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Health Matters by Cipla

Wellness and health - it’s kind of a bigger deal than ever, but where do you go on this whole wide internet for the best medical advice?

And how often are you finding information that takes on a South African perspective?

That’s why Cipla brings you Health Matters. This is a series that puts experts from across the medical world right in your earbuds or speakers.

Our aim is to provide topical and relevant information on healthcare, with kindness, because Health Matters.
Weekly English South Africa Health & Fitness
40 Episodes
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Health Matters. Dr. Donne van Doesburgh. Season 3.

In this episode of Health Matters we meet South African ice hockey sensation, Donne van Doesburgh - who also happens to be be Dr. van Doesburgh. She is a practising chiropractor who balances her professional life with a sports career that demands a lot of commitment but is still an…
31 May 18 min

Health Matters. Quanita Bobbs. Season 3 Episode 13.

Our guest for this episode is Quanita Bobbs, who has represented South Africa at the Women's Hockey World Cup and the Tokyo Olympic Games. She is currently a co-captain with 167 International caps, she’s also a Digital Brand Manager and Strategist for Totalsports. We find out about her hockey career,…
10 May 22 min

Health Matters. Oral Hygiene with Barbara Kaschula. Season 3 Episode 10.

On Health Matters we continue our look at the importance of oral health in our overall health. In this episode we’re going to get some more tips and info on how best to ‘manage our mouths’ as it were. We're joined by Barbara Kaschula, an independent Oral Hygienist who runs…
11 Apr 13 min

Health Matters. Oral Health with Dr Duan Thirion. Season 3 Episode 9.

Our guest today, Dr Duan Thirion, believes that a beautiful smile is about much more than a good smile design. He says that a true smile emerges when all the elements of a healthy body, mind and soul are in perfect balance. So how important is oral health in overall…
27 Mar 14 min

Health Matters. Herman Grobler, Earth Health also Matters. Season 3 Episode 8

Sustainability is more than just a trendy corporate buzzword these days, as more and more companies are seriously looking at the impact their business has on the environment. To tell us more about their own sustainable practices and responsible resource consumption, Cipla's head of Impact & Sustainability, Herman Grobler joins…
20 Feb 11 min

Health Matters. Michelle Weber. Season 3 Episode 7.

This week on Health Matters we're joined by Michelle Weber. She's a two-time Olympic swimmer who competes in the open waters, specialising in the 10km event. Michelle’s passion and dedication has kept her on the South African Elite Squad for the last ten years where she’s competed at numerous World…
2 Feb 13 min

Health Matters. Health Finance Planning for New Families. Season 3 Episode 6.

A new year brings new decisions about your finances and medical aid.This is especially important if you’re in that stage of life where this decision won’t just affect you as an individual. What do you need to consider if, for example, you’re getting married and planning on starting a family?…
26 Jan 10 min

Health Matters. The Daily J with Juls & Johno. Season 3 Episode 5.

It’s that time of year… we’ve overindulged over Christmas and New Year’s… we’ve ignored the gym, while enjoying a well-deserved lazy December holiday… and now - it’s back to reality, and time to get our health back on track. But where do we start? ​​Luckily, help is at hand! Johno…
21 Dec 2022 21 min

Health Matters. HIV & AIDS with Dr Precious Garnett. Season 3 Episode 3.

While HIV and AIDS is not the pandemic that everyone has been speaking about most in the last couple of years, it is still a global challenge that affects all of humanity. Dr Precious Garnett is a Marketing Manager and Medical Advisor. She’s passionate about infectious diseases, adolescent health and…
20 Dec 2022 12 min

Health Matters. Unlocking Optimum Health with Erik Kruger. Season 3 Episode 2.

With our busy lifestyles, we can often fall into unhealthy habits like eating the wrong foods, not exercising correctly, and getting too little sleep. The good news is that it’s never too late to escape these patterns, and unlock ways to optimise our lives… both physically and mentally. To delve…
5 Dec 2022 18 min

Health Matters with JP Duminy. Season 3 Episode 1.

To kick off Season 3 of Health Matters we brought in JP Duminy. A consistent presence in a number of SA cricket teams, he grew up in the Western Cape and played domestic cricket for his home team, the Cape Cobras and for a host of sides around the world…
22 Nov 2022 18 min

Health Matters. Scarra Ntubeni.

In this episode of Health Matters, Ryan O' Connor tackles Scarra Ntubeni. We find out what it's like being a top level rugby player, how much of a role mental health plays in elite level sport, how do you look after your health on the road, and eating advice for…
2 Nov 2022 9 min

Health Matters. BackaBuddy featuring Catherine Du Plooy.

Crowdfunding might seem like a modern concept - as it’s primarily done through the internet and social media - but it actually dates all the way back to the 1700s!  These days, it’s one of the most common ways that people can receive help for unaffordable medical emergencies.  In this…
20 Oct 2022 15 min

Health Matters. Featuring Catherine Clarke. Harvest Table and Nutrition.

Now more than ever people are taking their nutrition and health more seriously. So many of us are looking for pure, organic and clean food sources. In this episode of Health Matters we chat to The Harvest Table founder, Catherine Clarke, after a cancer diagnosis in her 20s - Catherine…
30 Sep 2022 17 min

Health Matters. Biosimilars with Dr Elsa Van Vuuren.

Sometimes in the world of health and science, we come across some foreign terminology and today’s topic is just. If you haven't heard of  ‘biologics’ and ‘biosimilars’ before we have Dr Elsa van Vuuren, a rheumatologist from Pretoria, to explain it all.
30 Sep 2022 11 min

Health Matters. Male Sexual Health with Dr Anthony Smith.

When it comes to many of our health issues, we’re usually happy to discuss them openly - with family, friends, and our doctors. But sexual problems often come with a certain amount of shame, which leads to many people not getting the help they need. In this episode of Health…
19 Sep 2022 18 min

Health Matters. Female Sexual Health with Dr Anthony Smith.

When it comes to many of our health issues, we’re usually happy to discuss them openly - with family, friends, and our doctors. But sexual problems often come with a certain amount of shame, which leads to many people not getting the help they need. In this episode we're looking…
19 Sep 2022 14 min
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