Rally of the South will be taking place at 9am on Saturday at the Brackenpark Hall in Alberton. Hosted by Alcoholics Anonymous, the annual event offers lifelines and more…
22 Feb 1 min

"Don't expect any relief" : The experts weigh in on the latest budget speech

With the latest budget speech taking place in an election year , experts say we should keep an ear out for announcements on medical aid , S.O.E bailouts and so called “stealth taxes”. Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana is due to deliver his speech this afternoon. HOT1027’s Tara Penny takes a…
21 Feb 2 min

Thousands conquer the mountain at the Pirate's 21k

Thousands of runners are nursing tender muscles after conquering the mountain. Men and woman of all ages put "tekkie to tar" this morning for the Pirates 21k – powered by Medshield. With grueling and unforgiving hills , it’s known as Joburg’s toughest half marathon. HOT1027’s Tara Penny has more…
18 Feb 2 min

"The most trafficked mammal on earth" : The Pangolin

It’s World pangolin day. According to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, there are 8 pangolin species worldwide – and all of them are on the red list. Highly prized on the black market for their scales, these creatures are the most traded animal on earth. Hot1027’s Tara Penny has more…
16 Feb 2 min

HOT102.7FM is the fastest growing radio station in South Africa

Independent research has confirmed that HOT102.7FM is the fastest growing radio station in South Africa. In its latest BrandMapp study, consumer insights consultancy WhyFive surveyed over 35 000 people in South Africa with fascinating revelations about HOT102.7FM and the loyal audience tuning in for their daily dose of Joburg's Best…
15 Feb 1 min

HOT1027's junior listeners share their Valentine's Day plans

On Valentines Day children are getting ready to hand-deliver homemade cards, dish out hugs, and set up play-dates with cousins. The adults tend to complicate matters on the 14th of February , but some of our "littler" listeners seem to have it all figured out.. HOT1027's Tara Penny sat down…
14 Feb 2 min

"A Midmar Mile Veteran" : Gail sets her sights on her 50th swim

The 51st edition of the Midmar Mile will be staged this Sunday. The 2 day event is expected to draw thousands of swimmers from around the country. Gail Bristow - a veteran of the race - has told HOT1027 news she’s gearing up to mark a very special milestone. HOT102.7’s…
6 Feb 1 min

"No one should have to die alone" : Why palliative care is a vocation

Medical professionals caring for terminal patients have opened up about the important work they do to ease the suffering of children, women and men. Yesterday was “World Cancer Day” and we’re casting the floodlight on the selfless palliative care workers who comfort both patients and their families in the final…
5 Feb 1 min

"Help is readily available" : SA marks World Cancer Day

On “World Cancer Day”, everyone is being reminded that difficult journeys do not have to be walked alone. The disease affects countless people -directly and indirectly - with many unaware of the resources available to help them. HOT1027’s Tara Penny has more…
2 Feb 1 min

The HOT102.7 app is being downloaded all over the world!

The company we hired to build our HOT102.7 app says it’s "blown away" by the massive number of downloads all over the world. From Japan to Iceland, Kazakhstan to the States, thousands of people from several countries are tuning in for their dose of Joburg’s Best Old Skool and R&B…
2 Feb 2 min

Bikers gear up for the 2024 Ubuntu Breakfast run

Thousands of bikers are getting ready for the annual "Ubuntu Breakfast Run" this weekend. The Gauteng leg of the International event will be leaving Fourways at 9am on Sunday and traffic will be affected temporarily along certain routes. HOT1027’s Tara Penny takes a look…
26 Jan 1 min

Retired police dog "Buddy" gets a special medal for bravery

For the first time in Gauteng’s history a retired police Border Collie has been honoured with a special medal for bravery. Having sniffed out more than R100 million worth of drugs over his illustrious 3 year career in the police's K9 unit, “Buddy” was shot in the line of duty…
19 Jan 2 min

Bright futures ahead for the top matrics from the class of '23

Many of the top achievers of the matric class of 2023 are now gearing up for careers in actuarial science , astrophysics , engineering , law and business science. The IEB class of 2023 achieved an overall pass rate of 98.46% in the 2023 National Senior Certificate examinations. HOT1027’s Tara…
18 Jan 1 min

An anxious wait for the matric class of '23

While hundreds of thousands of children head back to school this week, it’s also an anxious wait for the matric class of 2023 who are counting down the days to their results. The basic education department will be announcing the national pass rate on Thursday and matrics will be allowed…
15 Jan 1 min
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