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Health Matters by Cipla

Wellness and health - it’s kind of a bigger deal than ever, but where do you go on this whole wide internet for the best medical advice?

And how often are you finding information that takes on a South African perspective?

That’s why Cipla brings you Health Matters. This is a series that puts experts from across the medical world right in your earbuds or speakers.

Our aim is to provide topical and relevant information on healthcare, with kindness, because Health Matters.
Weekly English South Africa Health & Fitness
53 Episodes
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Health Matters. Long COVID with Dr Adrian Wentzel. Season 3. Episode 26.

The COVID-19 pandemic will always be a post-script in our collective lived experience. While for the most part it is an experience we can mostly confine to the history books, Long COVID has lingered long after the multiple waves if infection. From fatigue and shortness of breath to cognitive issues…
19 Dec 2023 13 min

Health Matters. Sha’p Left with Dr Harold Amaler. Season 3. Episode 24.

This episode is brought to you by Sha’p Left. For many people, especially those living in peri-urban and rural areas, access to quality, affordable primary healthcare services pose a significant challenge. Existing medical facilities are often over-burdened and congested and may be difficult and costly to reach. Sha’p Left is…
9 Nov 2023 16 min

Health Matters. Pain with Dr Konrad Von Hagen. Season 3. Episode 22.

Dr. Conrad von Hagen is an esteemed medical doctor in the sporting world, but one of the most common questions he receives from his general patients is about the subject of pain. In this final episode of the series with the good doctor, we discuss the topic of pain.
10 Oct 2023 12 min

Health Matters. Emo Adams. Season 3. Episode 16.

Something different on this episode of Health Matters as we're joined by Emo Adams - a singer, actor, producer and creative director who grew up on the Cape Flats surrounded by music… so it’s no wonder he ended up entertaining us on theatre stages, as well as the big and…
27 Jun 2023 19 min

Health Matters. Aimee Barret-Theron. Season 3. Episode 15.

A trailblazing and inspiring human being in the world of rugby, Aimee Barrett-Theron has shattered stereotypes as one of the top rugby referees on the international stage. Having refereed numerous high-class women's rugby matches, Aimee showcases the importance of diversity in the sport. We're honoured to have her on Health…
12 Jun 2023 23 min

Health Matters. Dr. Donne van Doesburgh. Season 3.

In this episode of Health Matters we meet South African ice hockey sensation, Donne van Doesburgh - who also happens to be be Dr. van Doesburgh. She is a practising chiropractor who balances her professional life with a sports career that demands a lot of commitment but is still an…
31 May 2023 18 min

Health Matters. Quanita Bobbs. Season 3 Episode 13.

Our guest for this episode is Quanita Bobbs, who has represented South Africa at the Women's Hockey World Cup and the Tokyo Olympic Games. She is currently a co-captain with 167 International caps, she’s also a Digital Brand Manager and Strategist for Totalsports. We find out about her hockey career,…
10 May 2023 22 min

Health Matters. Oral Hygiene with Barbara Kaschula. Season 3 Episode 10.

On Health Matters we continue our look at the importance of oral health in our overall health. In this episode we’re going to get some more tips and info on how best to ‘manage our mouths’ as it were. We're joined by Barbara Kaschula, an independent Oral Hygienist who runs…
11 Apr 2023 13 min

Health Matters. Oral Health with Dr Duan Thirion. Season 3 Episode 9.

Our guest today, Dr Duan Thirion, believes that a beautiful smile is about much more than a good smile design. He says that a true smile emerges when all the elements of a healthy body, mind and soul are in perfect balance. So how important is oral health in overall…
27 Mar 2023 14 min

Health Matters. Herman Grobler, Earth Health also Matters. Season 3 Episode 8

Sustainability is more than just a trendy corporate buzzword these days, as more and more companies are seriously looking at the impact their business has on the environment. To tell us more about their own sustainable practices and responsible resource consumption, Cipla's head of Impact & Sustainability, Herman Grobler joins…
20 Feb 2023 11 min
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