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The JoyRide with Angel Campey

Join Angel Campey, Eugene Mpatheni and Dean Frederich for the best way to get home with laughs, the best music and the tricky brain basher. Monday to Friday 4pm - 7pm.
Weekly English South Africa Improv Narrated by Eugene Mpatheni, Dean Friedrich
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Laundry Hacks For A Rainy Day

We've been blessed or cursed with alot rain the past few weeks. So much so, some of you are wearing the same underwear for the past 4 days, inside, outside, back, front! Here are the hacks for your laundry when it's raining on The Joy Ride with Angel Campey
18 Jul 7 min

Brain Basher - What's The Code?

The one was an absolute brain masher! We had all sorts of creative answers and Eugene came with an answer that just warms your heart. But Was it right?
17 Jul 4 min

DOGS: What Family Friendly Breed Should Eugene Get?

Dogs are a man's best friend but it also depends on the type of breed as well, otherwise it's a nightmare. Eugene shared with Angel on The Joy Ride that he and his wife are talking about dogs and what breed to get - Cape Town came with loving and…
16 Jul 3 min

What Cheese Is Made Backwards?

Cheese is cheese but this one is not like the others. It's made backwards. Do you know what it is? if you do, then you easily should be in the Brains Of The Day. But did Ricky get it on The Joy Ride with Angel Campey? Find out!
24 Jun 3 min

National Anthem gets BUTCHERED, AGAIN!

We have the most beautiful national anthem in the world and it's iconic as it displays our multi-cultrural South Africa! However, there's been a trend where artists are brought in, to sing the national anthem. This weekend was no different as Hercules Smith butchered the national anthem in front of…
24 Jun 3 min

Things You Never Want to Hear Your Boss Say

According to legal experts, it's totally okay for bosses to confiscate our phones while we're at the office. Angel wanted to find out though, what is the thing you NEVER WANT TO HEAR YOUR BOSS SAY on The Joy Ride and we agree! Bosses, hope you're listening
24 Jun 4 min

AI to help Real Estate Agents in Australia with Ethics

AI is the buzzword everywhere. The rise of a new dawn or the doom of mankind? In Australia, a real estate company is embracing the former in helping Estate Agents with ethics! Question is, can AI be taught ethics or is it a human trait, exclusively? That's what was discussed…
11 Jun 2 min

Sunday Night Anxiety IS A THING!!!

Believe it or not, Angel shared with The Joy Ride team that Sunday Night anxiety is actually a thing and she experienced it first hand!
10 Jun 2 min

Angel explains The Coalition Government after the Elections

What a time to be alive. ANC has lost its majority and that means a lot more parties have a say in the running of South Africa! But what does that mean? Is that a simple coalition with the opposition? Angel explains it for the laymen, Eugene and Dean on…
5 Jun 3 min
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