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Social Work Khuluma Podcast

Social Work Khuluma translates as Social Work Talks, which is a home grown South Africa podcast for students and educators in social work that explores various facets of social work education.
Weekly English South Africa Education
10 Episodes

Social Work Khuluma | EP 10 | African Knowledge Production Incubators

In this podcast I speak with Dr Nevashnee Perumal, who is the lead on a project called AFRICAN KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION INCUBATORS that seeks to consider how a decolonised and indigenised curriculum in social work in South Africa may look like. She tells me a bit about herself and shares the…
28 Nov 2023 45 min

Social Work Khuluma | EP8| Life Based Group Work

Hello Social Work Khuluma listeners, in this podcast I speak with Dr Nngodiseni Jimmy Budeli who is the interim Head of the Social Work Department at the University of Venda and is a senior Lecturer. Jimmy has shared his passion for group work and in this conversation shares how his…
22 Jun 2023 33 min

Social Work Khuluma | EP7| Indigenous Group Work Methods

In this interview with Professor Thobeka Nkomo who is a good friend, colleague and an associate professor at the University of Witwatersrand, School of Human and community Development in the department of social work. In this interview she shares various aspects of group work as it related to a Christian…
17 Apr 2023 34 min

Social Work Khuluma | EP6 | Photovoice Methodology

In this delightful podcast, I chat with Agrippa who discusses how he turned his love for taking pictures into a research study. Agrippa shares important information about the development and execution of a Photovoice project. He also discusses the SHOWED method of analysing Photovoice pictures and suggests research articles that…
17 Apr 2023 32 min

SOCIAL WORK KHULUMA | EP4 | Indigenous Knowledge on Group Work

We had a stimulating conversation with Dr Zurina Abdulla from the Nelson Mandela University who teaches undergraduate students on group work. Zurina has had much experience in conducting group in various settings. She spoke about her work at Project Go in the St Albans Correctional Facility where she conducted groups…
24 Mar 2023 36 min

Social Work Khuluma | EP3 | The Time for Group Work Is Now!

Reineth is an emeritus professor from the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on mutual aid groups, the use of activities and crafts in group work , and a recognition of indigenous group work practices. She was the international contributor for the 9th global edition of the Toseland and Rivas…
9 Mar 2023 30 min

Social Work Khuluma |EP 2 | The value of podcasting

Roshini Pillay and Marona Seekane from the Voice of Wits share ideas around the value of podcasts for education and multilingualism within the South African space. The role of the Voice of Wits to assist educators to create podcasts were spoken about.
5 Oct 2022 40 min

Social Work Khuluma | EP 1 | Introduction

Roshini Pillay and Palesa Jenine Rama have a conversation on the original ideas on why Social Work Khuluma was developed. Some aspects on the pedagogical value of podcasts were considered.
3 Oct 2022 18 min