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Transitioning from school to tertiary teaching and learning is a daunting and scary reality for most first-year students. Academic performance at the university level differs greatly from what you have been used to during your secondary school career. Transitioning between academic years can sometimes also be challenging. The result is high levels of anxiety and stress. We understand!
At Kovsies, your access to success is very important to us, and we really care. The academic advice service is a key partner in your tertiary studies.

The faculties, in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning, have dedicated academic advisers to help you better understand how your academic aspirations connect with your dream job.
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2 Episodes

Motivation: Finish the first year strong

The Central Academic Advising team at CTL speaks to Aus Pulane for tips on staying motivated throughout the first year. Pulane is the Head of Residence Life and Student Communities at the UFS and an alumnus. She is also an Executive Board Member of the Association of College & University…
19 Oct 2023 13 min

First Year Motivation

The First Year Advising Team compiled an inspiring podcast for first-year students in collaboration with Mme Lucy Sehloho, fondly known as Mother First Year. We thought who best to motivate first years than someone who has served as a mentor and system of support to many first-year students throughout the…
28 Oct 2022 28 min