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The JoyRide with Angel Campey

Join Angel Campey, Eugene Mpatheni and Dean Frederich for the best way to get home with laughs, the best music and the tricky brain basher. Monday to Friday 4pm - 7pm.
Weekly English South Africa Improv Narrated by Eugene Mpatheni, Dean Friedrich
377 Episodes
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Board Games: How Competitive Are You?

How competitive are you? We all know people who are ruthless when it comes to board games. While the rest are playing for fun, the so-called "Olympic Prodigies" of said board games go out for the win at all costs! We heard them all on The Joy Ride with Angel…
21 Feb 3 min

World Premiere: The Joy Ride Rom Com 2024

It's been a year in the making, the next installment of the Valentine's Day Rom. Angel and the Joy Ride Team and you, the listener wrote one epic ROM COM that shot for the stars and fell in many's hearts! Here it is, in all of it's hilarious glory!
20 Feb 9 min

Madiba Legacy up for sale to the highest bidder!

You read that right! Close to 100 personal belongings from ID book to hearing to gifts from former US President Barrack Obama have been up for auction by Madiba's eldest daughter to fund a memorial garden. Do we as South African's really have a say in what should happen to…
19 Jan 6 min

The App You Want Apple & Google To Download You Would Use

Apple launched their new range of iPhones and it is getting ridiculous. Filled with bloatware and apps you're not going to use or need. Angel wanted to know what App you want Apple or Google to make you would actually use
19 Sep 2023 3 min

30 Seconds - Eugene's Quiz

Eugene quizzes Angel and Dean on their 30 Seconds knowledge with all the rules except one. The quiz master also gets points on the number of correct answers he gets for his quiz. Do you know the answers?
24 Jul 2023 1 min
1 – 20