Wisdom Personified - Conversations with Dudu Msomi Wisdom Personified - Conversations with Dudu Msomi

Wisdom Personified - Conversations with Dudu Msomi

Wisdom Personified - Conversations with Dudu Msomi is a passionate and relentless pursuit of wisdom. Join the journey to explore African Wisdom.
Monthly English South Africa Spirituality · Philosophy
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E066 - Annina Van Neel - #WisdomPersonified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

Annina Van Neel is the founder and CEO of The Tiekie Box Project which is a black cultural #heritage organisation working to decolonise Black history and #archaeology and to make this heritage accessible to the African #Diaspora and descendant communities. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental, and Geographical Science…
29 Feb 38 min

E064 - Christa Bonnet - #WisdomPersonified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

My guest for this episode of Wisdom Personified Conversations with Dudu Msomi is Professor Christa Bonnet. Christa is the CEO at The Difference Makers NGO. Her experience cuts across various disciplines. She holds multiple qualifications and professional memberships, a master’s degree (M. Com) in Financial Management, an MBA and a…
31 Dec 2023 39 min

E062 Prof Mthunzi Mdwaba - #WisdomPersonified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.” – Catherine Pulsifer One can also say that a person’s present life circumstances is a result of their past choices. Professor Mthunzi Mdwaba believes that people can either choose to live in the dark or in the light. He…
3 Nov 2023 54 min

E060 Tembisa Marele - #WisdomPersonified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

My guest for this new episode of Wisdom Personified, Conversations with Dudu Msomi is Tembisa Marele. We usually joke in life about siblings from another mother. Tee is definitely my sister from another mother. Who I am convinced was brought into my life through the Spirit of my departed sister,…
1 Sep 2023 47 min

E057 Mike Teke - #WisdomPersonified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

Walt #Disney said: “You must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your #soul”. For this episode of Wisdom Personified Conversations with #DuduMsomi, I am having a conversation with Mike Teke whose life journey is captured in this quote. Mike Teke…
1 Jul 2023 25 min

E056 Nthati Moshesh - #Wisdom Personified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

Nthati Moshesh is one of the most accomplished actresses on the African Continent, professionally trained, having studied Performing Arts in Natal Technikon (now called Durban University of Technology). There is something so comforting about growing in this world alongside people you knew when you were younger. Seeing them charter a…
1 May 2023 42 min

E54 Dr Renate Volpe - #WisdomPersonified - conversations with Dudu Msomi

“So often people assume that everyone has good parents”, was the answer to the response of my very first question. I knew that this conversation will be the epitome of what I hoped for when I conceived “Wisdom Personified Conversations with Dudu Msomi”. I foresaw individuals opening up. Being vulnerable…
28 Feb 2023 39 min

E53 Santie Botha - Wisdom Personified,conversations with Dudu Msomi

In this episode of #WisdomPersonified, Conversations with #DuduMsomi, I am speaking to Santie Botha, one of South Africa’s most respected and accomplished businesspersons. She believes that to do big things, you need to do the hard thinking first. With the presence of formidable universities, with bright sparks in our country,…
31 Jan 2023 49 min

E52 Farayi Mangwende - WisdomPersonified, conversations with Dudu Msomi

“Have to choose your hard.” A statement made by Farayi Mangwende during our conversation when I asked her why she has not emigrated from Zimbabwe like millions of professionals have done to make a better life for themselves in other countries because of the prolonged political and economic crisis in…
2 Jan 2023 33 min

Episode 49 Mark & Dr LaTasha Blanton #WisdomPersonified

I hope this conversation with The Blantons, Mark and Dr LaTasha, has a butterfly effect: a light fluttering of butterfly wings that may cause unpredictable, but positive inspirations and actions in those that watch and hear which can lead to a large-scale movement of Africans and people of African descent…
30 Sep 2022 39 min

E048 Zodwa Matsau #WisdomPersonified

“Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and observe more than you know.” – Michaela Chung I think this quote captures what I see as the essence of Sis Zodwa. Her ‘not too loud’ nature may have you overlook her…
13 Sep 2022 33 min

E047 Women's Month 2022 - Conversations with Dudu Msomi

Rick Warren, an author echoes what I believe, which in part inspired the creation of #WisdomPersonified Conversations with #DuduMsomi. He said, “While it is #wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others.” The more diverse the people you are exposed to, the more…
4 Aug 2022 51 min
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